Peter Pitts

Peter Pitts
Waiving Covid-19 Vaccine Patents Is a Bad Idea and Sets a Dangerous Precedent
By Peter Pitts
Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Robert Popovian and Wayne Winegarden. It all sounds so simple: to hasten the end ...
June 19, 2021
Price Controls Happen - NOT!
By Peter Pitts
The end of the pandemic is in sight, thanks in large part to the heroic efforts of the biopharmaceutical industry. ...
March 25, 2021
Trump's Last Drug Pricing Rules Are a Mixed Bag for Seniors
By Peter Pitts
The Trump administration recently finalized two rules meant to reduce Medicare drug prices -- while ignoring some serious unintended consequences.For ...
January 09, 2021
Why Covid-19 Hates America
By Peter Pitts
Pfizer and Moderna just announced that in their advanced clinical trials, Covid-19 candidate vaccines have been 95 and 94.5 percent ...
December 07, 2020
To Keep Drug Costs Down and Fairness Up, Stop the Abuses of 340B
By Peter Pitts
Alas, hospitals and pharmacies are abusing a federal program meant to help low-income patients.  New research from consulting firm Berkeley ...
November 17, 2020
IP Protections Are Key to Drug Innovation
By Peter Pitts
Cystic fibrosis patients just got some life-changing news.The FDA approved Trikafta, a breakthrough therapy for the disease, which causes a ...
November 24, 2019
Closing the Idealism Gap on Healthcare Reform
By Peter Pitts
A new survey from the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest shows that there is an “idealism gap” among ...
October 29, 2008
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