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Democrats Are Actually Expecting You to Thank Joe Biden for Gas Prices Right Now

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

It seems like it should have been sent out on April 1 rather than December 2, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on Thursday tweeted a graph showing that gas prices had gone down by 2 cents, with the caption of "Thanks, @JoeBiden." 


Gas prices are particularly high as of late, and have hit record-high levels in California  during Biden's presidency, with the president having been in office for less than a year. As Matt Egan reported for CNN last Wednesday, "Thanksgiving gas prices are the highest since 2012."

Predictably, the tweet was massively ratioed, as our friends at Twitchy picked up on as well.


It wasn't just a dumb tweet, though. The distorted graph was also dishonest. 

But the icing on the cake is that even Philip Bump from the Washington Post called out this nonsense, not in just some tweet of his own, but an entire analysis piece, "This might be the worst defense of the Biden administration yet."

"But the axis does not use the scale. Instead, the line drops from about $3.40 to about $3.38, as marked on the y-axis — or, in layman’s terms, a decline of two cents. And since we’re talking about two cents out of nearly four dollars, that graph depicts a drop in the price of gas of just under 1 percent of the cost," Bump writes. 


Others also called to mind the White House's claim that Americans saved 16 cents over the 4th of July weekend, which didn't even turn out to be true, thanks to something called inflation, as Spencer analyzed at the time. 

This recent move from Democrats is just one of many boneheaded reactions on rising gas prices.

As Leah reported last month, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm laughed when confronted with the question of rising gas prices.


President Joe Biden last week announced he was tapping into the strategic oil reserves in an attempt to curb gas prices, a heavily criticized move which doesn't amount to much, especially since, as Spencer reported on Tuesday, a "large portion" will go to China and India.

The Department of Interior on last Friday also called for increasing fees for drilling on public lands in a report that had been inexplicably delayed many times. 

Despite repeated calls from both sides of the aisle to do so, President Biden has not reinstated the Keystone XL Pipeline, though, which he killed as one of his first executive orders.

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