Humberto Fontova

Humberto Fontova
FBI Alarmed by Betsy Ross Flag — but Not by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s July 26 Flag
By Humberto Fontova
“A leaked internal FBI guide about violent extremism lists the Second Amendment, the "Betsy Ross flag" and Jan. 6 protester ...
August 06, 2022
Every Week Is ‘Shark Week’ in the Florida Straits
By Humberto Fontova
“Dozens of illegal immigrants were sent back to Cuba after being stopped in four vessels off the Florida Keys, US ...
July 30, 2022
Key West Celebrates “Hemingway Days”— but Omits His Communist/KGB Credentials
By Humberto Fontova
“The annual Hemingway Look-Alike Contest began in Key West on Thursday, marking the 123rd anniversary of Ernest Hemingway’s July 21 ...
July 23, 2022
Forget Jill Biden’s Stupid Taco Quip—There’s Much Worse
By Humberto Fontova
“First lady Jill Biden apologized for her recent comments comparing latinos to breakfast tacos at a Hispanic conference in San ...
July 16, 2022
A Refugee Family’s First 4th of July
By Humberto Fontova
“With Latest Nativist Rhetoric, Trump Takes America Back To Where It Came From,” (NPR headline, July 16, 2019.)“Xenophobe. In Chief,” ...
July 09, 2022
Why Don’t Haitians Immigrate to Cuba, Paradise for the Poor According to Many Democrats?
By Humberto Fontova
“Haitians who landed in Cuba return to their country,” recently reported Dominican Today. The first group of 586 Haitian migrants, of ...
July 02, 2022
Anti-Communists Sue Netflix for Defamation
By Humberto Fontova
“A defamation suit against Netflix from the head of a Cuban exile organization accuses the streamer of distributing propaganda for ...
June 18, 2022
Will Colombia Go the Way of Venezuela?
By Humberto Fontova
“My political awakening came in the late 1960s when I saw my father cry over the death of Argentine revolutionary ...
June 11, 2022
Biden Officials Have Very Friendly Links with Terror-Sponsoring Castro Regime
By Humberto Fontova
“As Cubans reflect on the legacy of Fidel Castro, Americans may be surprised that Cubans, even opponents, will be expressing ...
June 04, 2022
Biden to the Rescue of the Castro Regime
By Humberto Fontova
“This week, White House officials announced steps to move away from the “maximum pressure” approach of sanctions and diplomatic isolation ...
May 21, 2022
DeSantis Signs Desperately-Needed ‘Victims of Communism’ Educational Bill
By Humberto Fontova
“In a ceremony Monday [May, 9] at Miami’s iconic Freedom Tower, where tens of thousands of Cuban immigrants fleeing Fidel ...
May 14, 2022
Trump-Bashing Pope Francis Refuses to Bash Putin for Ukraine War
By Humberto Fontova
“ROME?—Pope Francis said that the “barking of NATO at the door of Russia” might have led to the invasion of ...
May 07, 2022
The Bay of Pigs Epilogue: Humiliating Che Guevara and John Kerry
By Humberto Fontova
“Those Cuban-CIA men (Bay of Pigs vets) were as tough, dedicated and impetuous a group of soldiers as I’ve ever ...
April 30, 2022
The Bay of Pigs: The Sickening Truth Part III
By Humberto Fontova
“This weekend marked the 61st Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion. We honor the memory of the freedom-fighters who ...
April 23, 2022
The Bay of Pigs: The Sickening Truth Part II, The Battle is Joined
By Humberto Fontova
"They fought like Tigers," wrote a CIA officer who helped train the Cuban freedom-fighters who landed at The Bay of ...
April 16, 2022
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