Bradley Mattes

Bradley  Mattes
A Burning Issue
By Bradley Mattes
One of the burning policy issues raised for public discussion this year is the idea of expanding the U.S. Supreme ...
October 28, 2020
We Must Stand Up to Leftist Extremism
By Bradley Mattes
Thursday’s confirmation hearing was unlike any other in modern history.  Countless Americans watched spellbound during the testimonies and questioning of ...
September 29, 2018
Abortion Is Bad for the Economy
By Bradley Mattes
Chelsea Clinton has generated media attention with her 14-day, 10-city “Rise Up for Roe Tour,” sponsored by pro-abortion rights groups ...
August 20, 2018
Cecile Richards Repeats Pro-Abortion Myths
By Bradley Mattes
Cecile Richards’s editorial in the June 13th Los Angeles Times is indicative of the inaccuracies propagated by Planned Parenthood, the organization she ...
June 17, 2018
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