Timothy Nash

Timothy Nash
Money Can't Buy Me Love … But Can It Measure It?
By Timothy Nash
Editor's note: This piece was co-authored by James Hop and Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI)Honoring Mothers and Motherhood goes back thousands ...
May 21, 2022
For Whom Inflation Tolls…It Tolls for Thee
By Timothy Nash
This column is co-written by John Hantz.In a September 1, 1935 article entitled Notes on the Next War published in Esquire ...
May 11, 2022
Milton Friedman Isn’t Running the Show Anymore…Too Bad, Isn’t It?
By Timothy Nash
This piece was co-authored by Mr. James Hop and Mr. Jared La Rue. Milton Friedman determined the root cause of inflation ...
April 25, 2022
Answering the Call of Liberty
By Timothy Nash
I was born March 6, 1958, in the city of Detroit, to a Polish-American mother and Irish American father. I ...
April 06, 2022
Price Allocates Scarce Resources; Price Directs Production
By Timothy Nash
In a free and competitive market, price always allocates scarce resources and price directs production. When allowed to function freely, ...
March 20, 2022
‘Optimizing the Financing and Regulation of the U. S. Economy’
By Timothy Nash
The majority of my role so far representing Michigan’s 10th Congressional District is the financing of government and the regulation of ...
March 12, 2022
Freedom Demands We Support the Brave People of Ukraine
By Timothy Nash
History is the cataloging of major events and the human action which brought them to fruition. History unfolds for us ...
March 05, 2022
Brace Yourself, America: These Things Are Going to Get Expensive
By Timothy Nash
Higher prices for basketballs, lipstick, pacemakers and automobiles — brought to you by the U. S. Federal Reserve Bank, the ...
February 28, 2022
How Close Is Michigan to Having a Bridge Collapse? Lansing Needs to Focus on the ‘Damn Roads’
By Timothy Nash
Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Jennifer Panning and Andrew Reder.It’s hard not to discuss the state of roads ...
February 21, 2022
How He Lived: Remembering Frank Beckmann
By Timothy Nash
Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Dr. Kent MacDonald.On Saturday, February 12, 2022, at the age of 72, legendary WJR ...
February 15, 2022
‘Tell America What Should Be Done to Fight Inflation’
By Timothy Nash
The following is a recent discussion between U.S. Congresswoman Lisa C. McClain, Northwood University Economics department chair Dr. Dale C. ...
February 02, 2022
The U.S. Economy Remains #1 in 2021, But What About Our Future?
By Timothy Nash
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) deemed the United States’ economy as the world’s largest in 2021, producing an estimated $22.94 ...
January 10, 2022
The Teachings of Milton Friedman and Thanksgiving 2021
By Timothy Nash
Inflation versus Rising PricesInflation is an increase in the overall general price level of an economy.  It should not be ...
November 22, 2021
The Changing Role of Government and Entrepreneurship in America
By Timothy Nash
On April 23, 1910, at the Sorbonne in Paris, America’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt delivered his celebrated speech, entitled “Citizenship ...
October 10, 2021
9/11 Twenty Years Later – Much to be Proud of...Reasons for Concern
By Timothy Nash
This piece is co-authored with Mr. Jimmy Greene and Mr. Allen West. Since our founding in 1776, the United States or her ...
September 10, 2021
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