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Biden Meets With Trans Influencer at White House to Promote Child Mutilation Drugs

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

On Sunday, President Joe Biden appeared in an interview with a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman to discuss bans on “gender-affirming” health care and other legislation.


The discussion was hosted by NowThis News, a liberal social-media focused “hyper partisan” organization. NowThis had Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender TikTok influencer who makes videos called the “Days of Girlhood” conduct the interview with the president. 

“Mr. President, this is my 221st day of publicly transitioning,” Mulvaney said at the beginning of the interview. 

“God love you,” Biden responded. 

“I am extremely privileged to live in a state that allows me access to the resources I need and that decision [transitioning] is just between me and my doctors,” Mulvaney said. “But, many states have lawmakers that feel like they can involve themselves in this very personal process. Do you think states should have a right to ban gender-affirming health care?”

“I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that, as a moral question and as a legal question,” Biden said, then adding that his late son, Beau, expanded “gender-affirming capabilities” in Delaware. 

“I feel very very strongly that you should have every single solitary right, including use of your gender identity bathrooms in public,” Biden answered. 

Biden then said that transgender women are color are being murdered “more than any other group of people.” 


Biden then claimed that Republicans “just don’t know enough to know” that the transgender issue is “really important” and a “fundamental right.” He called the policies protecting women’s spaces, such as restrooms, in some states “outrageous,” “immoral” and “pure hyperbole.”

Outkick’s Clay Travis pointed out that America is currently experiencing record-high inflation and an unprecedented border crisis, rising crime, yet the administration made it a priority to discuss transgender health care.

Before the interview, Mulvaney posted a video saying that “I fear I may have ‘girlbossed’ too close to the sun.”

“I get to sit down with Joe Biden and NowThis News and I get to ask him a few questions surrounding trans issues in the United States and talk to him about my transness and I really just want to represent my community the best that I can,” he said. 


Last week, Townhall reported how makeup giant Ulta faced intense backlash from female customers after it invited Mulvaney on its podcast to discuss “all things girlhood.” Mulvaney has been a “girl” for less than a year. Not to mention, the host of the podcast was a biological male “gender-fluid” hairdresser.

“I want to be a mom one day,” Mulvaney said in part of the episode.

Daily Mail described Mulvaney’s TikTok videos as content that promotes sexist stereotypes of women. 

Dylan's TikToks documenting her 'days of girlhood' have accumulated millions of views. 

In the videos, she is often seen doing and acting in excessively 'feminine' ways which are often perceived as representing harmful, sexist stereotypes. 

While 'being a girl,' Dylan often attributes her womanhood to what she is wearing, her makeup, eating habits and dramatic emotions which lead to crying and binge shopping.


In one example, Mulvaney can be seen prancing around outside on a “hike,” and apparently wearing “hiking heels.”

Several Twitter users called on Ulta customers to boycott the brand over Mulvaney’s appearance on the podcast. 

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