Michael McBride

Michael McBride
The Emperor Got No Game
By Michael McBride
Where to start? The President has a bullet proof majority in the Senate. He has a reasonable majority in the ...
January 26, 2010
If I Only Had Other Options
By Michael McBride
I was fortunate enough to catch this link on Hugh Hewitt’s site today to a terrific article by William McGurn ...
January 06, 2010
Naked Liberalism
By Michael McBride
Death of liberalism is near, and its harbinger is not a conservative onslaught, nor a new Contract With America. ...
December 30, 2009
Blunderer in Chief
November 24, 2009 |
Hot Shots! Part Deux…
April 13, 2009 |
Maury and Me
By Michael McBride
I have no idea what happens in the “real world” between the hours of 0700 and 1700. In the ...
March 02, 2009
The Presidency as a Series of Tele-Promter Speeches
By Michael McBride
I am just finishing my first year in the fourth job I have had since leaving the Marine Corps eleven ...
February 24, 2009
Why Costco is Better than Obama
By Michael McBride
I love Costco. It’s not the giganto-normus TVs that greet you as you enter. Not the great deal ...
October 20, 2008
Dusting Off My Predictions of Democrat Disharmony
By Michael McBride
  There is a Perfect Storm of epochal proportions on the horizon for the Democrat Party, and there will be no ...
February 15, 2008
Mainstream Media Misses the Mark
By Michael McBride
I am continually amazed at how little viable analysis come out of the mouths of our “best” political pundits. ...
January 05, 2008
Kerry Will Go Down “Swinging” in Round Two
By Michael McBride
Naval Aviation hopefuls are trained to box. The Navy is not really trying to develop the next Mike Tyson, ...
November 27, 2007
By Michael McBride
Benchmarks, smenchmarksNext week, before, during, and after General Petraeus’ testimony on the Surge I’ll be glued to the TV hanging ...
September 07, 2007
Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq
By Michael McBride
Much has been made about President Bush's recent comments comparing the known fallout in SE Asia after our precipitous withdrawal ...
August 25, 2007
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