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William J. Smith

“For 15 years of my life at the top of the Soviet bloc intelligence community, I was involved in a world-wide disinformation effort aimed at diverting attention away from the KGB’s involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald. The Kennedy assassination conspiracy was born—and it never died.” That’s the late Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest ranking intelligence official ever to defect from the Soviet bloc, confirming what all sensible Americans sensed as early as November 24th, 1963.


There was a day when sensible Americans (i.e. right-wingers) promptly pigeonholed people who accused “right-wingers!” (especially the most hardline, anti-communist and dastardly among them: Cuban-exiles!) of assassinating President Kennedy on the kook Left. In that day, such commie-like rantings might have also placed you on J. Edgar Hoover’s watch-list.

Oliver Stone (certainly among the kookiest leftists) based his movie JFK on this KGB/Castro- hatched disinformation meme as spread by Mark Lane—who was also exposed as a KGB affiliate! 

The “Old Right” from W.F. Buckley to Barry Goldwater to AIM’s Reed Irvine immediately recognized, called-out and demolished this KGB/Castro hatched lie about "right-wingers" assassinating Kennedy. 

The very book that kicked off the disinformation extravaganza (“Oswald, Assassin or Fall Guy”), after all, was written by a one-time Communist party member (Joachim Jostens) and published by a KGB front company. Alas—at the time of its publication, “Tinfoil-Hatters” were mostly on the Left. 

In the late 1940s and early 50s, a person’s answer to the question “Who Lost China” pretty much told you where they stood politically. In the mid 1960s to early 70s, the answer to “Who Killed Kennedy” served much the same purpose. 

John Stormer’s 1964 book, None Dare Call it Treason, was once regarded as the bible of the “hard,” “McCarthyite” or “borderline Bircher” Right. Stormer’s book called out the Castro-Soviet disinformation ruse about “right-wing Cuban exiles” assassinating Kennedy almost from day one, right behind my relative Carlos Bringuier, who called-out the communist lie literally from the beginning, and has had leftist kooks, KGB agents of influence and Cuban intelligence operatives defaming him ever since. 


 "Volumes could be written on the press coverage of President Kennedy’s assassination by a communist killer,” wrote Stormer. “Even after Oswald was captured and his Marxist affiliations disclosed, TV and radio commentators have conducted a continual crusade of distortion and smear to direct the blame against right wing or conservative groups." 

Cuban exile Carlos Bringuier met Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans on August 5th, 1963. Tinfoil-hatters probably know him as the CIA operative who “staged” the fight with Oswald in New Orleans. After all these years, Carlos just rolls his eyes, shakes his head and chuckles over this one. 

“Of all the people I interviewed in New Orleans regarding the Kennedy assassination, Carlos Bringuier was the one I trusted most. I could see in his eyes he was always telling me the complete truth.” (Oriana Fallaci, L,Europeo, 1969.)

“The skinny guy walked into my store and started looking around,” recalls Carlos. “But I could sense he wasn’t a shopper. Sure enough, after a few minutes of browsing he came up and extended his hand. “Good afternoon,” he said. “I’m Lee Oswald.”

In 1963 the CIA regarded the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE) “the most militant and deeply motivated of all the Cuban exile organizations seeking to oust Castro.” Carlos Bringuier was their representative in New Orleans. It was DRE agents who infiltrated Cuba and brought out the first reports of Soviet missile installations–to the scoffs of the White House’s Best and Brightest. It took two months for anyone to finally take them seriously. A U-2 flight then confirmed every last detail of what the DRE boys had been risking their lives for months to report.


“Oswald approached me because my name was so often linked to anti-Castro activities in the local (New Orleans) news,” recalls Bringuier. “He even jammed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a roll of bills, offering to contribute to the anti-Castro cause. I was suspicious and declined.”

Two days later Bringuier was astounded to spot Oswald a few blocks away from his store distributing Fair Pay for Cuba pamphlets. Carlos approached, accepted a pamphlet, ripped it to pieces and a scuffle ensued. The cops arrived, the scuffle made the news, and a few days later Bringuier and Oswald debated on New Orleans radio and TV.

Dozens of books, movies, articles and TV specials depict these events. What they DON’T depict is how, between their scuffle and debate, Bringuier and a friend Carlos Quiroga turned the tables on Oswald. Posing as a Castro-sympathizer eager to join Oswald’s Fair Play for Cuba Committee, Quiroga (who had not been in the store or involved in the scuffle) visited Oswald at his home and they commiserated for hours. “You read everyplace that Oswald was dumb, a flake, a patsy, a set-up,” says Bringuier. “Nonsense. He was a smooth operator and spoke fluent Russian.”

Quiroga noticed that Oswald’s living room was filled with Fair play For Cuba Committee literature. From one stack Oswald pulled an application to join the Committee and offered it to Quiroga. Yet during the Warren Commission circus The Fair Play for Cuba Committee repeatedly denied that Oswald had any links with them.


Among the things that caught Quiroga’s eye during his visit was Oswald speaking Russian with his wife and daughter. “Its good practice,” explained Oswald. “I’m studying foreign languages at Tulane University.” He was lying. Also keep in mind the date: this was three months before the assassination. Oswald’s stint in Russia was virtually unknown at the time.

On the very night of Nov. 22rd 1963, Carlos Bringuier went public on American radio and TV: “We don’t know yet if Lee Harvey Oswald is President Kennedy’s assassin. But if he is, then Fidel Castro’s hand is involved in this assassination.”

Fidel Castro immediately called a press conference to denounce Carlos Bringuier by name as a “right-winger” and kick off the media disinformation campaign that finally peaked as high comedy with Oliver Stone’s JFK.

For 34 years, Markus Wolf was the chief of East Germany’s foreign intelligence service, a branch of the STASI with many contacts and operations in Castro’s Cuba. It was the STASI rather than the KGB that undertook the training of Castro’s police and intelligence services. Wolf’s autobiography is titled, “Man Without a Face” and subtitled, “The Autobiography of Communism’s Greatest Spymaster.” Most intelligence experts agree that the subtitle fits. Wolf was once asked about the Kennedy assassination and quickly replied. “Don’t ask me – ask Fidel Castro.”


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