Steve Cortes

Steve  Cortes
The Charlottesville Hoax That Would Not Die
By Steve Cortes
Instead of helping President Trump unify the nation after the recent mass shootings, Democrats are once again peddling the Charlottesville ...
August 16, 2019
If Dems Are Smart, They’ll Leave Russia Scandal Behind
By Steve Cortes
The Democrats should take Robert Mueller’s findings seriously and abandon their campaign of meaningless obstruction once and for all.After almost ...
March 29, 2019
Hispanics Have Much to Celebrate this Hispanic Heritage Month
By Steve Cortes
On Monday, I participated in the White House’s reception for Hispanic Heritage Month. President Trump told the enthusiastic audience: “Hispanic ...
September 22, 2018
Indiana Shows What’s At Stake in November
By Steve Cortes
Indiana has made a tremendous amount of economic progress since President Trump took office. If the Democrats win in November ...
September 14, 2018
GDP Report Is Great News For Florida
By Steve Cortes
Florida is winning big league under a revitalized economy.The tremendous milestone of 4.1 percent national GDP growth shows that the ...
August 24, 2018
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