Cal Thomas

Cal  Thomas
Democrats Need a Day of Atonement
By Cal Thomas
With the creation of June 19th ("Juneteenth") as a federal holiday, Democrats have one more claim to be the party ...
June 22, 2021
Why Not Call it Ferris Bueller's Day Off?
By Cal Thomas
A New Jersey school district has voted to eliminate "the names of all religious and secular holidays from the school ...
June 17, 2021
In Pursuit of Wisdom
By Cal Thomas
In an era of political correctness, virtue signaling and woke-ness, wisdom is in such short supply that when discovered it ...
June 10, 2021
In Your Heart Do You Believe Trump Is Right?
By Cal Thomas
In the 1964 presidential campaign, Republican candidate Barry Goldwater had a slogan: "In your heart you know he's right."That was ...
June 08, 2021
The 'Can't Do' Narrative Continues
By Cal Thomas
President Biden has pledged to "help narrow the racial wealth gap and reinvest in communities that have been left behind ...
June 03, 2021
Ministry of Truth 2.0
By Cal Thomas
Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is reportedly considering the development of tools that would help America's children discern truth ...
May 27, 2021
A Ceasefire Solves Nothing
By Cal Thomas
In outlining the goal for winning the Persian Gulf War against Saddam Hussein for invading and occupying Kuwait in 1991, ...
May 25, 2021
Mississippi Yearning
By Cal Thomas
The Supreme Court this fall will hear a case from Mississippi that bans most abortions after 15 weeks, except in ...
May 20, 2021
The Republican Dilemma
By Cal Thomas
Observing the ouster of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from her House leadership position and her criticism of former president Donald ...
May 18, 2021
Signs of the Times
By Cal Thomas
Signs have been a part of Middle East lore dating back to biblical times. People in the region take them ...
May 13, 2021
The Infernal Revenue Service
By Cal Thomas
Thanks to the beneficence of the Internal Revenue Service -- and the fallout from COVID-19 -- we half of Americans ...
May 11, 2021
Central Insanity Agency
By Cal Thomas
The Central Intelligence Agency is always looking to recruit new agents and advertising is one way it has done so ...
May 06, 2021
Virginia Flunks Math
By Cal Thomas
The commonwealth of Virginia, which used to be reliably red and mostly conservative, is providing more evidence of an increasingly ...
April 29, 2021
Power Back to the People
By Cal Thomas
"Power to the People" was a chant used by anti-war and civil rights protesters in the '60s. John Lennon wrote ...
April 27, 2021
The Chauvin Verdict
By Cal Thomas
The guilty verdict against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on all counts was correct, based on the evidence, but ...
April 22, 2021
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