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Elliot Rodger's story is not one of an untreated, mentally ill, white mass-killer who illegally acquired fully automatic "assault weapons." This mixed white and Asian 22-year-old bought his firearms legally, did not use a long-arm or "high-capacity" weapon and had been in therapy since the age of 8. Half his murder victims were killed by knife. Several of the injured were run over by Rodger's car.

None of the mental health professionals apparently felt that Rodger was a danger to himself or others. The police had recently conducted a welfare check on him at the request of his family. Rodger persuaded the police that he was fine.

In the media coverage of the Isla Vista, California, murdering rampage, one angle seems conspicuously absent. Few in the media describe the killings as a "hate crime." Determining what is and is not a crime motivated by "hate" has always seemed bizarre, particularly given how the term seems selectively applied. A Hispanic, for example, could, until recently, be a "hate crime" victim -- but not a perp. Government hate crime stats counted Hispanic perps -- but not victims -- as "white," thus inflating the number of hate crimes committed by "whites."

The Isla Vista murderer has a white father and Chinese mother. In his 140-page "manifesto," Rodger spells out exactly whom he hates -- "fully white" people: "I realized, with some horror, that I wasn't 'cool' at all. I had a dorky hairstyle, I wore plain and uncool clothing, and I was shy and unpopular. On top of this was the feeling that I was different because I am of mixed race. I am half white, half Asian, and this made me different from the normal fully-white kids that I was trying to fit in with."

At the age of 8, he talked his parents into letting him dye his hair blonde. The hairdresser, however, said he was too young, and would only bleach the top. Two years later, Rodger tried again: "I was eager to re-bleach my hair to a fully blonde color, after the disastrous failure of my previous attempt. This time, (my stepmother) took me to the right salon, and they gave me a short haircut and bleached all of my hair blonde. When I looked at myself in the mirrior (sic), I felt an intense level of satisfaction."

What's more disturbing -- that a child, at age 8, wants to die his hair to be a different race or that his parents let him do it?

Rodger also wrote racist postings on PuaHate, a misogynist hate site for men who dislike "pickup artists" and consider them manipulative hucksters who score attractive women over more deserving people like Rodger. Last January, he posted this:

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