Doug Giles

Is anyone else ticked that we’ve all been forced to know the now-dead-and-in-hell piece of shiitake named Aaron Alexis? However livid we may be, I’m sure it can’t compare to the rage the family members and friends of the ones he mowed down must feel.

For those who only watch MTV and have no clue who Aaron Alexis is, well, he’s the dude that shot and killed twelve innocent people at the Navy Yard military base in D.C. last Monday. That would be as in Washington, D.C. It’s the same D.C. that has uberstrict, leftist guns laws in place that, once again, appear to appeal to mass murderers. Duh.

Not only does the District of Columbia have ridiculous and unconstitutional gun laws, but also, thanks to former president Bill Clinton, our military bases are verboten to protect themselves on bases nationwide. Yep, one of Bill’s first acts upon taking office in ’93 was to disarm soldiers while they were on base.

Here’s a pop quiz for you: Guess how many shootings have occurred on our U.S. military bases prior to this gun ban? If you guessed zero then you’re an astute cookie. Now guess the number of shootings that have gone down since Clinton enacted his idiotic gun ban? If you guessed sixteen you’d be right on. What’s up with Bill and “Benghazi Hillary” not wanting to protect our soldiers? Weird, eh?

Anyway, as stated, last Monday Alexis, high on stupidity and self pity and in obedience to the “voices”, weaseled his way onto one of our multitudinous, unarmed military bases and wreaked havoc with the dastardly AR-15.

Oh, wait. He didn’t use an AR-15. But OMG, that didn’t stop Piers Morgan from wanting him to have used one, so much so that, facts be damned, Piers ran with that intentional lie on his unwatched cable show. And, man oh man, he was really selling that swill until the facts smacked him in the face that, contrary to his agenda, it was a Remington 870 shotgun that Alexis wielded.

What’s next, Piers? Are you going to try to ban the 870? Good luck with that one, you snaggle-toothed Brit. This cherished scattergun is ensconced as an esteemed piece of slide-gun American history. It’s right up there with the lever-gun Winchester 94. But you probably have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, do you?

Along with Clinton’s goofy, gun-free-zone, military base mandate, there were many other breakdowns in agencies and communities that allowed this demonic seed to take root and produce mass murderous fruit.

Doug Giles

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