If Dems Are Smart, They’ll Leave Russia Scandal Behind

Posted: Mar 29, 2019 9:28 AM
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If Dems Are Smart, They’ll Leave Russia Scandal Behind

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The Democrats should take Robert Mueller’s findings seriously and abandon their campaign of meaningless obstruction once and for all.

After almost two years, 247 interviews, dozens of congressional hearings, and the cost of more than 30 million taxpayer dollars, the Special Counsel has found nothing that validates the Democrat conspiracy theory about collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. In fact, Attorney General Bill Barr noted that Mueller found no evidence of collusion “despite multiple offers from Russia-affiliated individuals to assist with the Trump campaign.”

This would be an excellent time for the Democrats to finally start working with the President to implement policies that will benefit the American people, but one shouldn’t hold one’s breath.

From the moment President Trump took office, Democrat lawmakers in Washington have pursued a foolish strategy of partisan obstruction, refusing to take their role as legislators seriously. Their made-up collusion claims fit that strategy perfectly, offering a perfect excuse to spend their time casting aspersions against Donald Trump, his family, and his associates during meaningless committee hearings rather than engage in debate over the President’s America First policy agenda.

Sadly, the Democrat Party isn’t likely to change its obstructionist ways anytime soon.

After investing so much time and energy into the Russia hoax, liberal lawmakers in Congress are set to redouble their efforts to impeach President Trump and keep the collusion scandal alive until the election.

Even before we learned anything about Mueller’s findings, the Democrats were trying to spin the media narrative in their favor by portraying the FBI investigation as a good starting point for future probes. So much for all those “in Mueller we trust” bumper stickers liberals slapped on their cars when the Democrats were still assuring them that the Special Counsel investigation was little more than a prelude to impeachment.

In February, Representative Ted Lieu insisted that the House should continue the Russia investigation even if Mueller doesn’t recommend an indictment of the President, adding that lawmakers should also examine “obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and abuse of power” separate from the Mueller investigation. 

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler even preemptively accused the White House of tampering with the final report — a move that was clearly designed to make voters question Mueller’s revelations.

“There is no provision in the regulations for White House review, and it would be unacceptable for President Trump — the subject, if not the target of the Special Counsel’s work — to edit the report before it goes public,” Nadler tweeted recently.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer echoed Nadler in a joint statement after Mueller submitted his report to Attorney General Bill Barr, calling for the report to be made available to the public before the White House even has a chance to review it for information that might fall under executive privilege.

Democrats in Congress should view Robert Mueller’s nothing-burger as a golden opportunity to switch from obstructing President Trump to cooperating with him on behalf of the people who elected all of them. Sadly, they seem poised to go in the exact opposite direction. 

 Steve Cortes is a CNN political commentator and a member of President Donald Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council.