Megan Basham

Megan Basham
Young Women’s Choices and Old Feminists’ Rage
By Megan Basham
Not long ago, Leslie Bennetts, author of an infamous tome warning mothers that failing to work fulltime for the entirety ...
October 04, 2008
Republican Successes are Not Accidents
By Megan Basham
The Obama campaign and their friends in the media are finally starting to admit that Republicans have gotten some things ...
September 06, 2008
Common Ground in the Mommy Wars
By Megan Basham
Some good news was released from the mommy war front last week. Though The Today Show and Good Morning ...
July 20, 2007
Stay-at-Home Economics
By Megan Basham
Last year, in response to the increasing numbers of women opting out of the workforce, author Linda Hirshman took ...
May 25, 2007
Feminism’s ‘extreme’ solution to the opt-out revolution
By Megan Basham
Since the New York Times lit the fuse on the opt-out debate in 2003—reporting that a growing number of ...
April 18, 2007
300 is More than a Bloody Tale of Good versus Evil
By Megan Basham
After bringing in more than $70 million in its opening weekend, comic book adaptation 300 made history as the highest ...
March 15, 2007
A Refreshing Match Made in Hollywood
By Megan Basham
It's been over 30 years since Katherine Paterson, a former missionary and wife of a pastor, put pen to paper ...
February 16, 2007
Morning Show Retreat
February 13, 2007 |
Oscar-Winning Monster Mouths Off
By Megan Basham
In a rare example of journalistic integrity, CNN correspondent Rick Sanchez actually called A-list actress Charlize Theron (most famous for ...
February 08, 2007
A Little Perspective on the War on Christmas
By Megan Basham
It has become yet another heralding of “the most wonderful time of the year.” Along with the ...
December 19, 2006
DiCaprio Grows Up
By Megan Basham
It has been a long time coming, but Leonardo DiCaprio is finally all grown up—cinematically speaking, that is. However great his ...
October 06, 2006
Gibson's folly
By Megan Basham
To a lot of Christians, the worst happened this weekend when their great crusader for faith in Hollywood took a ...
July 31, 2006
A Purpose-Driven Fairy Tale
July 21, 2006 |
Pirates II -- Chaos on the High Seas
By Megan Basham
This is one review in which I will never have to issue the warning, "Spoiler Alert". Oh, sure, I ...
July 11, 2006
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