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China Trapped in Own Web of Wuhan Lies

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Over the past several weeks, distraction after distraction has been thrown up into the media's precious news cycle to drive focus on the COVID-19 pandemic onto President Trump, hydroxychloroquine, or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. But, despite their herculean attempts to divert blame from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Beijing has unwittingly been caught in an embarrassing lie as they attempt to spin Western journalists away from the obvious fact of their culpability.


It's been a while since we've revisited the role of the CCP in the global pandemic that has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and nearly crippled the economies of the Western world as free-market economies have been forced into paralysis in an attempt to slow the spread of the deadly virus that originated in China and was allowed to spread worldwide thanks to the party's deliberate actions, inactions, and lies.

So, let's take this opportunity to remind ourselves that this is all the fault of the Chinese Communist Party.

One hundred percent.

Let's pause a moment and remind ourselves of the ever-evolving genesis of COVID-19.

We were first told, by the CCP, that the virus originated in a Wuhan "wet market." At the same time, we were told (also by the CCP) that there were no instances of human to human transfer of the virus and that was a bald-faced lie, so the wet market story should have been suspect from the get-go.

We then had information that suggested the virus may have originated from bat experiments at a top-secret, military lab in the Wuhan area, and due to lax protocols, the virus inadvertently was released. This information was conveyed by U.S. Senator Tom Cotton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, so it should have a bit more weight to it than propaganda from Beijing communists, but CNN thought otherwise.


Here's where things get very interesting in terms of the CCP's response to the "escaped from a lab" allegations.

Remember that in late April (over two months into the pandemic), Pompeo told me in an exclusive interview that the U.S. was "still trying to get an actual sample of the virus" but the CCP was not complying with repeated requests.

China doubled-down on the "wet market" story and denied the virus had escaped from the Wuhan lab.

Yuan Zhiming, vice director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said in mid-April, "As people who carry out viral study, we clearly know what kind of research is going on in the institute and how the institute manages viruses and samples. As we said early on, there is no way this virus came from us."

"We have a strict regulatory regime and code of conduct of research, so we are confident," he added.

Meanwhile, late last week, China admitted that they had strains of the virus in the very military lab in question and claim they ordered the samples destroyed. A startling admission, probably because the United States has piled up enough evidence to prove their previous denials as the frauds they were.

The CCP's reason for destroying these samples of the virus was "for pandemic prevention and control, which also played an important role in preventing biosafety risks."


"If the laboratory conditions cannot meet the requirements for the safe preservation of samples, the samples should be destroyed on the spot or transferred to a professional institution for safekeeping," China's National Health Commission official Liu Dengfeng told the Wall Street Journal.

Now it's time to compare and contrast the CCP's ever-evolving story here and observe the gigantic lie they have boxed themselves into.

The CCP claimed that it was "impossible" the virus could have escaped from their Wuhan military lab because they "have a strict regulatory regime and code of conduct of research." They also claim that they had strains of the virus in this lab and that they were destroyed "for pandemic prevention and control" because the lab's conditions could not "meet the requirements for the safe preservation of samples."

One more time, a little more plainly: The virus couldn't possibly have escaped from our lab because of our strict protocols and we destroyed the virus samples we had because the safety protocols at our lab weren't good enough to ensure the virus wouldn't escape.

They are trapped in their own lies. Either the lab is safe, or it is not. If they destroyed the virus samples because the lab wasn't safe, then the virus certainly could have escaped, since the lab, by their own admission, wasn't safe.


In a nutshell: Communists lie. They always lie. And because of these lies, 100,000 Americans will be dead. 

And they keep lying. Now, what are we going to do about it?

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