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So various news agencies are trying to explain the Trump “Movement” but, with rare exception, they never will, because they are so wrapped up inside their mythical unicorn and news logo coffee cups they fail to recognize the big picture.


The deplorables want to make America great again.  Simple, yet so horribly misunderstood.  A return to our basic principles formed in the Declaration of Independence and completed in our Constitution.  Even the Bill of Rights, nor any laws, would be needed if these documents we hold as sacred were followed as laid out, with understanding of the Federalist Papers, no interpretation other than being equal and our unalienable rights as given us by our Creator need be said.  This was what our Founders laid out for us and the Movement must ever stand on those principles, that all men and women are created equal, that the rights of an individual must ever be protected against the thuggery of mob rule.

Yet in the years since Teddy Roosevelt, with injection by Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and others, the ‘progressive’ mindset of making these documents ‘living’ and open to change, have brought about a turnaround from those basic truths, which are, and need ever remain, self-evident. This mindset of progressivism that has opened up the minds of our children to the brainwashing liberalism of the likes of Marx, Lenin and who admires the likes of Che, Mao and cop-killers, that less than independent thinking that touts false narratives and performs acts of violence while propagandizing their call for peace, has become the very enemy of the State, and the only way to defeat it is … the Movement.


We the People has not taken on a new meaning, it has embraced the original, and it is that, the preamble of our beloved Constitution that takes precedence in what the deplorables call for now. We want to make America all it was meant to be, all it can be, instead of continuing the deprivation found within the socialist thought that has been taking us down a slippery slope embellished with malcontents and anarchists who would force the masses into their thinking by the very thuggery that our rule of law was written to prevent.

Either we stand for all our Founders set out in their grand experiment, or we fall into the history books, no better remembered than that of Rome or the failed socialist countries that have fallen over the years.

No, you cannot explain us, nor wrap us up into some finite ball of confusion when you didn’t understand all these many months leading up to this day, when we said, enough is enough – we won’t be bullied – we won’t be called racists, misogynists, homophobic, xenophobic, and so on and so forth. We are the “WE” that stands behind the American dream. People comprised of various backgrounds, immigrant nationalities, and so on and so forth. Our ancestors, including for those of us with Native American heritage, embraced the new American foundation, its promise of freedom for all people, in all its wonderful magnificence, and acclimated gladly to a new culture, a culture which all too many would take away today. No we haven’t been perfect, as history has been witness of, but we are ever working towards that dear perfection, where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the same for any who call America, my home sweet home. We are fighting for our identity; we are fighting to Make America Great … not so much perhaps ‘again’, but always and prayerfully, forever.


Call us cliché … call us deplorables … but above all, call us patriots who Love this Country and all it is capable of being; all it was ever meant to be. God bless America!

~C. E. Thomas, Patriot, 9/11 Responder, American

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