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Here's What Chairman James Comer Said About a Subpoena for President Biden

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has invited President Joe Biden to appear before his Committee, as Sarah covered last week. Comer is looking for the president to appear on the proposed date of April 16 so that he could speak to "pay-for-influence schemes," as well as clear up testimony from other witnesses that the chairman says "wholly contradicts" the Biden family's position. Comer further discussed the matter with Eric Bolling on Newsmax, as he addressed the possibility of even subpoenaing the president if it comes to it.


While on "Eric Bolling The Balance," Comer explained that it's not exactly the easiest or quickest process in response to the host's very first question. 

"Well, I think if the president could be easily subpoenaed Democrats would have had Trump in front of the Oversight Committee four years ago," the chairman offered. "So, what we do is, before any subpoenas, we invite people to come, for a subpoena and to be honored in a court ruling, you have to make every sincere effort to bring people to come by invitation first, then you follow up with the subpoena," he explained. 

As Comer argued, though, it shouldn't even come to that, not with all the opportunities the Bidens have otherwise been given. "But at the end of the day, Hunter Biden said he wanted a public hearing, and Joe Biden says he's innocent. So I don't know neither one of them would want to come and clear their good name in front of the Oversight Committee," he pointed out.

In answering Bolling's follow-up, Comer further detailed how a subpoena for a president is "pretty difficult." He did reveal, however, "we've looked into that and that option's certainly on the table."

An "eternal optimist" that Comer says he is, he also offered that perhaps the president "would sit down for an interview or perhaps at the very least, he would submit answers to some questions that we've sent him." While they're "trying to make this as easy as possible for Joe Biden," the chairman did remind that at the end of the day, this is an impeachment inquiry" into the president.


Later still in the segment, subpoenaing Biden came up again, as Bolling expressed hope that Comer not only keeps up with the inquiry, but that he subpoenas the president. 

Just as he had done so earlier in the segment and would do so throughout, Comer reminded that they have had three witnesses testify who were former business associates of Hunter Biden, who have provided that testimony that conflict's what Hunter has claimed. While Tony Bobulinski and Jason Galanis testified at a March 20 public hearing before the Oversight Committee, Hunter was not present. This is despite how he had asked for a public hearing late last year. 

Comer had also stressed those conflicting testimonies when saying that there would be such a hearing weeks prior, as well as during his opening and closing statements at that hearing. It was at the closing of that hearing that Comer revealed he planned to invite Biden to appear, so it seems that he is sticking to such a plan. 

As the chairman also reminded, though, it is President Biden who is the "central figure in the Biden influence schemes," something he says his Committee has "proven," including how Biden knew and was "the closer" to sell what's been known as "the Biden brand" or the "Biden lift."

On the note about the impeachment inquiry being about President Biden, Comer reminded that "at the end of the day, this has never been an investigation about the president's son or brother," but rather is "a matter of investigation about the President of the United States."


A theme within Comer's theme about what the Committee has gleamed from the three witnesses is how the mainstream media has ignored that testimony. Bobulinski in particular has been ignored by the media, as well as maligned by Democrats

The chairman also offered they're "at the point of accountability," which notably might not only mean impeachment, but perhaps criminal referrals or even both of those option. Comer stressed it's why they need to hear from President Biden, and have made every opportunity to get those answers.

As far as the administration's response to all of this, with Bolling pointing out "they sent you back something nasty," Comer called out the Biden administration for being "the least transparent administration in history," one that thinks "the rules don't apply" and "they're above the law." This is again how Comer said "we have proven this family has committed any crimes."

While Comer had plenty to lament about when it comes to the Biden administration Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland, he and Bolling throughout the segment also pointed out that the matter could be handled very differently under the next administration. 

"If Merrick Garland isn't serious about this, then hopefully the next attorney general will be serious about this. This is the biggest public corruption scandal in our lifetimes," Comer passionately shared. "This president's family has been peddling access to our enemies around the world to the tune of 10s of millions of dollars they haven't paid a penny of taxes on it, reminding that's a whole 'nother crime there," he went on to say as he continued to remind what the Biden crime family has been up to.


"So look, we've done everything right," Comer said, still pointing out that "this has been a very difficult investigation, because not only is the administration not cooperating with us, we're having interference from the FBI, from the DOJ from the IRS, the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now we found there's a Medicare fraud investigation into this family for one of their influence peddling schemes," Comer also pointed out, speaking about the president's brother, James Biden. 

"It's taking a lot longer than I wish it could. But I think we're at the point now where Joe Biden's got some serious legal issues himself," Comer went on to stress.

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