Recounts Offer Some Redress: Re-votes Are Better

Posted: Nov 13, 2020 12:01 AM
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Recounts Offer Some Redress: Re-votes Are Better

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President Trump will have a second term starting on January 20. Nevertheless, the path to that day, even in the face of overwhelming Democrat fraud now being exposed, is not as smooth as it could be. How so? 

The state of Georgia, for example, is about to undertake a recount of the 2020 election results. No matter what transpires during the recount and what the results happen to be, the outcome will be less than desirable. It is likely not feasible that a recount in Georgia or any other state will yield an accurate and true reflection of people's votes.

The Limits Are Plentiful

A recount cannot account for some ballots that were backdated and received after the deadline. A recount cannot fully account for ballots signed by someone other than the voter, and a recount cannot account for ballots that were simply discarded either by postal carriers, poll workers, or anyone else along the trail.

In 2020, of those who had the opportunity to seize ballots, most often the candidate not of their choice was Donald Trump. Hence the malarkey, on either side, is not going to be equal. In cities controlled by Democrats and in precincts controlled by Democrats, the incidence of fraudulent activity to the disfavor of Donald Trump will outweigh anything done to the disfavor of Joe Biden.

A recount might catch those ballots cast by people who are otherwise officially listed as dead, with a bit of research. A recount could catch those ballots cast by people who no longer reside in the state, but that also requires research. A recount might even flag ballots cast by those who have voted in two or more states, or two or more counties, and so on.


A recount will prove to be insufficient for determining the true and fair count based on legal voters who are residents of the state of Georgia. It might come close to the truth, but almost everyone involved in the voting process, from election boards, to precinct managers, etc., to some degree knows that a recount is a limited proposition. 

A fair and accurate recount is based on many assumptions, chiefly that both sides have a strong and equal interest in ensuring fairness. We have witnessed over the past four years that Democrats have incessantly accused Republicans of sneaking into the highest office in the land through collusion with a foreign entity. This has been proven to be totally false by four separate commissions. 

When real collusion between, say, Joe Biden and Ukraine or China or Russia has been proven through voluminous documentation, however, the Left balks. Their response, led by the shifty Adam Schiff is, “This is just Russian disinformation.” Thus, no recount is going to be effective in a society composed of half Democrats. They will endlessly claim that even the fairest recount possible is phony, if their candidate loses.

The Remedy

What would work better? A complete and total re-vote, as costly and as arduous as this might seem. An effective re-vote would require strict ID in all facets of the process. This would necessitate a strict system for mail-in ballots; dispensed by a central authority; with numbering, watermarking, and barcoding; received by a central processing headquarters; where independent and large numbers of observers from both sides are able to witness the entire procedure, ideally counted all on the same day. 

Such an effort would be quite involved and expensive, however, given what we now know about one side's proclivity for massive election fraud, nothing short of an all-out re-vote with the strictest security standards possible will suffice.

Voting and Counting the Votes

It has never been proven, but Joseph Stalin is reputed to have said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." Whomever the source, the point is that casting a vote is only one aspect of the process. When you fill out a ballot to vote, whether it's in person, by absentee requested ballot, or by government unsolicited ballot, you are one part in a long chain. 

How do you know that your ballot was received? How do you know that it wasn't summarily discarded? If received, how do you know that it was counted? Can you be sure that it wasn't doctored? How do you know that your ballot wasn't counterbalanced, or what I call neutralized, by fraudulent ballots entered for the opposing party? It is difficult to know.

What the election fiasco of 2020 has proven to America and shown to the world is that free and fair elections require much more rigorous procedures than we have ever had to enforce in our 237 year history. And we'll need to do even more going forward.

Voting and Freedom

If we don't get our act together here, democracy dies here and then around the world. The fraudulent Leftists have attempted to blaze a trail for Leftists everywhere. When voting is no longer regarded as a sacrosanct component of free nations, nations will no longer be free.

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