Sat, Jun 07, 2014

Ken Blackwell | June 07, 2014

For too long, the U.S. taxpayers have been forced to shell out money to the PLO—the Palestinian Liberation Organization. For nearly a quarter of a century, the PLO—re-packaged as the Palestinian Authority—has been raking in billions of dollars from credulous officials in the U.S. State Department and the European Union. All the while, the PLO has never truly renounced its objective of destroying Israel.

Carl Horowitz | June 07, 2014

Jesse Jackson Jr. is a man who doesn’t like taking ‘no’ for an answer, especially when it comes to badgering corporations to boost their commitment to diversity.

John Hawkins | June 07, 2014

5 High Crimes And Misdemeanors For Which Obama Deserves To Be Impeached

John Hawkins | June 07, 2014

Unfortunately, even if Republicans take back the Senate in 2014, there won't be enough votes in the upper chamber to get rid of Barack Obama. That's tragic, because for the good of country, Barack Obama deserves to be driven from office in disgrace.

Mike Turner | June 07, 2014

The bureaucratic hammer of the Obama administration has struck again with this week’s new EPA regulations.

John Ransom | June 07, 2014

We’re stuck with a community organizer economy, good for nothing but T-shirts and slogans and a group hug at the end; a group hug that’s more like a bear hug with lots of groping.

Humberto Fontova | June 07, 2014

?It didn’t take long. Exactly two days after the announcement of the Berghal/Taliban-Five deal, Cuba’s Terror-Sponsoring (official classification by U.S. State Dept.) regime started clamoring for an Alan Gross/Cuban-Five deal.

Paul Greenberg | June 07, 2014

?Talk about déjà vu. Once again the party out of power is demanding an investigation. To which the administration responds: (a) There's nothing to investigate because, (b) we've already investigated and explained it, (c) too much time has been wasted on it as it is, (c) the country has more pressing problems that need our attention, and (d) any or all of the above. Or, to put it in more concise fashion: Move on, there's nothing to see here.

Paul Driessen | June 07, 2014

Anti-fracking fervor underscores dismissive attitudes toward working classes and poor families.

Brian Birdnow | June 07, 2014

Last week the President of the United States delivered the commencement address at the U.S. Military Academy, more commonly known as West Point. President Obama delivered a speech his aides had quietly informed the press would be a major foreign policy address. The incomplete nature of the press releases led many to speculate as to what this address would, in fact, involve.

Chris Versace | June 07, 2014

There are many drivers in the first half of the year, including several holidays, but they pale in comparison to those in the second half of the year.

Steve Deace | June 07, 2014

What to do when we’re attacked by the Left, which would be the exact opposite of what we’ve typically done.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 07, 2014

Well, the Job’s report wasn’t horrible… But there was still more to it than just the headline number. AEI economist Michael Strain spoke with John about the hidden details of Obama’s “recovery”. Also: A very special edition of ‘Ezra Klein is an Idiot’.

Bill Tatro | June 07, 2014

You pick which I believe is the most significant event!?

Larry Kudlow | June 07, 2014

Despite a shrinking economy in the first quarter, and outright declines for consumer spending and manufacturing in April, the May jobs report delivered the fourth-straight monthly gain above 200,000, with nonfarm payrolls jumping 217,000.

Night Watch | June 07, 2014

Chinese media reported that local courts in six cities or prefectures in western China sentenced 81 people for terrorism-related acts in 23 cases.

Michael Schaus | June 07, 2014

Just over half of the 51 members of the New York City Council wrote a letter to the retail giant demanding that it stop donating millions of dollars to local city charities because… Well, because liberals hate Walmart, I guess.

Fri, Jun 06, 2014

John Nantz | June 06, 2014

?Just mention the word D-Day and scenes of honor, valor, self-sacrifice, and loyalty spring to life in the mind’s eye. The opening moments of Saving Private Ryan depict the horrors of war as valiant men charge into a German meat grinder; a driving rain of howling bullets and ringing shrapnel.

Paul Greenberg | June 06, 2014

A scrap of childhood doggerel has become only a memory of a memory by now. They say that's the way the little gray cells record and re-record memories, taping over the previous one and changing it here and there each time it's rehearsed.

Jeff Jacoby | June 06, 2014

GREGORY SULLIVAN was appalled.

Mark Davis | June 06, 2014

The spiritual leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, rarely makes public statements. Chased from his perch atop the Supreme Council of Afghanistan weeks after 9/11, he has spent the last dozen years in hiding, reportedly in Pakistan.

Michael Schaus | June 06, 2014

Bill “punish the rich” de Blasio paid a mere 8 percent of his income in federal taxes. Just to put that in context for any liberal that has accidently stumbled across this paragraph: That’s less than that capitalist pig, Mitt Romney.

Michelle Malkin | June 06, 2014

Ten years ago this month, U.S. Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun disappeared from Camp Fallujah in Iraq. After a five-month military investigation, he was charged with desertion and theft, brought back to Virginia's Quantico Marine base and then transferred to North Carolina's Camp Lejeune for trial.

Michael Barone | June 06, 2014

President Obama evidently was caught by surprise by the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Brent Bozell | June 06, 2014

The feminist film critics can exhale now. Someone has finally concocted their dream movie: an "abortion comedy." Because apparently nothing sounds funnier than an unplanned one-night stand and a courageous destruction of God's most beautiful and most innocent creation.

David Stokes | June 06, 2014

Nearly one hundred years ago, the late poet Robert Frost penned the famous lines: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Jonah Goldberg | June 06, 2014

There he goes again. At a press conference in Brussels Thursday, President Obama was asked if he was surprised by the controversy over his decision to trade Bowe Bergdahl for five high-ranking Taliban leaders.

David Limbaugh | June 06, 2014

Everything about this horrendous Bowe Bergdahl affair reminds us just how out of touch President Obama is with ordinary Americans and American sensibilities.

Mona Charen | June 06, 2014

Though President Barack Obama's first term was characterized by anemic economic growth, decreasing household income, prolonged joblessness, an unpopular health law, foreign policy blunders and bitter partisanship, the electorate seemed stubbornly unwilling to lay any of it at his feet.

Ken Blackwell | June 06, 2014

It’s an old American saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” President Obama’s National Security Adviser went on another Sunday show last weekend.

Michael Reagan | June 06, 2014

Here in this little French village of Sainte Mere Eglise they remember D-Day.

Pat Buchanan | June 06, 2014

Bowe Bergdahl was "an American prisoner of war captured on the battlefield" who "served the United States with distinction and honor," asserted Susan Rice, the president's national security adviser.

Suzanne Fields | June 06, 2014

There's a narrow band of outrage for 21st-century women in America. There's the occasional sling and the odd arrow aimed our way, but women can stand up to men when men need standing up to, and pay no price for it. Women of the First World enjoy the luxury of free speech and the separation of church and state, blessings unimaginable in the grim places of the world.

Diana West | June 06, 2014

One day, I predict, the fate of Bowe Bergdahl will prove to be the least important aspect of the Bowe Bergdahl story. For now, though, even more than President Obama, Bergdahl is the locus of rage as Americans erupt in pent-up frustration over the disaster that is Afghanistan.

Linda Chavez | June 06, 2014

California is home to the largest population of limited English-speaking students in the nation, mostly immigrants and children of immigrants from Latin America and Asia.

Donald Lambro | June 06, 2014

WASHINGTON - You would think the Democrats were riding high in the political polls, with all of the worshipful media attention being given to Hillary Clinton lately.

Erick Erickson | June 06, 2014

Five more foot soldiers are headed back to the front lines of the real war on women thanks to President Obama. Abdul Haq Wasiq was a deputy minister of intelligence for the Taliban and helped al-Qaida. He has been accused of murder and torture.

Charlotte Hays | June 06, 2014

While admittedly not as buff as the gregarious Gitmo Five seen in footage of their arrival in Qatar, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl looked pretty damned good, if a bit misty-eyed, possibly from sensitivity to the light, when he was handed over to U.S. Special Forces.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 06, 2014

Apparently Barack Obama is so brilliant, the rest of the world just can’t keep up with his complex plan for world peace. And, according to some major media networks, George Bush is still to blame for all the world’s turmoil. (Sheesh… You would think the “Bush” card was played out by now.)

Night Watch | June 06, 2014

This election might represent a referendum on the opposition's failure to present an alternative to the Ba'athist government in Damascus.

Thu, Jun 05, 2014

Peter Morici | June 05, 2014

Consumer Loan Rates to Rise, Stocks to Remain Strong

Ashley Pratte | June 05, 2014

?Today marks the 10th anniversary of President Reagan’s passing and given his passion in fighting for a strong national defense—his leadership is missed now more than ever.

Joanne Moudy | June 05, 2014

Considering all the overreach by our dubious federal government these days, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise when a small group of liberal judges lay waste to the laws of a mere state. After all, according to the Obama administration’s mammoth agencies, states lost their sovereignty long ago.

John Linder | June 05, 2014

?It is easy to conclude that President Obama’s release of five hardened terrorists from Guantanamo in exchange for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was just another sharp stick in the eye of the American people. There have been many.

Rich Tucker | June 05, 2014

?A writing teacher used to claim that “if you can say it in 10 words, you can say it in five.” And a new book seems likely to prove his case.

Rich Galen | June 05, 2014

I have spent a good deal of time considering how to approach this column.

Victor Davis Hanson | June 05, 2014

Employment rates for college graduates are dismal. Aggregate student debt is staggering. But university administrative salaries are soaring. The campus climate of tolerance has utterly disappeared. Only the hard sciences and graduate schools have salvaged American universities' international reputations.

Derek Hunter | June 05, 2014

The trade of five of the vilest human beings on the planet for an alleged Army deserter may well have been a necessary evil – Americans don’t leave soldiers behind – but the lies behind it were not. The swapping of terrorist prisoners for a soldier would’ve been a simple story had the President of the United States not needed a distraction from his latest problem – the nearly forgotten Veterans Administration health care scandal – and to feed his ego. The President’s arrogance has hurt him yet again.

Larry Elder | June 05, 2014

The Washington Times reports that the Pentagon pretty much knew the whereabouts of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in recent years. So why didn't they rescue him?

Mike Adams | June 05, 2014

I just received my spring semester student evaluations and was quite pleased with the results.

Wayne Allyn Root | June 05, 2014

Obama’s trade for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl now joins the infamous list of “Worst Trades in History.”

Cal Thomas | June 05, 2014

Given the numerous studies revealing how American education lags behind instruction in other countries in disciplines once thought to be essential, it should come as no surprise that on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, a lot of people are clueless about central elements of the Allied invasion of the European continent on June 6, 1944.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | June 05, 2014

This year marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy, France, and the long-awaited opening of a western front.

John Ransom | June 05, 2014

The Left is too busy yelling “settled science!” on every agenda they have, while the Right is too busy arguing with themselves regarding the minutiae of who is REALLY for amnesty or not.

Matt Towery | June 05, 2014

The Republican U.S. Senate primary race in Mississippi between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel has been portrayed as a battle of the traditional Republicans versus the insurgent Tea Party. It ended in a virtual draw. There will be a runoff. But even that won't establish the "trend" that so many believe they see.

Rebecca Hagelin | June 05, 2014

Fighting the modern culture on a daily basis is tough. Today’s families are busier than ever and it’s so easy when you are tired or just plain worn out to throw in the towel and set your values aside. I know. I’ve been guilty of doing it myself sometimes. As a mother of three now grown children, I’ve had plenty of battles and challenges along the way. And I’m the first to admit that I’ve failed far too many times to uphold the standards I’ve said I believe in.

Cliff May | June 05, 2014

?As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised to bring us together and, on foreign policy, he may be making belated progress. Last week, he gave the commencement address at West Point, turning an occasion to congratulate the cadets for their hard work and thank them for their future service into an opportunity to congratulate and thank himself.

Steve Chapman | June 05, 2014

Rousing the public to do something about the growing federal debt is not easy. The dangers it poses are distant and vague. The immediate effects are not apparent. Any measure to cut deficits looks trivial next to the scale of the problem. Doing nothing is the easiest option.

Emmett Tyrrell | June 05, 2014

Some 45 years ago, one of the era's great wits and finest writers, the Englishman, Malcolm Muggeridge, wrote about the Great Liberal Death Wish. He saw the Death Wish at work everywhere. In the liberals' appeasement of the Soviets, he saw it. In liberals' extravagant extension of the welfare state, he saw it. For a certitude, he was right.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 05, 2014

Do you remember, forever ago, there was some scandal going on at the VA? Michael Tanner, from Cato, joined the program to remind us that the troubles at the VA are not going away… And, thanks to Obamacare, they’re coming to a hospital near you.

Jack Kerwick | June 05, 2014

Explaining the left’s view of Islamic terrorism.

Night Watch | June 05, 2014

The timing could hardly be worse for Allied forces. As NATO draws down its forces, the Taliban will get an influx of experienced leaders, undermining years of Allied efforts throughout the region.

John Kass | June 05, 2014

What kind of culture produced those two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls charged with stabbing a classmate 19 times?

Michael Schaus | June 05, 2014

The great whiskey drought of the 2010’s will soon be upon us. I know what you’re thinking: Is this how the apocalypse arrives?

Bill Tatro | June 05, 2014

It occurred to me that we have the election process totally wrong. It is we the voters not the politicians who should dictate the terms of an election.

Wed, Jun 04, 2014

Ann Coulter | June 04, 2014

Death Penalty Month at has already been interrupted by the psycho in Santa Barbara, and now it's being interrupted by the Buddhist in Bagram.

Ken Blackwell | June 04, 2014

The 2012 campaign for president was run largely on the basis of executive competence.

Michelle Malkin | June 04, 2014

Five years ago, I publicly raised questions about Bowe Bergdahl's desertion from Blackfoot Company, 1-501 Infantry (Airborne), 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division.

John Stossel | June 04, 2014

"Young people are exploited!" "Income mobility is down!" "Poor people are locked into poverty!"

Walter E. Williams | June 04, 2014

Most who read my columns think that I'm only annoyed by politicians, growing government and Americans who have little respect or love for liberty and our Constitution. There are other things that annoy me.

Dr. Ben Carson | June 04, 2014

My wife and I currently are on a book tour by bus through several states, and I have been struck by the number of people who already have read "One Nation," but also by the large, enthusiastic crowds whose constituents include all political parties. People are concerned about our future as a nation and the poor prioritization of issues by our leaders, to put it mildly.

Brent Bozell | June 04, 2014

The liberal media consistently dismiss or condemn hearings into Obama scandals as unnecessary and rabidly partisan, and reach those conclusions before said hearings even begin. That might explain why the public doesn't always line up with that opinion.

Bob Barr | June 04, 2014

It is easy to understand the “Messiah Complex” that envelops President Barack Obama and his White House. For years, Obama has been the Great Hope of the Democratic Party and liberal elites, including the likes of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and even terrorist/liberal intellectual leader Bill Ayers.

Fred Wszolek | June 04, 2014

Union protestors are descending on Walmart stores across the country this week as the company’s shareholders meet at their Arkansas headquarters. The protestors have issued their typical calls for higher wages and other standard demands, but their main motive appears to be the disruption of Walmart’s business and the continuation of a smear campaign against America’s top private sector employer.

Terry Jeffrey | June 04, 2014

As of this writing, Meriam Ibrahim sits shackled in the cell in the Omdurman Federal Women's Prison in Sudan that she shares with her two babies, Martin and Maya.

Ben Shapiro | June 04, 2014

On Sept. 30, 2011, two American Predator drones based out of a Saudi Arabian CIA facility swept into Yemen and fired Hellfire missiles at a car containing terrorist and American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki.

Austin Bay | June 04, 2014

Pointe du Hoc on Normandy's northern coast was D-Day's "high ground."

John Ransom | June 04, 2014

That’s why we have too many lawyers in DC, and that’s why they produce so little. Kind of a chicken-and-egg scenario with the chicken billing the egg by the hour.

Rachel Marsden | June 04, 2014

U.S. President Barack Obama recently agreed to the release of five Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay prison in exchange for an alleged U.S. military deserter.

Jacob Sullum | June 04, 2014

When Alecia Phonesavanh heard her 19-month-old son, Bounkham, screaming, she thought he was simply frightened by the armed men who had burst into the house in the middle of the night. Then she saw the charred remains of the portable playpen where the toddler had been sleeping.

Phil Kerpen | June 04, 2014

You wouldn't know it from all the perpetual doom and gloom in our media and culture, but we have nearly eradicated pollution in the United States. So much so that most Americans are blissfully unaware of how severely polluted the world was for all of human history up to the time of our grandparents.

Larry Provost | June 04, 2014

You would think any American soldier coming home would be a cause for celebration, until Bowe Bergdahl was released.

Night Watch | June 04, 2014

This initiative is another manifestation of regional preparations for the post-2014 security situation in Afghanistan. Russia is broadening the scope of its interaction with the regional interests by engaging Pakistan.

Michael Schaus | June 04, 2014

Elizabeth Warren explained that Piketty’s new book, Capital, shows that wealth “trickles up”. Now, unless I am very out of touch with modern economics, poor people still aren’t the primary employers in America, right?

Ransom Notes Radio | June 04, 2014

We may not be too sure how the economy is going to shape up over the rest of the year, but here’s a hint: Economists believe things are about to get better… And economists are usually wrong.

Donald Lambro | June 04, 2014

Just when our economy is shrinking, President Obama wants to impose harsh environmental rules that will kill jobs, raise energy costs and impose new burdens on business. One week after the government said the U.S. economy contracted in the first quarter, for the first time since 2011, Obama is calling for severe new coal emissions rules that many Democrats in Congress say will hurt their states and its economies.

Tue, Jun 03, 2014

Crystal Wright | June 03, 2014

CNN described President Barack Obama's announcement of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki's resignation "dramatic." I would call it a dramatic disgrace to our Veterans and another example of the president not holding his Cabinet Secretaries and other high level people in his administration accountable. The IRS’s Lois Lerner, director of the Exempt Organizations Division, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius were allowed to resign amid scandals when they got good and ready.

Armstrong Williams | June 03, 2014

?Polls consistently show that many Americans don’t know, let alone truly care about, what goes on outside the borders of this country. Walk down the aisle of your local grocery store and the trove of magazines available for purchase will lead you to the logical conclusion that most Americans are far more fixated on what goes in within the thirty mile zone of Hollywood than on life and death issues confronting people across the globe.

Thomas Sowell | June 03, 2014

At one time, people in India had to get on a waiting list to buy Hindustan Motors' Ambassador automobile, even though it was an obvious copy of Britain's Morris Oxford of some decades earlier. The reason was simple: the Indian government would not allow cars to be imported to compete with it.

Ron Paul | June 03, 2014

Last week Americans were shocked and saddened by another mass killing, this one near a college campus in California. We all feel deep sympathy for the families of the victims.

Chuck Norris | June 03, 2014

I almost lost my Texas cool this past week when reading a Fox News report about an 89-year-old wounded World War II veteran who had to wait 68 years from the time he was on the battlefield until he received benefits. And you thought long waits and mishandling of veterans care was only a recent problem?

Michael Barone | June 03, 2014

Last week I set out a 2016 nightmare scenario for Republicans -- not one that seems likely, but one that can be extrapolated from current polling.

David Limbaugh | June 03, 2014

It obviously doesn't bother President Obama a whit to usurp congressional power to impose more draconian environmental regulations -- and probably not much more to do so in an election year, even when his action will hurt Democrats.

Mona Charen | June 03, 2014

Speaking to graduates at West Point (New York), President Barack Obama tooted on his toy horn, "al-Qaida's leadership on the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been decimated."

Ken Blackwell | June 03, 2014

First Lady Michelle Obama recently appeared on the Web holding a sign: #BringBackOurGirls. She was presumably acting with the full approval of her husband. President Barack Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of what was once repected as a Super Power.

Cal Thomas | June 03, 2014

Euphoria over the Taliban's release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was quickly tempered by media reports that Bergdahl had abandoned his post and that his father made comments opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dennis Prager | June 03, 2014

No day passes without a Democratic politician, a left-wing commentator, or, if I may be excused a redundancy, a left-wing academic labeling Republicans and conservatives racist.

Pat Buchanan | June 03, 2014

"We needed to get him out of there, essentially to save his life." So said Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, an Army sergeant in Vietnam, of Barack Obama's trade of five hard-core Taliban leaders at Guantanamo for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a Taliban prisoner for five years.

Michael Brown | June 03, 2014

What one subject could possibly bring together radio host Rush Limbaugh, drag queen Ru Paul, and Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia?

John Ransom | June 03, 2014

As Americans struggle with a day to day survival, Obama struggles with his “legacy.” Maybe it's just me, but I think a touchdown dance should come after the score.

Phyllis Schlafly | June 03, 2014

Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, just hurled a challenge to Republicans. If they don't pass amnesty for illegal aliens, they "shouldn't bother to run a candidate in 2016."

Bill Murchison | June 03, 2014

Not to be overlooked amid the gale of reaction to the Environmental Protection Agency's carbon emission proposal is the EPA's gall, its effrontery, its smug tone of We're-the-government-and-don't-you-forget-it. Putin could take lessons from this gang.

Robert Knight | June 03, 2014

The world is full of cruelty, but something unfolding in Sudan should interest even jaded observers.

Tom Purcell | June 03, 2014

?Our country is going to the dogs.

Night Watch | June 03, 2014

though the setting and context are dissimilar to Ukraine, the process of election nullification by a core of disgruntled, technologically savvy, political activists is similar to what happened in Ukraine.

Ralph Benko | June 03, 2014

$1.24 billion is a lot of money. For six helicopters and two simulators.

Jack Kerwick | June 03, 2014

Taking leftist foolishness seriously

Peter Morici | June 03, 2014

Thanks to the scandals and missteps at the Veterans Administration and elsewhere in the federal bureaucracy, President Obama is losing all credibility as a manager and leader.

Bill Tatro | June 03, 2014

Joseph Goebbels was one of Hitler’s top aides and confidants. His role in the Third Reich was to administer propaganda to the unsuspecting mass. His credo was that a lie told long enough ultimately becomes truth in the minds of the public.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 03, 2014

The EPA announced some new rules in their war against coal… Of course, such a war is really a war on jobs. Hal Quinn, with the National Mining Association, joined the program to talk about the economy-crushing cost of Obama’s environmental policy.

David Rothbard | June 03, 2014

Supported by nothing but assumptions, faulty computer models and outright falsifications of what is actually happening on our planet, President Obama, his Environmental Protection Agency and their allies have issued more economy-crushing rules that they say will prevent dangerous manmade climate change.

Mon, Jun 02, 2014

Paul Greenberg | June 02, 2014

Eric Shinseki spent a lifetime serving his country before being ill served by a vast bureaucracy with deep-seated dysfunctions beyond even his ability and dedication to cure.

Byron York | June 02, 2014

The midterm elections are less than six months away, and Republicans still can't agree among themselves on what it will take to win.

Cathy Reisenwitz | June 02, 2014

On the heels of the Bloomberg piece entitled Do Conservatives Have Any New Ideas? comes the report, Room to Grow, described by Jonah Goldberg as something you can slap people with who say conservatives have no new ideas. But the ideas in the report aren’t really particularly new, or, in many cases, and more importantly, good.

Michael Schaus | June 02, 2014

Sure… End the Fed. But before we tackle that challenge, maybe we should end the reign of Obamanomics? The real problem seems to be the guy living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and most of the 535 “leaders” who help craft fiscal policy at the US Capitol.

Kurt Schlichter | June 02, 2014

Non-lawyers often ask me, “What is the best way to argue with a liberal?” This is silly, because there is no best way to argue with a liberal. They're beyond argument.

Star Parker | June 02, 2014

The Commerce Department reports that first quarter GDP contracted by one percent. The Wall Street Journal notes that a contraction of GDP during a time not in recession is rare.

Mike Adams | June 02, 2014

Two years ago, I wrote an article about UNCW gay activist Brice Horton. This was after he tried to ban Chick fil-A from campus (all in the name of tolerance and diversity). I satirically responded by writing that he should be expelled from campus for his own intolerance.

Katie Kieffer | June 02, 2014

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel loves to control Chicagoans, so he hates the truth about guns.

Terry Paulson | June 02, 2014

The sense's ability to discriminate differences serves us daily; it saves lives. When approaching an intersection, the color of the traffic light lets you know whether to stop or continue. Whether you admit it or not, your ability to discriminate differences between people you encounter can also serve you well. In its extreme, discrimination of difference has also resulted in bigotry and the holocaust that killed millions.

John Ransom | June 02, 2014

In the place of working America, Obama is constructing an urban poverty state with the logical conclusion being places like Chicago and Detroit, with some areas in those cities being quite literally as uninhabitable as parts of Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq fighting a civil war.

Rich Galen | June 02, 2014

The governing theory of President Barack Obama's foreign policy swung into full view today - after a number of out-of-town tryouts - when Pulitzer Prize winning writer Thomas Freidman wrote in his Sunday New York Times Column:

Matt Barber | June 02, 2014

The Bible is the “word of truth.” It’s mankind’s user manual. It’s the blueprint, even in suffering, for a joyful and fulfilled existence in this life, and an incomprehensibly glorious eternity in the next.

Mark Baisley | June 02, 2014

When competing thoughts are silenced, is there complete intellectual conviction by those holding the prevailing belief? Or is censorship merely an elixir used to quell a nagging doubt?

Jeff Crouere | June 02, 2014

Instead of taking tough steps to solve the problem, sadly, it seems that President Obama is unconcerned with the of a US Marine.

Larry Kudlow | June 02, 2014

People believe Bernanke is tied to Yellen's hip. So his forecast of abnormally low rates is very important.

Ashley Pratte | June 02, 2014

All along Young America’s Foundation has said that college campuses nationwide seem to be less and less objective—well now even Michael Bloomberg agrees. At a commencement ceremony at Harvard yesterday, Bloomberg stated that colleges are supposed to be a place where students learn how to think, not where they are told what to think.

Sun, Jun 01, 2014

Doug Giles | June 01, 2014

In the event that there are more Elliot Rodgers out there that are ready to snap because girls way out of your league won’t respond to your creepy advances; and yet, you’re not completely sold on the murder/suicide option: herewith are eight surefire points to move you back to SaneTown, attract a girl worth loving and officially assimilate out of Wussville and into the rarified air of a combobulated man.

Derek Hunter | June 01, 2014

Progressives have long called for reparations—payments to blacks for the horrors of slavery.

Debra J. Saunders | June 01, 2014

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has found the court of public opinion to be far more receptive than a court of law. He conducts the occasional interview with seemingly sympathetic journalists. NBC News aired one such interview with anchorman Brian Williams on Wednesday night. "Do you see yourself as a patriot?" Williams asked.

Bruce Bialosky | June 01, 2014

Two months ago, I wrote a column that addressed the first part of a report on the future of Los Angeles.

Paul Jacob | June 01, 2014

A young man wrote a manifesto and went on a killing spree. This murderer, Elliot Rodger, ended up taking the lives of six people, seven if you include his own death.

Chris Versace | June 01, 2014

We are two-thirds through the current quarter, and while there are signs it is far stronger than the March quarter, we’re still looking in the rear-view mirror this week.

Steve Chapman | June 01, 2014

Conservatives generally agree on a few propositions. The federal government should avoid spending money unnecessarily. It shouldn't exceed its basic constitutional duties. It should encourage self-reliance rather than dependency. It should accept that some problems are beyond its ability to solve.

Mark Skousen | June 01, 2014

I took an extensive tour last April through Asia, visiting Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. I noticed that while their economies were booming, their stock markets have been lackluster since the Great Recession of 2008.

Kevin McCullough | June 01, 2014

There it was in the Saturday edition of the USA Today in black and white text on my screen: "When possible, agents are to seek cover or move back out of the immediate area of danger."

Herb London | June 01, 2014

It’s not unusual for left-wing billionaire activist George Soros to be opposed or even protested by conservatives.

Jack Kerwick | June 01, 2014

Spelling out the absurd implications of an absurd theory.

Steve Deace | June 01, 2014

For too long we’ve allowed the Left to get away with rarely really revealing their true motives/beliefs to the American people. Here’s how to change that.

Michael Youssef | June 01, 2014

Now that Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has won a decisive victory in the Egyptian presidential election (held May 26-28, 2014), the pro-Islamist Western media—such as the BBC and CNN—are downplaying his impressive win.