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Crime Does Pay: Here's How Much Biden's Nuclear Waste Chief Made While on Leave for Stealing Luggage

Townhall Media

Handed a Get Out of Jail Free card, Sam Brinton passed Go and collected thousands in Americans' hard-earned tax dollars.

The cross-dressing Biden official caught stealing women's suitcases from multiple major airports across America remained on the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s payroll taking home almost $20,500 over a few weeks at the time he was quietly placed on "administrative leave" for committing the first known theft of many in a cross-country crime spree, employee paystubs reveal.


 A partial screenshot of Sam Brinton's paystub | Nov. 17, 2022, pay date

As Townhall previously reported, 35-year-old Samuel Otis Brinton, formerly the Biden administration's "non-binary" nuclear waste chief, was pocketing taxpayer-funded paychecks from his six-figure government income while out on paid leave as he faced a felony theft charge for lifting a woman's luxury Vera Bradley luggage from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in September. Brinton's $178,063 salary placed the newly minted diversity hire among the highest-paid salaried federal workers.

For a month during Brinton's leave of absence with pay in the late fall to early winter of 2022, the serial thief serving as the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition in the U.S. Office of Nuclear Energy was paid $6,825 each two-week pay period—with payments on Nov. 17, Dec. 1, and Dec. 15 totaling more than $20,475, according to earnings statements the DOE provided in response to a public records request Townhall had submitted under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

At the time, DOE officials refused to disclose to reporters if the Biden admin's "gender-fluid" bandit was still on the "Senior Executive Service (ES)" pay plan. An Oct. 28 letter notifying Brinton of the paid-leave placement, which Townhall exclusively obtained via the FOIA request, showed that the thieving high-level executive enjoyed full pay and benefits before the suitcase-snatcher was soon sent packing after news broke that Brinton was busted again—this time for swiping another female victim's suitcase containing the woman's clothes, makeup, and jewelry in July at the Harry Reid International Airport near Las Vegas.


Brinton was instructed, in the interim, to maintain a work-ready status "at all times" and must have been prepared to work with little notice. But, on a paid-leave excursion, the stilettos-strutting seasoned traveler hosted a Nov. 26 spanking seminar at a kinky leather-themed Los Angeles sex "getaway" where the flogging fetishist led a hands-on BDSM workshop featuring live demos.

As for the Sin City heist, internal DOE expense reports, obtained by federal watchdog Functional Government Initiative (FGI) and shared with Fox News Digital, exposed a "secret" taxpayer-funded business trip Brinton took to and from the scene of the crime.

The filings unearthed documentation of Brinton's trek to the DOE-operated Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), which is tasked with securing America's nuclear-weapons stockpile, for an unspecified meeting. Over the course of the four-day visit costing U.S. taxpayers about $2,000, Brinton stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the casino-lined Las Vegas Strip.


In a Fox News Digital statement, FGI spokesperson Peter McGinnis said the funded venture put the "American public unwittingly at the wheel of the getaway car," urging the government to reform its vetting process for senior-level positions. "Senior officials committing [a] petty crime while on the clock is a clear indication that something is dysfunctional in the personnel procedures."

Brinton's employment termination was announced on Dec. 4, a FOIA analyst for the DOE confirmed in an email to Townhall. Until now, the date of Brinton's firing was never exactly known to the public. Its occurrence (and timing) was kept hush-hush until the media noticed that all mentions of the nuclear disposal czar were nuked from the DOE's leadership website in mid-December.

To date, the DOE did not respond to Townhall's request for comment on Brinton's paid-leave earnings and inquiry into whether placing an official on paid leave is standard procedure, even when a federal employee is accused of criminal misconduct.

In the initial Minneapolis incident, Brinton narrowly eluded a five-year prison sentence and, instead, entered a "diversion" program, a soft-on-crime "alternative" racial-justice pathway that helps offenders avoid a conviction. Brinton was required to undergo a mental-health evaluation, write an apology letter to the victim, and complete three days of community service.


The Las Vegas case was also closed in April when Brinton pleaded nolo contendere a.k.a. "no contest" to misdemeanor theft, an amended charge that prosecutors downgraded from felony grand larceny, per negotiations with Brinton's legal defense team.

According to Las Vegas Township Justice Court records, the plea deal allowed Brinton to escape time behind bars, securing a suspended 180-day jail sentence. As part of the plea agreement, Brinton was ordered to "stay out of trouble." He did not.

Brinton was handcuffed by Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police in May at his Maryland home on charges of grand larceny in connection to a third theft case involving African fashion designer Asya Khamsin, who claims that back in 2018, the career criminal stole her suitcase—stuffed with custom-made clothing—from the Arlington-based Ronald Reagan National Airport and then shamelessly wore the woman's one-of-a-kind outfits that were destined for the runway. A search warrant executed at Brinton's residence reportedly located the missing items from Khamsin's lost luggage, matching those depicted in the side-by-side comparison images she provided to police of Brinton sporting the ensembles vs. herself and models pictured in the attire.

Following his late-night arrest and charged with being a "fugitive from justice," the sticky-fingered, gender non-conforming globetrotter, who uses "they/them/theirs" pronouns, spent several weeks in a Montgomery County men's jail, which houses inmates based on biological sex, awaiting extradition to Virginia. Last month, the frequent flyer was freed on $5,000 bond.


Khamsin may file a civil lawsuit against the marauding bald, mustached ex-Biden official, who's a ranking member of the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence," a sacrilegious society of "queer and trans" drag queens infamous for mocking Roman Catholic nuns.

"Asya Khamsin is leaving her options open for a civil suit against Mr. Brinton, but has not yet filed any civil complaint," Khamsin's attorney Peter Hansen told Fox News Digital, adding that his Houston-based Tanzanian client is "a Black, female, Muslim immigrant entrepreneur, and she has built a distinguished career over forty years. She deserves credit for her works..."

Before Brinton was apprehended, Khamsin went viral for tweeting evidence of the garment-nabber literally stealing her look. In the roundup of gotcha pics, the baggage-lifting kleptomaniac is seen publicly prancing about in what appears to be Khamsin's designs, posing at a Trevor Project gala in New York when he was the LGBTQ organization's head of advocacy and government affairs, grinning as a panelist at a United Nations summit, and sipping on coffee while exiting a Starbucks in West Hollywood.

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