Claudia Thomas

Claudia Thomas
Don’t Judge History by Today’s Standards
By Claudia Thomas
I wrote the following two years ago - the last time Confederate Monuments were a major ‘issue’.  While this article ...
August 16, 2017
Memories and Memorials
By Claudia Thomas
The formal Fire Department of New York (FDNY) was founded July 31, 1865. On Riverside Drive resides a memorial honoring ...
April 07, 2017
Frauds and Hypocrites – Christopher Suprun Exposed
By Claudia Thomas
On December 8, I wrote a column regarding Christopher Suprun, Republican electoral, who was using his service as a 9/11 Responder ...
December 16, 2016
Don’t Use 9/11 Service as a Crutch for Personal or Political Gains
By Claudia Thomas
Update: Christopher Suprun has been exposed by an investigation as a fraud. Please see this column for more details. I was ...
December 08, 2016
When Did the Man of Honor Become a Special Snowflake
By Claudia Thomas
As little as I give credence to celebrities, they do hold a great responsibility when speaking out of their various ...
November 15, 2016
The Media Will Never Be Able to Define Us
By Claudia Thomas
So various news agencies are trying to explain the Trump “Movement” but, with rare exception, they never will, because they ...
November 11, 2016
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