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Jews Legally Purchased ‘Palestinian’ Land Before The Holocaust. Rashida Lied.

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The history behind the rebirth of Israel is so deeply intertwined with Palestinian propaganda that it is difficult for most Americans to answer a simple question: how did Jews come to possess the land now known as Israel? Palestinian-first Rashida Tlaib has elucidated this propaganda plague through her recently publicized statements of  Jew-hatred, letting us know how calm and cozy she feels when she thinks about the Holocaust extermination of 6 million Jews. Leftists came to her defense, justifying her Jew-hatred as entitlement because her poor Palestinian predecessors allegedly helped the post-Holocaust Jews take their land, but now find themselves victims of these Jews. Rashida plainly lied and regurgitated Palestinian propaganda — she retold revisionist history. 

Jews didn’t “take” land. 

Jews Purchased The Land Before The Holocaust

In the 1800s, Jewish zionists, which are diaspora Jews who wanted to return to their biblical homeland, started buying land in the region of Palestine, which belonged to the Ottoman Empire (the Turks). The Empire made these land purchases very difficult, discriminatorily restricting Jews’ ability to purchase land in the region as much as they could through legislation. By the 1900s, land purchase became easier and Zionists accelerated their land purchases of the Turk-controlled land.

According to the Ottoman census of 1875, Jews constituted a majority of the population of Jerusalem. By 1905, they comprised two-thirds of Jerusalem. The Encyclopedia Britannica of 1910 stated Jerusalem’s population as 60,000, of which 40,000 were Jews. The population of both Jews and Christians surpassed that of Muslims in Jerusalem by the start of the twentieth century. 

After WWI, the Ottoman Empire was no more, and the British took control of the land known as Palestine. The 1917 Balfour Declaration had declared Great Britain’s support for the establishment of Jewish sovereignty in Palestine, in recognition of the ancient Jewish claim and connection to the land of Israel, describing this land as the “national home for the Jewish people.” The League of Nations (predecessor the the UN) unanimously adopted the British Mandate in 1922, overturning Ottoman-era restrictions and creating a legal right for Jewish people to settle anywhere between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

Meanwhile in the early 1900’s in Europe, pogroms began. These were public lynchings of Jews and burnings of Jewish homes, businesses, schools, and places of worship. The Holocaust followed after WWII began in 1939. By 1945, six million Jewish people were murdered. The scale of the eradication was unprecedented. Consider a single weekend in Ukraine in 1941, in which 33,771 children, women, men, and elders were shot dead because they were born of “Jewish blood.”

The lucky European Jews who escaped or survived the brutalities had no more home in Europe. They needed to cement a Jewish nation where they can live safely, they need a permanent home. They went back to their historic homeland where many of their Jewish brethren were already established. These Zionists asked the League of Nations to formally recognize Israel as their own country, as their homeland. 

Israel was recognized as a country in 1948. The Arabs responded immediately by declaring war, vehemently opposing the establishment of a Jewish state. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia attacked Israel. The tiny, infantile country of Israel stood strong over its older, established Arab neighbors. Israel won the battle, but an Arab-world war against Israel had but begun. 

Palestinian Arabs Fought Jews Since The 1800’s

Palestinians” are not a distinct ethnic group and are instead a collection of impoverished Arabs who lived in the Palestinian region under the Ottoman Empire. Most were not landowners but were instead laborers who rented land from wealthy Turks that owned the land in the Palestinian region. The Palestinian identity was born when the Jewish state of Israel was internationally recognized. The majority of those identifying as Palestinian today are in fact Jordanian. 

From the beginning of the Zionist migration, Palestinian Arabs hated the Jews. This stemmed from centuries of living under an Islamic empire which categorized Jews as a diminutive class of people to the Muslim ruling class. Palestinians aligned with the Nazis during WWII and planned to exterminate their Jewish neighbors. 

Palestinian Arabs have fought Jews on land and religion since the 1800’s and their descendants continue to do so today. There is nothing novel about the “Great Return March” that plagued Israel for the past year; it is but a continuation of status quo. 

Knowing their opponents well, the Israelis kept all of the land purchase records. 

Palestinian Propaganda

Rashida Tlaib, who identifies as a Palestinian first and foremost, is on a propaganda spree against Israel. This has been her primary goal after being elected into office. Her first course of action was to put a stickie over Israel on her office map with the word “Palestine” written on it. She has made it clear that she supports the eradication of Israel and replacement of the world’s only Jewish country with an Islamic Palestine. 

“There’s always kind of a calming feeling, I tell folks, when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors — Palestinians — who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways, have been wiped out, and some people's passports,” Tlaib said in an anti-Trump podcast

“And, just all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. And, I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that, right, in many ways, but they did it in a way that took their human dignity away and it was forced on them.”

History is thus revised, from land purchased from Ottoman Turk landowners, to land taken from Palestinians and redistributed to the Jews. And, in the revisionist version, that this was done post WWII, not something that started in the 1800’s. 

This type of history revisionism is part of the Palestinian propaganda movement. Palestinian propaganda includes revisionist history, brainwashing children, “pallywood” distortions, manipulation of leftist politics, calls to Jihad, and manipulation of the media, amongst other similarly disturbing techniques. And of course there’s the outlandish anti-semitic Jew-blaming for anything and everything, like earth quakes

A staple of the Palestinian propaganda ideology, as parroted by Tlaib, is the concept that Jews took their land. Luckily, those Jews kept the receipts from the land purchases.

Astonishingly, the usually pro-Palestinian CNN has changed their tune and done their part to counteract Tlaib’s propaganda. But they appear to be in the minority on the left.

For as long as leftists and their bowing media continue to act as an echo chamber for Palestinian propaganda, Tlaib and others like her will continue to thrive and brainwash our unassuming liberal youth. 

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