Robert Novak

Robert Novak
"Pray for Me"
By Robert Novak
Robert Novak recently sat down with Barbara Mutasow of the Washingtonian magazine for a deeply personal interview. This article was ...
November 20, 2008
Newt in 'One-Two'?
By Robert Novak
In serious conversations among Republicans since their election debacle Tuesday, what name is mentioned most often as the Moses, or ...
November 08, 2008
No Mandate for Obama and No Lopsided Congress
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The national election Tuesday was not only historic for the election of the first African-American president in ...
November 05, 2008
An Illegitimate Baby: A Blessing or a Punishment?
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON -- Not until 30 minutes had elapsed in the third and last presidential debate Wednesday night did the national ...
October 17, 2008
Credit Default Swaps
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "60 Minutes," the popular CBS news program, normally doesn't deal with global finance, but last Sunday (Oct. ...
October 09, 2008
What is a "Loophole"?
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- How would Barack Obama pay for the $800 billion that John McCain claimed in the first presidential ...
October 02, 2008
My Brain Tumor
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The main reason I am writing this column is that many people have asked me how I ...
September 06, 2008
McCain Comes Through
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Partisan Democrats and many members of the news media consider John McCain's choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah ...
September 03, 2008
Avoiding a Lieberman Disaster
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Reports of strong support within John McCain's presidential campaign for Independent Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman as the ...
August 27, 2008
Can McCain Back in Again?
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON -- In the contest for president, Barack Obama is a magnetic candidate supported by a disciplined, well-organized campaign. John ...
July 28, 2008
Romney's Value
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The principal reason why former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has climbed to the top of Sen. John ...
July 26, 2008
The Soldier Voting Scandal
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Rep. Roy Blunt, the House Republican whip, on July 8 introduced a resolution demanding that the Defense ...
July 24, 2008
Obama's Iraq Spotlight
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I asked one of the Republican Party's smartest, most candid heavy hitters this week whether John McCain ...
July 21, 2008
Obama's CEOs
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sen. Barack Obama has been meeting secretly with heavy industry CEOs in Washington to discuss issues that ...
July 19, 2008
Cost of Cronyism
By Robert Novak
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As financial storm signals appeared the last 18 months, there were Bush officials who urged drastic reform ...
July 17, 2008
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