Humberto Fontova

Humberto Fontova
Rock Stars Cherish Their Financial Partnership with Castro Regime
By Humberto Fontova
“Blondie has shared a new clip from their upcoming short film, Blondie: Vivir En La Habana, which chronicles the band’s ...
June 19, 2021
New York Times ‘Disturbed’ by US Flags—But Bemedaled by Fidel Castro
By Humberto Fontova
“I was on Long Island this weekend visiting a really dear friend, and I was really disturbed. I saw, you ...
June 12, 2021
Admit it, Biden: Trump Was Right, Obama, Kerry and Brennan Duped
By Humberto Fontova
“The Biden administration’s first major move on Cuba is the strongest signal yet it has little appetite to reverse Trump-era ...
June 05, 2021
Voting With Their Feet Against Socialism
By Humberto Fontova
“2 Dead, 10 Missing after boat carrying Cuban migrants overturns near key West.” (CBS Miami, 5/27) “Three Cubans survived for 33 ...
May 29, 2021
Biden Wants 1619 Project Force-fed to US Schoolchildren, Author of Work Hails Stalinist Cuba’s ‘Education’
By Humberto Fontova
“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and fellow Republicans are demanding President Biden’s Education Department block a planned history education proposal ...
May 22, 2021
The Amazing History of our ‘Woke’ CIA—Part II
By Humberto Fontova
“China & Russia are laughing their asses off watching CIA go full woke. 'Cisgender.' 'Intersectional.' It's like the Babylon Bee ...
May 15, 2021
A ‘Woke’ CIA? Old News. Just Ask Hipsters Fidel Castro and Che Guevara Who the CIA Helped
By Humberto Fontova
"Backlash grows over woke CIA video--Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright on Tuesday told 'Fox & Friends' the agency had ...
May 08, 2021
Bay of Pigs 60th Anniversary Part III—Humiliating Che Guevara and John Kerry
By Humberto Fontova
"This is the history of a failure," (Oddly frank opening lines of Che Guevara’s Congo Dairies.)“Those Cuban-CIA men (Bay of ...
May 01, 2021
The Bay of Pigs 60th Anniversary, Part II—the Shooting’s Over But the Heroism and Betrayal Continue
By Humberto Fontova
Outnumbered over ten to one by Soviet led forces and betrayed by their sponsor, these mostly civilian volunteers fought till ...
April 24, 2021
The Bay of Pigs 60th Anniversary—And The Media-Democrat Cover-up Continues
By Humberto Fontova
“It was 60 years ago this week that an uncertain new president launched an ill-conceived military venture of astonishing naivety (italics ...
April 17, 2021
PBS Docuseries on Hemingway Covers-Up His Communist Connections
By Humberto Fontova
“They Are Giving Hemingway Another Look, So You Can, Too…Lynn Novick and Ken Burns consider the seminal writer in all ...
April 10, 2021
The Washington Post Still Shilling for Cuba’s Bogus Healthcare
By Humberto Fontova
“Cuban leader Fidel Castro vowed to build a biotech juggernaut in the Caribbean, advancing the idea in the early 1980s…Forty years ...
April 03, 2021
The Story About Offshore Oil Drilling Environmentalists Don't Want You to Hear
By Humberto Fontova
“Louisiana officials say the state’s oil and gas industry is in danger. This comes after President Joe Biden cancelled a ...
March 20, 2021
Was the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act Authored By a Cuban Agent?
By Humberto Fontova
“Lawmakers in the House passed a bill this week aimed at reforming policing in this country. It's called the George ...
March 13, 2021
EBay Scraps Dr. Seuss—But Proudly Markets Che Guevara
By Humberto Fontova
“EBay scraps ‘canceled’ Dr. Seuss books from site—eBay is barring users from reselling the six Dr. Seuss books that will ...
March 06, 2021
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