Chuck Muth

Chuck Muth
Foreign Competition Isn’t the Only Threat to America’s Aluminum Industry
By Chuck Muth
When it comes to President Trump, even some of his staunchest critics concede that he’s done right by America’s metalworkers. ...
October 24, 2019
#NeverTrump Music Lobbyists Sing on William Barr's Doorstep
By Chuck Muth
I think it’s safe to say the entertainment industry – including the music industry - isn’t exactly friendly to conservatives ...
May 06, 2019
America First Agenda Threatened by Barbarian Lobbyists at the Gate
By Chuck Muth
In his 2017 inaugural address, President Donald Trump declared simply and unmistakably: “From this day forward, it’s going to be ...
January 22, 2019
ICEdot Protects Your Skull, but Who Protects ICEdot?
By Chuck Muth
Our U.S. patent system is broken, and it’s baffling as to why some conservatives are siding with what amount to ...
December 02, 2015
Hunting Patent Trolls Isn't "Witch-Hunting"
By Chuck Muth
A “witch hunt” is generally considered a waste of time because there’s no such thing as witches (no mother-in-law jokes, ...
November 12, 2015
Location, Location, Location: Why Venue Reform is a Necessity
By Chuck Muth
According to a recent poll by Morning Consult, three quarters of registered voters had little to no grasp on what ...
October 16, 2015
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