Sat, Oct 05, 2013

John C. Goodman | October 05, 2013

Have you ever noticed how often cities where there are very few Republicans elect Republican mayors anyway? Or if they don't elect a Republican, they elect a Democrat who acts like a Republican.

Ken Blackwell | October 05, 2013

If United States is ever to be eclipsed as a major power, defeat might begin with foreign “leaders”—all dictators, actually—having ready access to the American people via our own mass media. Recently, Russian strong man Vladimir Putin was welcomed to the editorial pages of that “newspaper of record,” The New York Times.

John Ransom | October 05, 2013

Folks in the media live in failed states such as Baltimore, Washington, New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles, dependent on government schemes to prop up their non-sustainable, urban lives. The rest of us live lives that are sustained by our families, not by the federal government.

Rich Tucker | October 05, 2013

As the baseball playoffs approach, beware: As some fans in Boston found out the hard way, snapping too many cell phone photos may be bad for your camera. Or at least your beer.

Night Watch | October 05, 2013

A Russian official announced that a recent attack on the Russian embassy in Libya "is a natural consequence of the West's ill-considered actions" throughout the region.

Larry Kudlow | October 05, 2013

He’s attacking the economy and markets for his own gain.

Bob Beauprez | October 05, 2013

World War II Veterans denied access to their memorial is appalling. But, Catholic priests denied the opportunity to celebrate Mass, even as volunteers, leaves me speechless.

Jeff Crouere | October 05, 2013

The Obama administration was obviously unable to adequately prepare for the launch of the healthcare exchanges. This perfectly illustrates the inefficiency, dysfunction and mismanagement of our federal government.

Bill Tatro | October 05, 2013

As the high drama continues to intensify in Washington, D.C., my confusion also continues to increase. According to the Treasury Department the borrowing limit will be reached a little later this month, on October 17th. But the real problem would be reached on October 31st, as all the Treasury Department tricks will have been exhausted.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 05, 2013

Daniel J Mitchell, from Cato, joined the show to discuss the anniversary of the personal income tax. Also, just like every Friday on Ransom Notes, John announces this week’s “Ezra Klein is an Idiot” moment.

Steve Deace | October 05, 2013

Nothing reveals the hysteria and hypocrisy of Washington D.C. like yet another contrived crisis.

Fri, Oct 04, 2013

John Hawkins | October 04, 2013

Democrats thought shutting down the government was going to be the smartest decision they ever made, but it's looking more like Napoleon's march into Russia every day. For the first time in years, the Republicans sound like reasonable, principled adults who are willing to compromise to help the country. Meanwhile, Democrats are coming across like arrogant Lords telling the rest of the rabble in flyover country what rights they're willing to allow them to have. Just look at what the public has already learned about the Democrats from the shutdown.

David Williams | October 04, 2013

As the American people grapple with the consequences of a government shutdown, there are many federal agencies that are vital to the United States economy that will be affected. However, the closure of at least one government agency should be met with relief, the United States Export-Import Bank’s (Ex-Im Bank). Thankfully operations at Ex-Im Bank have ceased and this is probably for the best, especially in light of recent revelations that the Bank loaned $33.6 million in taxpayer funds to a Abengoa – a Spain-based green energy company – whose advisory board includes former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

Paul Greenberg | October 04, 2013

It was so long ago that a new young senator from Illinois named Barack Obama might have been mistaken for an idealist.

Larry Kudlow | October 04, 2013

Never before has an American president threatened and risked the U.S. economy and financial markets the way Barack Obama has in recent days. For his own narrow political ends, Obama and his minions have actually accused the Republican party of deliberately provoking a Treasury debt default because they don't agree with the Obama position on the continuing budget resolution and the debt ceiling.

Reince Priebus | October 04, 2013

Today, the White House learned the hard way that the definition of a political gaffe is accidentally telling the truth. In the latest look into the White House's warped view of reality, a senior official proudly boasted that it “really doesn’t matter” to them how long the shutdown lasts because they think that they are "winning" the shutdown.

Hugh Hewitt | October 04, 2013

E.J. Dionne tweeted out a pointer Friday morning to this TPM post that has the lefties very excited about how they are "winning" the shutdown.

Michelle Malkin | October 04, 2013

The families of two slain Marines from Camp Bastion finally got some answers this week. But their battle for full accountability in the 9/14/12 Taliban attack is far from over. Two top U.S. military leaders will get early retirement and full pensions for their fatal negligence.

Thomas Sowell | October 04, 2013

Even when it comes to something as basic, and apparently as simple and straightforward, as the question of who shut down the federal government, there are diametrically opposite answers, depending on whether you talk to Democrats or to Republicans.

Mark Davis | October 04, 2013

I hate to interrupt an indulgent festival of angst, but the parade of voices lamenting this period of government shutdown just cries out for a rebuttal.

Kurt Schlichter | October 04, 2013

This week’s most important lesson does not involve the failure of Obamacare. There’s no lesson there. If you thought the government was capable of competently executing the roll-out of this abomination I have a timeshare deal you might want to buy into. The place overlooks a unicorn ranch; it’s awesome.

Michael Barone | October 04, 2013

The problem was caused by James Madison. And by the 39 other men who signed the Constitution in 1787.

Brent Bozell | October 04, 2013

On the same day, CNN and NBC both dropped their plans to make movies about Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, it looks like a win both for the Clintons and for RNC chair Reince Priebus, who boldly told the two networks that they wouldn't be moderating any GOP presidential debates in 2015 or 2016 with those promotional films in the pipeline.

Jonah Goldberg | October 04, 2013

Shutting down the government in an effort to use a budget fight to get rid of Obamacare is not the strategy I would have recommended for the GOP. And while Republicans can be blamed for starting the shutdown, it's increasingly apparent that President Obama and the Democrats deserve the lion's share of blame for not only prolonging it, but for making it as painful as possible.

David Limbaugh | October 04, 2013

The arrogance of this president is staggering. He is so convinced he is immune from accountability that he thinks he can thumb his nose at Republicans and refuse even to come to the table and negotiate.

Mona Charen | October 04, 2013

Almost exactly 159 years ago, a British light cavalry brigade rode directly into Russian guns at the battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War.

Pat Buchanan | October 04, 2013

In the showdown over the shutdown of the U.S. government, the Obamaites tipped their hand yesterday as what their strategy is.

Suzanne Fields | October 04, 2013

She likes pantsuits, suffers public attention to her coif and shows telling signs of age with unflattering puffs under her eyes. But Angela Merkel is no Hillary Clinton.

Humberto Fontova | October 04, 2013

By New York standards the city’s (probable) next mayor Bill De Blasio wouldn’t merit a backstage pass at a Castro concert. The Stalinist dictator’s fan base in the city he craved to incinerate is much too vast and passionate to allow room in the long cue for pictures and autographs to any but the genuinely smitten, who literally swarm in New York City.

John Ransom | October 04, 2013

These days Colbert and Stewart are the leading policy wonks, intellectuals and idea guys for the Democrats. Their pronouncements are more like what passes for policy white papers coming from liberals.

Diana West | October 04, 2013

A question Americans should answer for themselves is the one I am thinking through while standing at the National World War II Memorial on the Washington Mall this week.

Paul Greenberg | October 04, 2013

The president might have been able to get a joint resolution through Congress backing his policy in Syria if only (1) he had been able to hold on to the support of the president, and (2) had a policy.

Donald Lambro | October 04, 2013

Obama is not getting the level of blame he deserves for the economic hardships Americans are enduring in their daily lives as a result of his incompetent policies.

Matt Mackowiak | October 04, 2013

There is always a tension between the practicality of winning elections and the desire for ideological purity.

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely | October 04, 2013

A Line of Sight contributing editor, Major General Paul E. Vallely (US Army Ret.) just returned from a fact finding mission to Egypt. "The bottom line is they are so upset with the American government supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda over there," Vallely reported.

Night Watch | October 04, 2013

State-run radio on 2 October reported remarks by President Hasan Ruhani in which he stressed that the issue of nuclear technology and enrichment inside Iran is non-negotiable.

Michael Schaus | October 04, 2013

In predictable Democrat (read: “ruling class”) fashion, the President has threatened that a failure to reach an agreement on the Debt Ceiling would result in senior citizens being without their coveted social security checks. Of course this raises a big question: Why do we need to borrow money if Social Security is solvent?

Ransom Notes Radio | October 04, 2013

It’s not a secret: Obama and the Democrats will not negotiate. . . So who are the stubborn ones? Ambassador from the great Republic of Texas, Congressman Kevin Brady, joined the program to discuss the inside scoop on ending the government shutdown.

Thu, Oct 03, 2013

Cliff May | October 03, 2013

With victories like these, who needs defeats?

Rich Galen | October 03, 2013

The hoo hah over ObamaCare may actually have some basis in fact. It is going to cost more than anyone can today conceive.

Michael Reagan | October 03, 2013

Let the standoff between the Democrats and the Republicans over Obamacare drag on for as many weeks or months as necessary to wake up the American people.

Victor Davis Hanson | October 03, 2013

When -- not if -- is the only mystery about an Iranian nuclear bomb. All the warning signs are there.

Larry Elder | October 03, 2013

Note to congressional Democrats: You can change your mind on Obamacare. It's allowed. Really. You can. We won't tell.

David Stokes | October 03, 2013

On March 30, 1981, Jerry Parr’s quick thinking and reflexes became part of history as he pushed President Reagan into a limousine when gunfire erupted outside the Washington Hilton Hotel following a speech to a labor group. Jerry and his wife Carolyn have written a new book, a moving memoir of that fateful day and of Jerry’s life and career. It’s called, In the Secret Service: The True Story of the Man Who Saved President Reagan’s Life.

Jim Martin | October 03, 2013

Before the modern death tax was instituted in 1916 to raise funds for World War I, the death tax was a “temporary” tax, levied only during war time.

Ken Blackwell | October 03, 2013

By now, you really would have thought Michael Bloomberg would have learned his lesson. He has found yet another group of people he knows better than and is making sure they know about it. This time his target is the people of Ohio and our Senator, Rob Portman.

Cal Thomas | October 03, 2013

If Republicans were smart (I know, but stay with me) their focus during the Obamacare debate should have been less on blocking its implementation and more on a page they might have taken from the Democrat's playbook, which is to rally the country to its side by use of sentimentality and the threat of impending doom.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | October 03, 2013

Yes, it is frustrating. The government should run smoothly and efficiently, going about its business and getting things done without much pomp and circumstance.

Debra J. Saunders | October 03, 2013

When you write a column, you hear from people who think they have a clever magic-wand solution to intractable political issues. Washington has run up $17 trillion of debt? Pass term limits.

Matt Towery | October 03, 2013

President Obama and the House of Representatives will ultimately maneuver towards a resolution of the government shutdown, but only after the stock market begins to take a serious tumble on fears that the debt ceiling will not be raised later this month.

John Ransom | October 03, 2013

It's bad enough when one party or another claims to have a monopoly on wisdom. But I've learned it's even more dangerous when the parties agree on something, like almost happened going to war in Syria. See: John, McCain, (R)epublocrat™.

Kyle Olson | October 03, 2013

Robert Small, Baltimore parent, tried to warn us that Common Core would be a disaster in Baltimore County. Superintendent Dallas Dance wouldn’t admit it at the time, but he obviously understood the same fact. Dance said, “We are building the plane as we fly it."

Emmett Tyrrell | October 03, 2013

It is the most thunderous proof of the Taranto Principle to date. I am speaking of the Senate's rejection of the House of Representative's proposal to delay the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act for a year, along with the federal subsidy for Congressional lawmakers and their staffs if and when these selfless public servants enter health care exchanges.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 03, 2013

The government shutdown is turning out to be more, and more, of a joke. But it is a pretty illustritave display of Obama’s inability to lead. Bob Beauprez, former Congressman from Colorado, joined the show to discuss what the shutdown says about the Obama White House.

Jerry Newcombe | October 03, 2013

The last century was the worst century ever for the persecution of Christians and martyrdom. Next month will mark the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. The official date is November 10, 2013. However, their website states: “…you are free to choose another date if you wish." Voice of the Martyrs and Open Doors have chosen November 3.

Bill Tatro | October 03, 2013

No matter the reference source, whether it’s Wikipedia,, The Free Dictionary, or just good old-fashioned Merriam-Webster, the definition for the word “budget” is basically the same. For those U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressmen who happen to be reading this column, let me refresh your memories. . .

Laura Hollis | October 03, 2013

As the federal government “shuts down,” the media are busy doing their usual stellar job of obscuring the facts and shilling for the Democrat Party. According to the typical (*yawn*) media meme, Democrats are trying to preserve civilization, and Republicans want people to die.

Night Watch | October 03, 2013

According to a report in the Daily NK, the Kim Jong Un regime has ordered provincial authorities to submit proposals for limited opening of cities to foreign investment and technology.

Wed, Oct 02, 2013

Ann Coulter | October 02, 2013

For readers interested in an Obamacare column this week, please refer to the 40,000 columns I've written on the subject from 2008 to last week.

Michelle Malkin | October 02, 2013

Welcome to ObamaWreck! Americans nationwide spent Tuesday struggling with the much-hyped "Affordable Care Act" health insurance exchanges. Server meltdowns, error messages and security glitches plagued the federal and state government websites as open enrollment began. But when taxpayers discover exactly who will be navigating them through the bureaucratic maze, they may be glad they didn't get through.

John Stossel | October 02, 2013

People say public schools are "one of the best parts of America". I believed that. Then I started reporting on them.

Walter E. Williams | October 02, 2013

Every time there's a shooting tragedy, there are more calls for gun control. Let's examine a few historical facts.

Brent Bozell | October 02, 2013

Once again, we've reached a government shutdown over irresponsible government spending. Once more, the media are proclaiming the world is coming to an end and blaming conservative Republicans for everything. They are working hand in glove with the Never Enough Government lobby that dominates Washington, without a shred of shame.

Jonah Goldberg | October 02, 2013

Michelle Obama wants you to drink more water, at least one more glass a day. Frankly, I think it's great.

Bob Barr | October 02, 2013

Michael Bloomberg’s “Nanny State Fever” is spreading like a bad virus across America. Texting bans have become a new and favored tool in local and state government arsenals, with which to control citizenry and raise revenue.

Terry Jeffrey | October 02, 2013

Beginning now, with the opening of government-run health-insurance exchanges, President Barack Obama will be prohibiting American Catholics from practicing their faith in the way they live their daily lives.

Ben Shapiro | October 02, 2013

The media have proclaimed the end of civilization for the third time this year. Sure, the mail will still run on time.

John Ransom | October 02, 2013

"Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side?," said Huck Finn's fraudulent king in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. "And ain't that a big enough majority in any town?"

Austin Bay | October 02, 2013

According to's on-line national debt counter, as I begin to write this column the burden of the past is $16,959,384,107,300.

Paul Greenberg | October 02, 2013

As the midnight hour loomed, the Shutdown Standoff continued and the danger mounted hour by hour. The country's much abused citizens could look up and down, left and right, as the hours passed and then the minutes ticked away, and still not see a trace of reason, compromise, negotiation or any of the other elements that make a supposed republic work.

Donald Lambro | October 02, 2013

So here we are in the midst of another government shut down, testing once again if those fire and brimstone predictions will come to pass and the fabric of our nation will be torn to shreds.

Rachel Marsden | October 02, 2013

Boy, was that ever painful, watching Russian President Vladimir Putin attempting to pry U.S. President Barack Obama's fingers off the Tomahawk missile trigger and convince him not to go ahead with an attack that Obama most likely didn't want to launch in the first place.

Jacob Sullum | October 02, 2013

A year before George Zimmerman was acquitted in the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin at a townhouse complex in Sanford, Fla., Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a shot into the ceiling during a 2010 confrontation with her husband at their home in Jacksonville.

Rebecca Hagelin | October 02, 2013

Teen-age vandalism. It’s a common, typically local problem that doesn’t generally garner much attention. But when 300 teens broke into a former NFL player’s vacation home and trashed it, it created headlines—but not for the reason you might suspect.

Susan Stamper Brown | October 02, 2013

Contemporary Liberalism elevates itself to unnatural heights, having nowhere but downward to fall. Policies like the Affordable Care Act (Seriously?), i.e. ObamaCare, highlight the arrogance of liberals who promote themselves to a place of superiority, telling us what we need and then redefining those needs as a "right."

Kevin Williams | October 02, 2013

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013 actor and producer Kirk Cameron debuted UNSTOPPABLE in more than 700 select movie theaters across the country through NCM Fathom Events, in partnership with Provident Films.

Crystal Wright | October 02, 2013

The federal government shut down and right now House Republicans look really stupid but so do the President and Senate Democrats. None of the three want to do the jobs they were elected to do: serve at the behest of “we the people.”

Ken Connor | October 02, 2013

It is no secret that we live in a celebrity obsessed society. This isn't just an American phenomenon, it's a global phenomenon.

Michael Schaus | October 02, 2013

Yesterday there were reports of Veterans who ignored the barricades placed around the Washington DC WWII memorial. After hearing the story, the thought dawned on me. . . Why were there barricades around an open monument? Then I learned that the White House had specifically rejected the veteran’s request to visit the memorial.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 02, 2013

Obamacare Day One: Kinda mixed results. Tad DeHaven, from Cato, joined the program to discuss the failure of Obamacare, and the non-event of a government shutdown.

Night Watch | October 02, 2013

This attack is a reminder that the Islamic terrorists remain active and ready to take advantage of any lapses in security.

Ralph Benko | October 02, 2013

Once upon a time — September 17th —Reuters published a delightfully preposterous blunderbuss of a blog. It served up a one-sided attack on conservatives. It did so as part of what it calls The Great Debate. Well, a debate has two sides.

Tue, Oct 01, 2013

Paul Greenberg | October 01, 2013

We come, we go. So quickly it's not easy to keep up. "You never know who's here anymore," my big sister once complained when we were trying to remember whether a character actor in the movies we used to watch years ago was still living.

Kristan Hawkins | October 01, 2013

Planned Parenthood claims to be the ultimate “sexual health” expert, especially for women. But, when you look a little deeper, what will you find?

Todd Starnes | October 01, 2013

Elderly veterans will not be allowed to pay their respects at the World War II Memorial’s outdoor plaza in as a result of the government shutdown, angering a Mississippi congressman who is calling on President Obama to accommodate the aging warriors.

John Hawkins | October 01, 2013

There was a time in America when the first priority of our schools was educating our children.

Thomas Sowell | October 01, 2013

Despite evidence from around the world that minimum wage laws can price low-skilled workers out of jobs, the U.S. Department of Labor is planning to extend minimum wage coverage to domestic workers, such as maids or those who drop in from time to time to do a few household chores for the sick and the elderly.

Chuck Norris | October 01, 2013

While gridlock is the game in Washington, pilfering and degradation apparently are the pastime of some unpatriotic thugs at war memorials across the country. For me, that is about as low as a nation and its people can go.

Michael Barone | October 01, 2013

Many Democrats are genuinely puzzled about Republicans' continuing opposition to Obamacare. It is the law of the land, these Democrats say. Critics should accept it, as critics accepted Medicare.

David Limbaugh | October 01, 2013

Why is it just assumed Republicans will automatically be blamed for any government shutdown over a budgetary impasse between Obama and his Democratic Party and Republicans?

Ken Blackwell | October 01, 2013

There’s a hoary old joke about the parson who is treed by a bear. The clergyman prays most earnestly to God, but in an even-handed way: “Lord, I know I’m a sinner, but I beg you: If you won’t help me, please do not help that bear!

Cal Thomas | October 01, 2013

It's Obamacare activation and government "shutdown" week in Washington, where the consequences of misplaced faith in government are everywhere.

Dennis Prager | October 01, 2013

This past Friday CNN conducted an interview with Richard Dawkins, the British biologist most widely known for his polemics against religion and on behalf of atheism.

Tim Phillips | October 01, 2013

Obama claimed, “If you like your plan, you can keep it,” unless you’re an average American citizen, that is.

Pat Buchanan | October 01, 2013

"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies," said Winston Churchill.

Debra J. Saunders | October 01, 2013

In Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle, reporter Stephanie M. Lee delivered a down-the-middle story about a Bay Area couple, Jennifer Benito-Kowalski and Steve Kowalski, 40 and 41 -- who paid an Indian woman to help them attain their goal of making a baby with their own DNA.

John Ransom | October 01, 2013

We need to ask the folks in DC who can’t even manage their own checkbook to stop micromanaging ours.

Paul Greenberg | October 01, 2013

It was unheard of. Mainly because it hadn't been heard before: the sound of John Boozman shouting.

Carl Schramm | October 01, 2013

In the face of a stagnating economic activity many economists are trying to explain why the medicine they have been administering these last six years isn’t working. Not capable of accepting theoretical defeat they offer new explanations. The “new” normal is in the process of being explained by nuance con gusto.

Bill Murchison | October 01, 2013

So, then, just how did we get here?

Byron Babione | October 01, 2013

The scarecrows of Michigan’s sweet corn harvest are not the only straw men sowing seeds of deception these days.

George Jarkesy | October 01, 2013

Ronald Reagan made a spectacular warning at the start of his political life. He said that if Americans do not fight to maintain our freedom that "one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States when men were free."

Michael Schaus | October 01, 2013

The President uttered a fact during his 11 minutes of blaming Republicans yesterday when he said "the Federal Government is the Nation's single largest employer." Yep. . . Now, prepare for me to give John Maynard Keynes a posthumous mini-stroke: That's worse news than a government shutdown.

Nick Nichols | October 01, 2013

If you believe future IRS abuses will be prevented by putting Lois Learner and her merry band of political hacks in the hoosegow, stop drinking Potomac River Kool-Aid and start partaking in a dose of reality.

Robert Knight | October 01, 2013

C-Span is more powerful than a fleet of little red wagons, but it felt a lot like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” as Ted Cruz demolished the legitimacy of Obamacare in his 21-hour, 19-minute floor speech last week.

Marvin Olasky | October 01, 2013

All that glitters within museum display cases is not the whole gold story.

Bill Tatro | October 01, 2013

While recently making a morning sojourn to Starbucks for my occasional latte, I decided to add the USA Today (paper edition) to my purchase. The headline said, “Closing time?” So, as I pointed to the headline, I asked the three twenty-somethings behind the counter, “Was this a good idea?”

Ransom Notes Radio | October 01, 2013

Truth be told, the Markets don’t really seem to care too much about the looming possibility of a government shutdown. After all, checks will continue to be cut, dollars will continue to be printed, and one-way-or-another we will see an increase in National Debt. . . So, really, what’s changing?

Mona Charen | October 01, 2013

Want a glimpse of what the Obamacare battle will look like in 2015? Just glance at liberal websites.

Mon, Sep 30, 2013

David R. Usher | September 30, 2013

One has to wonder how a publicly-traded company can do business with a business model staked on organized hateful harassment of Christians and the vast majority of normal, everyday, heterosexual Americans.

Neil McCabe | September 30, 2013

Capitol Hill supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline are hitting the panic button over a seemingly harmless amendment to a non-controversial federal land-swap bill to facilitate a new Arizona copper mine.

Brian Birdnow | September 30, 2013

Last week Eugene Robinson, the noted Washington Post columnist, mounted his soapbox and declared that, “…Republicans scream that Obamacare is sure to fail. But what they really fear is that it will succeed.”

Michael Brown | September 30, 2013

The new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani seems to have softened his tone towards Israel and, for the first time since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the president of the United States has had direct communication with the leader of Iran.

Star Parker | September 30, 2013

Among the pearls of wisdom conveyed in Ecclesiastes is that everything has its time.

Katie Kieffer | September 30, 2013

Every time Pope Francis opens his mouth on gays or women, journalists twist his words. Why?

Ken Blackwell | September 30, 2013

We’re all paying more at the pump. It’s hurting consumers and dangerous for the fragile economy. And, it’s because of a Washington handout to corn farmers and big Wall Street banks – all disguised as a measure to promote renewable energy and clean-burning fuels.

John Ransom | September 30, 2013

Of course it’s all lies. What would liberals be without their delusions, their lies, and their tricks? Honest, that’s what. And this is a time they can’t afford honesty.The labor union is at STAKE!

Rich Galen | September 30, 2013

There a many, many calendars to mark the passage of time. There are, according to Wikipedia, 48 current calendars and 22 obsolete calendars ranging from the well-known Aztec Calendar to the more obscure Xhosa calendar (unique to certain areas of Nigeria).

Matt Barber | September 30, 2013

With his inspirational and unprecedented show of leadership on the floor of the U.S. Senate this past week, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, made hundreds of enemies in Washington.

Rachel Alexander | September 30, 2013

“The schools [utilizing Common Core]… are organized in a highly centralized government-run system. They [Common Core courses] have the following characteristics in common: they are overwhelmingly secular in orientation; a common school is provided through at least grades seven or eight; little or no tuition charge is made; schools are mostly coeducational; the curricula are tightly prescribed, as are the textbooks...students are offered few electives…”

David Sterman | September 30, 2013

An industry shake-out may be at hand. You can get a sense of how close to bankrupt these firms are by looking at their cash burn for the first six months of 2013, and how much cash they have left.

Mark Calabria | September 30, 2013

If you think bubbles are a great avenue for wealth creation, then Yellen is the Fed chair for you. If you, however, suspect bubbles are damaging to our economy, then you might rightly be concerned that she repeats her San Francisco performance on a national level.

Bob Beauprez | September 30, 2013

Most Americans understand that the federal government's cupboard is definitely not bare – more like stuffed with waste. The folks back home also noticed that the Armageddon that the Democrats warned would occur with the sequester cuts instead resulted in barely a ripple.

Michael Tanner | September 30, 2013

We were once told it would provide universal coverage, ensuring every American has access to affordable health insurance. Nope: The Congressional Budget Office says more than 33 million Americans will still be uninsured by 2023.

Sun, Sep 29, 2013

Paul Jacob | September 29, 2013

Try getting an honest answer from a politician. Try. It's hard enough getting them to address the point.

Doug Giles | September 29, 2013

I was told as a young squab growing up in west Texas that life is about compromises—finding a happy medium between two parties in any given situation so that neither party feels like it’s being deep fried in bacon fat.

Derek Hunter | September 29, 2013

While the media has been fixated on Republican infighting over how to deal with Obamacare, it has completely ignored the panic-induced irrational rhetoric coming from Democrats on the same subject.

Austin Hill | September 29, 2013

If you think Obamacare is bad for consumers and patients think about this: how would you like to spend between twelve and sixteen years of your life in grueling and expensive academic training, only to have politicians and bureaucrats dictating to you years later how you will practice your craft and how much money you’ll be allowed to earn?

Debra J. Saunders | September 29, 2013

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., has been working on a bill to shield reporters from heavy-handed federal officials who seek to use their power to uncover information about whistle-blowers and leakers. Given the Obama Dep

Bruce Bialosky | September 29, 2013

The President and the Left have been speaking out about what they say is the “misguided focus of Republicans” on trying to eliminate Obamacare.

John Ransom | September 29, 2013

It’s been apparent for some time that they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel at the George Soros Institute for Internet Trolling. There’s been a real drop off in the quality of talent since Obama raised taxes on everybody. I guess the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, and revelation of other associated good works by him haven't helped him either.

Ed Feulner | September 29, 2013

It goes without saying that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a monster. He’s killed thousands of his own citizens, unleashed chemical weapons against rebels, and is closely associated with Iran’s dangerous rulers.

Kevin McCullough | September 29, 2013

President Obama made news with two phone calls this week.

Steve Chapman | September 29, 2013

As a general rule, the names of professional sports teams, and their connotations, are of little concern. No one cares that the Chicago White Sox don't wear white socks, or that Utah, where the NBA's Jazz are based, is the last place you'd think of when you think of jazz.

Night Watch | September 29, 2013

Reporting from Afghan government sources since March 2013 shows that the major policy initiatives and resource commitments by of the Allied countries have made little lasting impact on the overall progression of the conflict.

Jack Kerwick | September 29, 2013

Even though his filibuster against Obamacare is no proof that Ted Cruz is a real conservative, he deserves much credit for doing what he did.

Mark Baisley | September 29, 2013

In 1977, sporting a dilettante interest in UFOs, then President Jimmy Carter participated in developing the first truly universal message, included on board each of the Voyager Spacecraft.

Marita Noon | September 29, 2013

The McAuliffe’s MyCar—a “neighborhood electric vehicle” with a 25-mile range and a top speed of 35 mph that Car and Driver reported “isn’t a real car”—may have private funding that’s scandalously acquired, but it also depends on millions in government assistance, tax exceptions, and rebates.