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Fake News CNN Wants Americans To Hate Israel

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CNN is a creature of extreme liberalism. The liberals in charge hire like-minded reporters to produce content for them. The result is a neo-liberal propaganda machine.


We are all well-aware of CNN’s inability to overcome Trump derangement syndrome. But there are many more topics that cause reporting inequities at the fake news giant. Last year I elucidated CNN’s terrorist-sided reporting on Israel, as well as their intentional concealment of the Palestinian movement’s vitriolic anti-Semitism. This week, CNN‘s anti-Israel predilection reared its ugly head once again.

On Tuesday night, the House voted on a resolution opposing efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel and the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel and the Jewish people.

“House approves resolution opposing Israel boycott movement in divisive vote,” a Tuesday CNN headline read. Sounds interesting! Just how divisive was it? Oh. Not very. Not at all. In fact, it was a more unified vote than any other vote I have followed this year. The vote was so unified that it would best be described as a bipartisan united vote, a complete contradiction to the CNN headline.

209 Democrats voted in favor of the resolution. Only 16 of them opposed. Republicans were split 189 to 1. In other words, 93% of Democrats agreed with 99.5% of the Republicans. In modern politics, this is an unprecedented achievement. The numbers indicate that American legislators are overwhelmingly unified behind America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, united to protect Israel from the discriminatory, white-collar terrorist ploy that is BDS.


BDS is an anti-Israel propaganda movement started by Palestinians and their supporters, which operates via economic warfare. The intent is to financially cripple the Israeli people and their government, thereby creating an opportunity for Palestinians to overtake the Jewish nation. “The BDS campaign does not support Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, and rejects a two-state solution to the conflict,” explains the ADL. BDS is basically a white-collar version of Palestinian terrorism with the same goals as related campaigns: “The Great Return March,” arson terrorism, environmental terrorism, and terror tunnels. The BDS movement is part of the Palestinian movement that wants to destroy Jewish Israel and replace it with an Islamic Palestine, also knows as a “one-state solution,” an idea which Rashida Tlaib fully supports.

Tlaib was, of course, one of these “divisive” 7% of Democrats who voted against the resolution, joined by Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the congresswomen who wish to be called “the squad” but are more accurately described as Islamo-Utopians.

So why does CNN continue to assist the BDS campaign and engage in terrorist amelioration? Why does CNN coverage indicate that CNN wants Americans to hate Israel?

Muslim-raised Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a research fellow at Stanford University, has recently explained a neo-liberal philosophy that I believe is likely at play at CNN. Hirsi Ali described her Islamic upbringing as strongly intertwined with a vigorous hatred of Jews and the sole Jewish nation, extreme anti-Semitism that dominated her understanding of the world. She went on to discuss how she believes the intersectionality of Islamic anti-Semitism and liberalism took hold. “Islamists have understood well how to couple Muslim anti-Semitism with the American left’s vague notion of ‘social justice.’ They have succeeded in couching their agenda in the progressive framework of the oppressed versus the oppressor. Identity politics and victimhood culture also provide Islamists with the vocabulary to deflect their critics with accusations of ‘Islamophobia,’ ‘white privilege’ and ‘insensitivity,’” Hirsi Ali explained. Coincidentally, the Israeli government has released a report showing how Islamic terrorists use the BDS movement to “exploit Western governmental funding, philanthropic foundations, financial platforms and civil society to advance their goal of dismantling the State of Israel.”


The Islamo-Utopian idea touted by the BDS campaign, and Tlaib and Omar alike, is that Israel is a type of white-supremacy nation akin to Nazi Germany, and hence the Islamist terrorists are in fact victims and should be supported by liberal social justice warriors. They promote the propaganda lie that Jews somehow took land that belonged to “Palestinians.” In truth, Jews legally purchased land that belonged to Ottoman Turks (never “Palestinians,” who were culturally-mixed Arab workers and renters on lands owned by Turks in the Palestinian region). Decades before Israel became an independent nation, Jews were the majority landowners—lawful landowners. Truth, however, is an irrelevant inconvenience for the neo-liberal movement anchored by CNN; they prefer the Islamist propaganda revisionist version of history that suits the “discrimination” narrative of the network.

The anti-Israel, neo-liberal motivations of CNN are crystal clear. It is part of CNN’s gameplay of identity politics, no different from CNN criticizing Judge Kavanaugh for being white. For as long as liberals continue down the path of irrational social warfare with whoever they deem an oppressor du jour, cunning extremists will continue to find opportunities to exploit the social justice warriors that head CNN.

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