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Video: Hillary Clinton Not Pleased With FBI Investigation Question

With Bernie Sanders on the march and hot on her tail, Hillary Clinton agreed to subject herself to an interview blitz ahead of last night's Democratic debate. On ABC News, 
she weighed in on her allies' good cop/bad cop routine regarding the release of Sanders' medical records. On NBC's Meet the Press, she was confronted with quotes from voters who articulated the reasons behind her likability an trustworthiness struggles. And on CNN, she shot daggers at anchor Jake Tapper for asking a reasonable, relevant question about the FBI's ongoing, expanded criminal investigation into her improper, unsecure, national security-compromising private email server. If icy glares could kill (via America Rising):

According to Clinton, the FBI hasn't interviewed her yet in connection with their active probe into a subject on about which she's misleddeflected and lied for months.  This is the same woman who pretended to know for a fact that the feds have not been exploring a public corruption angle to their current investigation, despite what three different sources told Fox News' Catherine Herridge last week.  As we've reported, Clintonworld has begun to throw the kitchen sink at Bernie Sanders, attacking him from the right on Socialized healthcare.  Her campaign is correctly arguing that Sanders has no way to pay for his single-payer healthcare fantasy (a recurring theme on both ends of that equation), which Team Clinton accurately says would necessitate huge tax hikes across the board -- while 
framing his position as somewhat disloyal to Obama because it would unravel the "progress" of Obamacare.  Let's take a peek at the latest "progress," shall we?

Mega-medical insurer Humana Inc. may exit Obamacare exchanges due to falling profits, Fox News reported. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Humana reported that it does not expect to earn enough money in premiums from individual plans to pay out its claims. “We expect Humana will exit Health Insurance Exchange marketplaces in 2017 in light of this data, and focus on its Medicare Advantage book of business,” said Ana Gupte, a Leerink Partners analyst. The filing shows that Humana expects membership to drop this year from 200,000 to 300,000, which reflects some plans sold under Obamacare. UnitedHealth has also had problems making profits under Obamacare. UnitedHealth had a loss of $425 million last year and warned it may exit the Obamacare exchanges altogether.

That last sentence offers an important reminder.  If Humana begins to withdraw from the Obamacare market after sustaining significant losses, it would be the second major insurer reportedly moving in that direction.  Officials at the country's biggest health insurance company, UnitedHealth, have indicated they are likely heading for the exits
, having bled money last year thanks to an unsustainable risk pool.  This reckoning has been hastened by Republicans' successful efforts to defund Obamacare's bailout-style provisions, which were designed to hide the law's true impact for several years by slapping expensive, taxpayer-funded bandaids on insurers' balance sheets.  Hillary Clinton is committed to preserving this failing, dysfunctional law, which she claims is working -- while effectively admitting that it's not.  (One of the law's top architects agrees). I'll leave you with this:

Brzezinski practically begs Hillary to succinctly crystalize her core message, without launching into a rambling, laundry list-type answer.  Mrs. Clinton responds by...launching into a rambling, laundry list-type answer, the upshot of which is, "I'm running to double down on Obama's agenda."  Hmmmm.  It's almost as if she's not very good at this.

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