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Twitter Highlights Hypocrisy in Outrage Over 'Let's Go Brandon'

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Dominating the news cycle as of late has been about the father who got President Joe Biden to say "Let's Go Brandon," which is the more polite version of "F*ck Joe Biden." As Katie further highlighted, though, the larger story involved the media outrage involved. And Landon shared that the father, Jared Schmeck, is even receiving death threats. Days later, the story remains relevant, as "Let's Go Brandon" trends on Twitter. If it's going to remain in the news, though, at least people on Twitter are pointing out the hypocrisy involved. 

Many also pointed to how those on the left who were so outraged by "Let's Go Brandon" were fine with the whole "F*ck Trump" narrative. 

"Robert DeNiro" was also trending as a result as well. 

There was another particular news story many users touched upon as well. 

Townhall has consistently provided coverage about the Waukesha Christmas parade incident that resulted in the death of six people, including children, and injured many more. This includes informing people about the track record of the suspect, Darrell Brooks, Jr., who has a lengthy rap sheet and was recently charged with more crimes. He was also known for being a BLM supporter and sharing anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler sentiments. 

As I've highlighted, national outlets like CNN and The Washington Post came under fire for attributing the attack to the SUV that Brooks was driving, rather than Brooks himself. Their relatively dispassionate coverage also dissipated rather quickly.

One particularly outrageous take about the "Let's Go Brandon" comment came from NBC News, as Katie highlighted in her coverage. "Parent uses right-wing slur during Biden call with NORAD Santa tracker," Lauren Egan and Sarah Bronston claimed on December 24. 

While NBC News was not the worst in their coverage of Brooks, one would be hard pressed to find the deep dive examination into Brooks' record and his support for left-wing causes like BLM. 


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