Cal Thomas

Cal  Thomas
COVID Panic, Round 2
By Cal Thomas
As best I recall, the sequence of statements coming from the government and "experts" since the beginning of COVID-19 has ...
August 03, 2021
Cuba Libre! and the Left
By Cal Thomas
People on the far left have become so predictable that their statements are no longer "breaking news." They would be ...
July 22, 2021
Truth and COVID-19
By Cal Thomas
In the 1950s there was a quiz show called "To Tell the Truth." It has been reborn several times but ...
July 20, 2021
Zaila and the Bee
By Cal Thomas
By any standard, Zaila Avant-garde  is a remarkable 14-year-old girl with a positive and compelling outlook on life.Avant-garde (her father ...
July 15, 2021
Penalty for Early Withdrawal
By Cal Thomas
Retirement plans warn of a "penalty for early withdrawal." Might that also apply to the withdrawal of American and NATO ...
July 13, 2021
Right, Wrong and a Flower Shop
By Cal Thomas
Is there anyone who can say what is always right and always wrong and present an unchanging standard by which ...
July 08, 2021
Democrats Blame Republicans for Defunding Police
By Cal Thomas
Most of us recall as children getting into a dispute with another kid and then blaming him for starting a ...
July 03, 2021
Human Nature and Government Checks
By Cal Thomas
Books and articles – scientific as well as theological – have been written on human nature. Still, most people don't ...
July 01, 2021
Lying with a Straight Face
By Cal Thomas
All politicians tell lies, but the Biden-Harris administration is taking lies to a new level. They now want us to ...
June 29, 2021
Biden's Dangerous Game with Iran
By Cal Thomas
The Islamic Republic of Iran, as it calls itself, is not a republic, but it is Islamic.Here are two definitions ...
June 24, 2021
Democrats Need a Day of Atonement
By Cal Thomas
With the creation of June 19th ("Juneteenth") as a federal holiday, Democrats have one more claim to be the party ...
June 22, 2021
Why Not Call it Ferris Bueller's Day Off?
By Cal Thomas
A New Jersey school district has voted to eliminate "the names of all religious and secular holidays from the school ...
June 17, 2021
In Pursuit of Wisdom
By Cal Thomas
In an era of political correctness, virtue signaling and woke-ness, wisdom is in such short supply that when discovered it ...
June 10, 2021
In Your Heart Do You Believe Trump Is Right?
By Cal Thomas
In the 1964 presidential campaign, Republican candidate Barry Goldwater had a slogan: "In your heart you know he's right."That was ...
June 08, 2021
The 'Can't Do' Narrative Continues
By Cal Thomas
President Biden has pledged to "help narrow the racial wealth gap and reinvest in communities that have been left behind ...
June 03, 2021
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