Frank Wright

Frank Wright
Dark Times, Bright Hope
By Frank Wright
To call the times tumultuous is an understatement. At every turn, the culture is aflame with seemingly endless political animosity, ...
December 23, 2021
Standing for Life in a Culture of Death
By Frank Wright
I looked at my Death Clock today. That was a big mistake.Actually, I looked at one of the many websites ...
April 18, 2021
Celestial Perspective
By Frank Wright
How are you dealing with the turmoil and uncertainty of these days? For some, this is a theological question. Some ...
April 04, 2021
Blowing the Whistle on America’s Thought Police—Especially the Southern Poverty Law Center
By Frank Wright
Deep in the false and fevered swamps of fake news and fake history resides a third mendacious denizen—fake definitions. Appearing ...
March 05, 2021
When Truth Is the Enemy
By Frank Wright
Ensconced among the cherry trees ringing the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., rests the Jefferson Memorial. The rotunda of this ...
February 21, 2021
Executive Overreach
By Frank Wright
In Greek mythology, Sisyphus is the cunning and deceitful king of Corinth condemned in the afterlife to repeatedly roll a ...
February 12, 2021
Stand Firm
By Frank Wright
In Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians, he writes to believers living in the Roman capital of the province of Asia. ...
January 24, 2021
George Soros's Plan B If Biden Loses
By Frank Wright
Editor's Note: This column is co-authored by John AmanBillionaire George Soros is spending big—$70 million at last report—to evict Donald ...
November 01, 2020
Leftist 'Rights' vs. Your Freedom of Conscience
By Frank Wright
The foundation of civilized society is freedom of conscience. But this core freedom is under severe assault from the Left. ...
October 20, 2020
It’s Time to Lift the Veil on George Soros
By Frank Wright
Anyone who throws stones at billionaire atheist George Soros can expect to be shunned or censored by his protectors in ...
October 07, 2020
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