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The Press Moves from Silencing Trump to Becoming His Stenographers

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Presentation Paradox – NBC NEWS

Coming off of his appearance in The Townhall 50 last year, Matt Dixon parlayed his newfound bias into a new gig at NBC News. The former Politico DeSantis obsessive continues his ways by delivering a detailed account of the machinations of the Trump presidential team. 

Recall way back to…last year, when the media collectively stood firm in the belief that Trump needed to be fully silenced for the sake of our democracy, as anyone so much as hearing his dangerous words would lead to the ruination of everything from the Constitution, freedom of the press, and possibly even the elimination of the hamburger. Well, a looming Ron DeSantis presidential run has the press now acting as Trump's PR team, as more and more reporters have been dutifully recanting his accusations and retweeting his posts seen on Truth Social.

Dixon here essentially regurgitates a Trump Team press release as he details a super PAC challenge to the Ron DeSantis campaign, which has not even been announced – but those are just details.


Joining Dixon on the campaign trail of the man who has yet to establish a campaign, Scott Wong arrives with this revealing piece that really would have benefitted from a catchy BREAKING to open the headline.

In an article that is not clear who it helps, it seems that years ago, when Ron DeSantis was a congressman, he was not a hyper-social politician. But now, people in Congress like him. So, Ron DeSantis has learned to make friends…?

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – MSNBC

  • "We'll take a pause from our Fox-Always-Lies coverage to deliver to you this fiction about DeSantis."

On "All-In With Chris Hayes," the titular host had Stuart Stevens on his show to discuss – what else? – the prospects of Ron DeSantis. Stevens, it needs to be noted with amusement, operates an outlet that claims to counter misinformation from conservative media outlets. (We have been put on watch!)

Stevens delivers an unhinged rant that DeSantis LOVES Vladamir Putin's Russia because there are no gay people (this again?!), no women in power (uh, Stu, Ron has a female lieutenant governor), and everyone there is a Christian.

Uh…sure, Stu. Russia is nothing but a warm and inviting Utopia for Christianity. Nailed it, partner!

Low Octane Gas Lighting – DAILY BEAST

You just had to know that if the Daily Beast brings on a member of Media Matters For America that things would become unintentionally mirthful. Last month, we covered MMFA videographer Kat Abu as she delivered a 10-minute rebuttal to Greg Gutfeld's Super Bowl ad – that ran all of 15 seconds. Ms. Abu joined The Beast team to discuss Tucker Carlson and his recent broadcasts.

According to the MMFA maven, Tucker is not fine right now, and he is run down and unhappy. This, in the wake of him blowing up the media circus with the January 6 videos and enjoying explosive ratings as a result. Suuuuuurrrrrrre, Tucker is really doing poorly. But maybe I should not be dismissive of Kat's assessment; after all, the folks at The Beast describe her as an "Expert Tucker Carlson Watcher."

Anti-Social Media – SLATE

Far be it from me to predict the career path of any journalist. After all, when the likes of Jennifer Rubin and David French can actually succeed, who can say what it takes to move up the media ladder? But I find it a bit problematic when you make your debut at a publication and your first piece of work sees you proposing the mass execution of an entire class of people – maybe you have a longer road ahead of you. But then, after all, the publication saw fit to distribute your disturbing diatribe, so again – what do I know?!

At Slate, Edward Ongweso Jr. looks over the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank and arrives at a very sane conclusion about what this should lead to for the country.


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