Austin Bay

Austin Bay
Chinese Weaponized Corruption Is a National Security Threat
By Austin Bay
In November 2018, at the direction of then-President Donald Trump, the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and other federal ...
May 11, 2022
Finland and Sweden on the Verge of Joining NATO
By Austin Bay
NATO has 30 members. By the end of June, the roster may grow to 32, should Finland and Sweden join.The ...
May 05, 2022
Putin Funds Fake Protests, Rattles Nukes
By Austin Bay
Fake protests throughout the world and threats of nuclear war -- in 2022 we witness a violent echo of 1983's ...
April 20, 2022
Ukraine's Clocks: Has the Peace Clock Begun to Tick?
By Austin Bay
Though they "tick" at different rates, several notional clocks symbolizing intertwined military, diplomatic, and information warfare "lines of operation" run ...
April 06, 2022
Reviving The Iran Deal Is More Than Another Display of Chronic Biden Ineptitude and Weakness
By Austin Bay
Even when the issues are terrorism and the threat of nuclear war (in the Middle East and Europe), elite media ...
March 23, 2022
Meanwhile, in the Russian Backyard Called Siberia...
By Austin Bay
Given the manpower and equipment advantages possessed by the Russian Army and Air Force, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his ...
March 16, 2022
A Weaponized Narrative: Russian Oligarchs Must Choose Between Their Money and Putin
By Austin Bay
 Russian President Vladimir Putin -- he's crazy and delusional.For many troubling reasons this diagnostic narrative has emerged as a common ...
March 03, 2022
Putin Escalates His Creeping War In Ukraine
By Austin Bay
Russian tanks and mechanized infantry have invaded Ukraine's Donbas and occupied the so-called secessionist enclaves of Luhansk and Donetsk.Russian President ...
February 23, 2022
The Strategic Costs of Hunter Biden's Ukrainian Corruption
By Austin Bay
Often a bribe is more destructive than a bullet.In Afghanistan, the U.S. and NATO could never defeat the endemic corruption ...
February 16, 2022
The Best Media China Can Buy -- Or Blackmail
By Austin Bay
In April 2019 the Houston Chronicle, in collaboration with Science magazine, published an article documenting an extensive FBI investigation into ...
February 02, 2022
Communist Chinese Imperialists Steal Sub-Saharan Africa
By Austin Bay
A quick review of communist China's calculated territorial imperialism in the South China Sea helps clarify Beijing's calculated economic, political ...
January 27, 2022
Putin, Ukraine and The RUBK: Old News Is Current Bad News
By Austin Bay
Fail to study the past (history), from energizing grand aspirations to how-it's-done tactics, and you will fail the present. Failure to ...
January 19, 2022
Chinese Communists Lied And Hong Kong Died
By Austin Bay
In late December, the Voice of America reported that Hong Kong's Dec. 19, 2021, election had "almost completely eliminated pro-democracy ...
January 12, 2022
2022's Four Strategic Challenges
By Austin Bay
As 2022 begins, four strategic challenges to the post-World War II international order generate the psychological ambiguity -- meaning plain ...
January 05, 2022
Aunt Lillian's Timely Grace
By Austin Bay
Seventeen years ago, I reprised a Christmas column I'd written in the 1990s for a Texas newspaper.The original column and ...
December 22, 2021
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