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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's second campaign stop in New Hampshire was disrupted by a protester who took issue with the candidate's creepy behavior towards small children. Repeatedly, the Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president has been videotaped creepily hugging, smelling and touching women and small children.

ABC News reporter Molly Nagle tweeted that it was "quite the start" for Biden in New Hampshire, adding that one man called Biden a "pervert" before another man asked the candidate "where the money is he and his son 'earned from Ukraine.'"

In April, Biden apologized after several women came forward to describe their uncomfortable interactions with the former vice president. Biden argued that social norms are changing, but he promised to be more mindful and respectful of personal spaces going forward. 

Just recently, at the very first stop of his No Malarky tour through Iowa, Biden began nibbling on his wife's finger as she spoke to supporters from the podium. So I guess old habits die hard.

The Washington Free Beacon compiled some of creepy Joe's more cringeworthy moments.


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