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Karine Jean-Pierre's Non-Answer on Radio Ads: 'Transgender Rights Are Indeed Human Rights'

AP Photo/Matthew Barakat

Tuesday's press briefing was full of reporters asking questions of Dr. Ashish Jha and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on President Joe Biden's fear-mongering COVID-19 remarks from earlier that day, at which point he also received his booster. Jean-Pierre was also asked about a series of other key topics, including on "transgender rights." 


A reporter asked Jean-Pierre about radio ads from Stephen Miller's America First Legal, mentioning that they pointed out how the Biden administration has "pushing radical gender experiments on children, changing their names, clothes, identities, and bodies." 

Jean-Pierre's non-answer had to do with her limitations under the Hatch Act. She did point out that "I want to be careful here because you’re asking about a political ad," clarifying "I can’t respond directly to that ad." What she did mention, though, was that "transgender rights are indeed human rights, and I'll leave that at there."

In a statement for Townhall, though, America First Legal's Vice President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton took issue with claims that the ads were political. "America First Legal's recent mailers and ads are not political. They are entirely apolitical and serve to educate American citizens about the current extreme gender ideology agenda being promoted by the Biden Administration. Our advertisements simply point out what this administration and liberals have made clear: the Left is perfectly fine with pushing radical gender ideology on the most vulnerable members of society — our children," he said. 

Hamilton further criticized Jean-Pierre's non-answer as she pointed out the weakness of the argument to subject children to a transgender agenda. "No child should be subjected to medical procedures or drugs that can have life-changing and irreversible impacts. Allowing the permanent removal of sex organs from a child is not a matter of 'human rights.' It is a weak response on the part of this administration to the far-Left in order to satisfy their woke base at the expense of our children," he added. 


America First Legal also took note of the exchange on Tuesday over social media, retweeting RealClearNews' Phil Wegmann. 

The resulting thread included a litany of examples of how the organization has fought back against such an agenda from the Biden administration to promote taking advantage of children who may be undergoing gender dysphoria, by pushing procedures and drugs on them that could result in genital mutilation and sterilization. 

Another thread included examples of what the administration has done.


The White House has held events and various agencies have released documents promoting taking advantage of children in such a way, and President Joe Biden himself, as well as then White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, have made remarks promoting this as well. 

The ads were run in the key battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, as well as in Tennessee, with the latter being particularly relevant after it was revealed that Vanderbilt University Medical Center was performing so-called "gender-affirming" surgeries on children, though they ultimately suspended the surgeries after backlash and threats of action from the governor. 

Nevertheless, the media jumped on the America First Legal ads to not only attack the organization, but dismiss the concerns the organization is seeking to inform voters about. Coverage from Sara Dorn at Forbes claimed that the radio ads "are an apparent reference to the Biden Administration’s policies to preserve access to gender-affirming healthcare."

Dorn's report links to the following local reports such as:


The topic was also brought up at length during the Monday night debate between Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who is running for re-election against Charlie Crist, who is at this point currently a Democrat. Chillingly, Crist equated "respecting a woman's right to choose" with both having an abortion and young girls have procedures such as double mastectomies. 

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