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'Gutfeld!' Causes Frowns

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Reporting on the Mirror – MEDIA MATTERS

  • Lecturing people on why it is wrong to laugh is always a great look.

During the Super Bowl, Fox ran a quick promo for Greg Gutfeld, promoting his late-night talk show. It was a brief clip, showing him in a crown and robe on a throne, and then a gag about the need for brevity because of the high cost of ads during the NFL Championship.

This was clearly a poke in the eye from the host to those on the left who are rather perturbed at the way "Gutfeld!" has risen to the top of the late-night charts. Of course, there are those who could not hold back from being provoked by the provocation. At Media Matters, one of their staffers puts out a video as a response.

All you need to see that there is a lack of self-awareness is how more than two minutes are spent refuting Gutfeld's brief clip; when you spend more than 13 times the effort to knock down his gag, you have already lost the argument. Of course, self-awareness is non-existent when you make a cutting insult about the names of the guests on his show while sporting the moniker Kat Abu. But she also misses entirely the point of the promo clip. Ms. Abu goes into detail on how Greg Gutfeld is not the "King Of Comedy," showing why he is not funny. Except the clip touts that he is the "New King Of Late Night," a nod to Gutfeld! rising to the top of the ratings. They even went to the length of putting a graphic saying such on screen for the benefit of comprehension.

Gilded Reframe – CBS NEWS

  • Do we focus on the broken promises of these cars or the overlooked reality that fossil fuels are still needed?

In just an amusing turn of events, considering all of the fantastical promises and allusions made about green energy, CBS alerts us to a harsh reality facing the planet-saving do-gooders in portions of the country. Due to a rise in some fuel costs (more on that detail in a moment), drivers of electric vehicles are seeing the cost of charging their cars becoming more expensive than had they used gas, as much as a 50% increase in costs.

While this alone defies many of the dreamlike promises made about these vehicles, there was this very curious explanation as to why drivers are seeing this spike in roadway access.

  • "Blame Natural Gas New Englanders are seeing uniquely high EV charging costs because the region currently has the highest electricity prices in the country. At about 28 cents per kilowatt-hour this fall, it's double the national average. Ironically, it's the region's dependence on fossil fuels that's pushing these costs higher. About 45% of New England's electricity comes from methane gas, compared with about 38% nationwide."

Now, a question. What do we suppose will happen should President Biden achieve his dream of getting us off of fossil fuels?

Glossary Over Things – SOLEDAD O'BRIEN

  • Well, I guess we have to resort to calling it the W-word from now on.

Soledad O'Brien has come to a conclusion. Anyone using the term "woke" is essentially talking about "black people." Hey, we did not say it was a wise conclusion. Just understand now, when you are referring to daft pandering policies, ridiculous corporate advertising campaigns with a social agenda, or referencing an unwatchable movie filled with activist lectures, you are actually being racist!

Anti-Social Media – CNN

  • Enter the obligatory "Brokeback Mountain" quote → Here.

There was a…well, not a "big" announcement from CNN conspiracy reporter Donie O'Sullivan, but it is an announcement all the same. He has returned to Twitter!

O'Sullivan posted the message to his account following a months-long stalemate between himself and Twitter. Donie was part of the brief journalist purge when a number of journos were defiantly reposting links to the tracking of Elon Musk's private jet. 

All this while he has held off from deleting the tweet as commanded, but it might be safe to assume that the supposedly fertile social media fields of Mastodon are not delivering the same level of interaction, forcing Donie back to the wretched platform under Musk's dictatorial rule.


  • Their loss is NBC's burden.

Yamiche Alcindor has announced that she will be stepping away from her tenure at PBS, focusing her efforts entirely on her role with NBC News. For some time now, she has been serving double duty, working into a growing role at NBC, all while maintaining her position as the hostess of "Washington Week," where she has piloted that show for two years.

Alcindor will be leaving the confines of Public Broadcasting, where her consistently leftist approach to all stories was welcomed. In other words, she will fit in naturally at NBC News.

Presentation Paradox – CNN

  • "Just because I contribute there does not mean I watch them!"

On The Hill this week, Congress is dealing with another round of confirmation hearings surrounding the approval of Gigi Sohn as Jose Biden's choice to head the FCC. The avowed leftist with a history of antagonism toward conservatives is already a dicey choice to police our airwaves, but you see the desire to get her the keys as the press laments her treatment by Republicans. (Reminder: She was willing to deliver the goods to attempt to block Ajit Pai to this same position years earlier.)

In her interview, she spoke to Ted Cruz, and in asking her if she watched certain networks, Ms. Sohn declared she does not watch MSNBC or CNN. 

This may, in fact, be the case, but she does work for CNN on occasion.


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