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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Trump is a little busy these days, bringing peace to the Middle East and overseeing the country through a global pandemic and a spate of leftist violence, and, yet, the president still managed to field 867 more questions than Democratic nominee Joe Biden did during the same time period beginning mid-July. 

According to The New York Post, President Trump answered roughly five times the number of questions from reporters than Democratic nominee Joe Biden did from July 19 to Sept. 15, according to a review of the candidates' appearances. The president also answered questions using his brain, not a teleprompter, and didn't rely on staff members to call upon friendly reporters asking planted questions.    

(Via The Post

Trump answered a total of 1,141 questions from a Washington press corps that he maintains is openly hostile to his administration, while Biden responded to just 274 questions from local networks and liberal cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC.

During the week of Aug. 9, the president took 196 questions from journalists while Biden answered just three.

Biden has repeatedly dodged questions from embeds covering his campaign and rejected “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace’s request for an interview in July after Trump sat for a hard-hitting interrogation with him. ...

Biden took zero questions from reporters during an eight-day period in late July and early August, according to the data.

After formally introducing Kamala Harris as his vice president on Aug. 12, the septuagenarian candidate sat for just one interview — with People magazine — over another nine-day period.

Even after significantly ramping up his travel following months of total isolation in his Delaware basement, the former vice president continues to spurn questions from reporters covering his events.

Joe Biden's cognitive health is a big concern for voters who worry the candidate is too old mentally and physically to fulfill the duties and demands of the office of the president. Voters also worry the 77-year-old candidate is a Trojan horse for far-left radicals. One needs to look no further than Biden's running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) -- who has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate, a Senate with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in it -- to know this concern is well justified. It also doesn't allay fears that the Biden team refers to Kamala as "day one ready," and Kamala herself has called a Biden presidency a "Harris administration."

If Joe Biden becomes president, his basement strategy isn't going away. He'll still have to hide from the press or risk being deemed unfit and removed via the 25th Amendment. Only the liberal media wants Kamala president and probably won't run interference for Hidin' Biden like they are now. 

People may lament President Trump's stream of consciousness on Twitter and talking to liberal reporters, but at least the media has access to the commander-in-chief and knows what Donald Trump is thinking. Nobody has a clue what's going on inside Joe Biden's mind, if anything is at all anymore. The smart money is on children, leg hair, and lying dog-faced pony soldiers.

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