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Today’s Democrats Are Whiny, Petulant Children—and Getting Worse

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Democrats are still complaining about the recent Supreme Court rulings that didn’t go their way.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) has even introduced a bill to end life tenure for Supreme Court justices. Whitehouse (D-RI) has brought his own version of the bill in the Senate, calling out nebulous “big special interests.”


Why? So their side can hijack the nation’s highest court.

Then there’s the radical Left’s poster child—the notorious “AOC”—staging a protest at the Supreme Court and pretending to wear handcuffs in the process. Coddled by a liberal media that promotes “civil disobedience” when policy fights are lost and self-professed “experts” touting her 2024 chances, who can blame liberals like AOC? Even reasonable Democrats—the few who are left—turn a blind eye to the left-wing shenanigans that are making a mockery of the U.S. political system.

But that doesn’t make them right. For all intents and purposes, today’s Democrats are whiny, petulant children who cry when their toys are taken away. Liberalism in the 21st century is the pinnacle of self-indulgence. It is a political philosophy that rests on feelings rather than facts. Criticize today’s liberals, and you’re racist, homophobic, transphobic, and whatever else. Think differently, and you must be an Uncle Tom or a fascist. Dare to be pro-life, and you must be Hitler resurgent.

It's nonsense. It’s juvenile. It’s a combination of depressing and disgusting that liberalism has devolved to such a degree.

The transgenderism debate is a case in point. Liberals are now obsessed with gender pronouns, with many in favor of making them mandatory at work. Government compulsion is increasingly popular too.


Think about that line of logic: The compulsive force of government must be used to demand everyone accept me the way I am, call me what I want, and punish those who don’t buy into my self-indulgent fantasy. If not, you get cancelled online, lose your job, and banned from this, that, and the other thing. Your livelihood is now threatened because you don’t put someone else’s feeling of self-worth ahead of reality.

It’s fine if you want to live in Zootopia, where anyone can be anything, but it’s not fine when you demand the compulsive force of the state be used to enforce your whims.

The “critical race theory” craze is more of the same. Reject your whiteness—or else! Look at me, pay attention to me, recognize my perceivedvictimhood—even in kindergarten. None of this nonsense is about equality; it’s about forcing others to admit they’re “bad” so someone else—through state enforcement—can feel good about themselves.

The Left’s apparent strategy is narcissism by a new, woke name. We are now coddling people based on their identities, at the expense of common-sense values and ethics—individual freedom of choice, conscience, and belief. Competence and hard work are taking a backseat, and to what exactly? Feelings of the day?

The liberal mindset is the equivalent of bad parenting. (Good) parents don’t tell their children to complain or make excuses if they lose; they tell them to learn from their mistakes, respect the competition, and try to beat it next time. When kids misbehave, parents are supposed to ignore or punish them. Coddling accomplishes nothing.


Yet Democrats act like children who deserve to be pampered and made to feel special. The more self-indulgent (see: AOC), the better. Even when it’s clear that Democrats are losing the political game, they don’t seem to care. When Republicans make a 47-point popularity jump among Hispanic voters (yes, 47 percent since 2018), racism must be the underlying reason. CNN headlines like “white supremacy, with a tan” remain a dime a dozen.

Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX), a Mexican woman, is clearly a “far-right Latina,” right? She’s just “confused,” right?

Loss after electoral loss, Democrats are simply short-circuiting, impulsively sticking to overused tropes like “fascism” or “racism” or “white supremacy” because there’s nothing more to their platform. There’s nothing more to the Democratic Party than whiny petulance.

Look at me! Free money! No responsibility!

Americans cannot allow spoiled, selfish brats off the hook. We mustroot out the culture of self-indulgence that has come to define 21st-century leftism.

Liberal Democrats only care about attention for themselves, not what’s in the best interest of America. If Democrats cared about the national good, they would not be spending hundreds of billions of dollars while calling it “inflation reduction.” Nor would they question the Supreme Court’s legitimacy after every single ruling that isn’t explicitly left-wing.


November 2022 isn’t just any election cycle. It’s a battle between adults and children. Until the red wave comes, you can expect the whiny petulance to get worse before it can get better.

Dan Backer is a veteran campaign counsel, having served more than 100 candidates and PACs, and overseen over $100 million in political expenditures. He is of counsel at Chalmers & Adams LLC, a political law and litigation firm.


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