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Editor's Note: This column is co-authored by John Aman

Billionaire George Soros is spending big—$70 million at last report—to evict Donald Trump from the White House. The radical philanthropist vilifies Trump as nothing more than “an impostor and a con man and a would-be dictator.” He considers America’s 45th president a "danger to the world" who would like to establish a “mafia state” here at home.


Which is why Soros is determined to oust the president and push the "Big Guy"—aka Joe Biden—over the finish line in first place on Nov. 3. But what if Biden loses? Well, don't expect Soros to give up and go home. 

George Soros has a plan B, and it's already underway, insists Richard Poe, co-author with David Horowitz of The Shadow Party, an in-depth examination of Soros’ far-reaching influence. “George Soros is trying to steal the election," Poe told D. James Kennedy Ministries, which produced the new, nationally aired documentary, Radical Billionaire: George Soros and the Scheme to Remake America. Poe claims Soros "has a whole crack team of experts, the top experts in the world.... And they are absolutely trying to steal this election."

Soros is committed to Trump’s removal. He assured elites at Davos in 2018 that Trump is a "purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner.” That's not an idle boast. Soros has an established record of driving leaders from power. Horowitz and Poe assert that “Soros’ Open Society Foundations have facilitated coups and rebellions in many countries, always ostensibly in the interests of ‘democratization.’”

Soros crowed in 2001 that his Open Society Foundations network has achieved "significant successes" in Slovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia where "civil society was mobilized to overturn ... overcome, rather, an oppressive regime." (see here at 22:25). Soros tried to catch himself, but "overturn" is correct.  That's obvious from how Soros-financed forces were deployed in Yugoslavia and, later, Georgia to sweep rulers off the stage. 


In Yugoslavia, Soros-funded protesters clogged Belgrade's streets to contest and halt an election. Rather than wait for the outcome of a run-off vote, the Soros-bankrolled "Otpor," a militant 70,000 strong youth organization staged a coup, write Horowitz and Poe. And they did so, the authors explain, not by relying on  

Kumbaya singalongs, but on fists, boots, guns and Molotov cocktails. On 5 October [2000], revolutionaries rioted in Belgrade, setting fire to the Federal Parliament Building and the headquarters of the state television network RTS. Janes’ Sentinel reports that Otpor-led units armed with AK-47s, mortars and shoulder-launched antitank weapons set up road-blocks around Belgrade

Then-President Slobodan Miloševic resigned and was immediately arrested and sent off to the International Criminal Court for trial. 

A Soros operative later told the Los Angeles Times“We were here to support the civil sector—the people who were fighting against the regime of Slobodan Miloševic. . . . Most of our work was undercover.”  British journalist Neil Clark called Slobodan's ouster the result of a nine-year, $100 million investment Soros made to fund and train the Serb resistance.

Soros used the same technique In Georgia where he warned President Eduard Shevardnadze he would put protesters on the streets to block vote fraud in the country's 2003 election. "It is necessary to mobilize civil society in order to assure free and fair elections,” Soros declared in his public threat. “This is what we did in Slovakia at the time of Meciar, in Croatia at the time of Tudman and in Yugoslavia at the time of Miloševic.”


Soros wasn't bluffing. He sent Otpor (Resistance) activists from Yugoslavia to train some 1,000 student activists in Georgia. And a Soros-funded television station began regular broadcasts of the documentary, Bringing Down a Dictator, showcasing Miloševic’s  defeat.

On election day, Shevardnadze declared victory but the Soros-funded television station aired exit poll results to the contrary. The exit polls, Horowitz and Poe report, were funded by Soros. With protesters in the streets and buses bringing more people into the capital city of Tbilisi, Shevardnadze decided against civil war and stepped down. 

“It’s generally accepted public opinion here that Mr. Soros is the person who planned Shevardnadze’s overthrow,” the editor of a Georgian newspaper told Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper. Soros took credit. “I’m delighted by what happened in Georgia, and I take great pride in having contributed to it,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

Having used mass protests, even mob violence, to force regime change overseas, Soros is now focused on the United States. “I believe in the values of an open society,” the ultra-rich Leftist said in 2003. “For the past 15 years I have focused my energies on fighting for these values abroad. Now I am doing it in the United States.” 


At the time, Soros had targeted George W. Bush for ouster. Now it is President Donald Trump. And 2020 is the year. An internal Open Society Foundations strategy document from 2014 reveals how important this year is to OSF. The document—a breathtaking revelation of the Soros’s foundations aggressive pursuit of a remade America—states that plans were then underway to secure “fundamental reform by the year 2020 . . . in conjunction with a seminal election.”

The risk is very real, warns Richard Poe.

"They think this is their moment. George Soros and his colleagues who have broken many countries around the world . . . are now instituting a revolution here in the United States. And they believe that it can work this time. This is their big moment to overthrow our lawful government, to destroy our culture, to destroy our customs, to destroy our Constitution, to destroy our people, to destroy everything that is important in our lives," Poe wrote.

So what to do? First, cast your vote wisely on November 3. Pray diligently for God's mercy. And stand with elected leaders and police if and when they face Soros-inspired efforts to "mobilize civil society" to oust a duly-elected President Trump. 

Frank Wright, Ph.D., is President and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries where John Aman serves as Director of Communications. The DJKM-produced documentary, Radical Billionaire: George Soros and the Scheme to Remake America, may be viewed here.


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