Kate Hicks

Kate Hicks
Chris Matthews: Obama Has Literally Never Done Anything Wrong
By Kate Hicks
Chris Matthews, thy delusion knows no bounds. In a month where the veritable pileup of scandals resembles an especially bad ...
June 07, 2013
More Than "A Few": Targeting Scandal May Involve 88 IRS Officials
By Kate Hicks
Was the IRS scandal just the work of "a few low-level employees" in Cleveland providing bad "customer service?" It seems ...
June 01, 2013
Issa: Lois Lerner Waived Her Right to Invoke the Fifth Amendment
By Kate Hicks
There was no way Lois Lerner's part in the IRS saga would end quietly, even as she invoked her right ...
May 22, 2013
Carney: President Doesn't Necessarily Think IRS Was Politically Motivated, Or Something
By Kate Hicks
At today’s press briefing, Jay Carney reiterated much of what he said yesterday regarding the multiple scandals plaguing the Obama Administration, once ...
May 15, 2013