Bartlett Cleland

Bartlett Cleland
Litigation, Patents and the Last Mile for Broadband
By Bartlett Cleland
Not long ago, when the federal government considered spending on infrastructure, that meant roads, bridges, sewer systems, water pipes and ...
May 28, 2021
Texas Patent Law as If Roy Bean Were Still On the Bench: “Hang 'Em First, Try 'Em Later”
By Bartlett Cleland
East Texas is really a very nice place. The people are friendly. Living is relatively easy amongst the “Piney Woods.” ...
November 23, 2015
Don’t Protect Those Destroying the Patent (and IP) System
By Bartlett Cleland
Recently, arguments have again been raised trying to distract from the debate about abuse of the patent system by attacking ...
November 09, 2015
FTC Poised to Help Google's Rivals, Not Consumers
By Bartlett Cleland
The Obama administration is well-known for its heavy-handed regulatory overreach, and letting government decide winners and losers instead of the ...
November 27, 2012
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