Sat, Oct 12, 2013

John Hawkins | October 12, 2013

If you think every American should know these facts about Obamacare, do your part to spread this column around and make it happen.

John C. Goodman | October 12, 2013

"If you like your health insurance you can keep it," Barack Obama promised the voters on many occasions.

John Ransom | October 12, 2013

The DEA- and liberals- remains skeptical that a drug made with readily available ingredients, like codeine, butane, gasoline and other wonders of the petro-chemical industry-- and that’s cheap to make to boot-- has arrived in the U.S.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | October 12, 2013

During the Great Depression, the government initiated a temporary program to help distribute surplus food and alleviate hardship. During the Kennedy administration the program restarted, expanding to be a permanent entity. This Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps, as it has been traditional known, has attracted particular scrutiny recently. The House has voted to cut $39 billion over the next ten years from the SNAP budget.

Hank Adler | October 12, 2013

Nancy Pelosi made her most famous (infamous) quote immediately before Congress voted on Obamacare...

Rich Tucker | October 12, 2013

Journalism is traditionally known as the “fourth estate,” because journalists sat apart from the three estates that made up parliament. They weren’t simply scribes, writing down everything that happened there. They would also report on whether the lawmakers were following through on their promises.

Steve Deace | October 12, 2013

What used to be called paranoia is now becoming our new normal, as cops and park rangers are “just following orders” during the so-called government shutdown.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 12, 2013

The IPCC report on Climate Change has the same message as always – despite the fact that none of their projections have proven to be accurate. Pat Michaels, with Cato, joined the show to talk about the environmental movement.

Night Watch | October 12, 2013

Although mainstream media carries few reports about the fighting, it continues in many, widely separated areas around major towns.

Jeff Crouere | October 12, 2013

Throughout this process, Republicans have offered five different compromise proposals and a multitude of specific spending bills to target critical areas of the budget, all to no avail.

Fri, Oct 11, 2013

Humberto Fontova | October 11, 2013

“I have a huge critique of the current government there (in Cuba) because it’s undemocratic,” snapped de Bill de Blasio to a Cuban–American radio interviewer two weeks ago. “I also think it’s well known that there’s some good things that happened — for example, in health care.”

Caroline Glick | October 11, 2013

During his visit to Israel in March, US President Barack Obama compelled Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to apologize to his Turkish counterpart for the actions of IDF Naval Commandos aboard the Mavi Marmara terror ship in May 2010.

Hugh Hewitt | October 11, 2013

Paul Ryan is a leader, and hats off to him for stepping up and trying to bring coherence to the House GOP strategy and messaging.

Michelle Malkin | October 11, 2013

Behold the Hollywood bubble. This week, actress Olivia Wilde starred in an Obamacare propaganda video targeting young people. "You can sign up for health care online in 10 minutes," her co-propagandist chirped as she cheered.

Mark Davis | October 11, 2013

Why, with as much attention as “Gravity” is receiving in glowing film reviews and the entertainment press, do I need to devote column space to it?

Michael Barone | October 11, 2013

What to make of all the polls on the government shutdown? You know, the ones that say that, to varying degrees, congressional Republicans are being blamed more than Democrats and Barack Obama.

Brent Bozell | October 11, 2013

As video games grow ever more violent and realistic, the latest sign of "progress" is the arrival of female characters you can take into combat in the latest version of the war game "Call of Duty."

Jonah Goldberg | October 11, 2013

Last week I wrote a column accusing the president of having a vindictive streak -- of deliberately trying to make the lives of average Americans worse just so he could score ideological and political points.

David Limbaugh | October 11, 2013

I respect -- but disagree with -- those who believe that the Republican Party is on a suicide mission by refusing to agree to either a continuing resolution or a lifting of the debt ceiling without some meaningful inroads into Obamacare.

Mona Charen | October 11, 2013

Republicans and conservatives are clearly in the mood for a fight. That martial spirit is part of what has brought us to the standoff in Washington.

Ken Blackwell | October 11, 2013

When President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010, it was the starting gun for a massive federal effort to get the new system up and running.

Pat Buchanan | October 11, 2013

In the last decade of the 20th century, as the Soviet Empire disintegrated so, too, did that prison house of nations, the USSR.

Suzanne Fields | October 11, 2013

Nobody likes a newspaper fight like the British. Such fights are great entertainment in a land where newspapers are full of ginger and the language lends itself to insult by rapier rather than bludgeon.

John Ransom | October 11, 2013

Expect their very best effort with Obamacare: This administration is masterful at making sure they have the punitive measures all set to go to cover for the fact that they can’t govern.

Linda Chavez | October 11, 2013

How is it possible that the president of the United States has decided he does not have to negotiate with the speaker of the House of Representatives over government spending, and yet the public blames the GOP for the current D.C. stalemate?

Diana West | October 11, 2013

Incredibly, we have now seen NPS, in the name of the shutdown, block access to everything from 1,100 square miles of prime fishing in Florida Bay to scenic overlooks along the Potomac River.

Paul Greenberg | October 11, 2013

How simple a great idea can be. Once a great thinker explains it simply. A thinker like Ronald Coase, the economist, teacher and sage who has just died at the remarkable age of 102.

Kyle Olson | October 11, 2013

Every day our staff at EAGnews wrestles with the following questions: “What are our children being taught in school?” and “How is the information they’re learning going to change America?” Those are important questions to ask, particularly since government schools in more than 40 states will soon be teaching students a curriculum that’s aligned to the new Common Core national standards.

Night Watch | October 11, 2013

The Egypt-run news agency MENA reported today that the Cairo Appeals Court set 4 November as the first hearing in the trial of deposed president Mursi and 14 Muslim Brotherhood leaders for instigating violence.

Charlotte Hays | October 11, 2013

One of the questions I pose in my forthcoming book When Did White Trash Become the New Normal? is this: Should I limp when I’m at the disability office?

Jerry Bowyer | October 11, 2013

The King’s College is a lot like Hillsdale or Grove City, only it’s in Manhattan right around the corner from Wall Street. Its prior president, Dinesh D’Souza, resigned (Or should I say was resigned? Too bad there’s no passive/middle voice for the verb to resign. It is much needed) after World Magazine published a story which led to a scandal.

Bob Beauprez | October 11, 2013

It wasn't just a one-off, slip of the tongue as he is prone to do. Barack Obama repeatedly assures America and the world that radical Islamic jihad has been reduced to little more than an inconvenient nuisance. Whether it is wishful thinking or outright denial, the harsh reality is far different than Obama's all-is-well fantasy.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 11, 2013

Despite the shutdown, Debt Limit, and other daily DC Distractions, the big story for the market is Janet Yellen, nominee for Fed Chairman. How wrong is she for the job? According to the American Principles in Action, she’s pretty wrong for the job. . .

Michael Schaus | October 11, 2013

Ezra Klein recently pointed out on MSNBC that, yes it’s true, the Obamacare implementation is not going as smoothly as the left would like. And while the Liberal “Wonk Blog” editor stumbled across an accidental nugget of truth, he failed to intellectually digest that truth in a broader context.

George Jarkesy | October 11, 2013

Of course, the market goes up and goes down for a multiple of reasons, but it seems clear that this so-called shutdown is not a primary catalytic element.

Christopher Prandoni | October 11, 2013

Even with an energy revolution underway in the United States, the government still makes us pour money into expensive, inefficient, and subsidized energy like ethanol. Due to a law called the Renewable Fuel Standard, consumers are required to fill up their gas tanks with increased amounts of ethanol.

Thu, Oct 10, 2013

Scott Erickson | October 10, 2013

Amid the ongoing debate over the implementation and funding of ObamaCare, Democrat leadership in the Senate and President Obama may continue their strategy of government shutdowns, padlocked memorials, and demagoguery but nothing they say will change one of the fundamental reasons for widespread opposition to ObamaCare.

Cliff May | October 10, 2013

No one likes to be the skunk at the picnic but sometimes there’s no alternative: You just have to spray. That’s how I feel after reading a column by the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, a generally smart and sophisticated member of the foreign-policy elite.

Michael Reagan | October 10, 2013

The crybabies in Washington are at it again.

Rich Galen | October 10, 2013

I've been doing a lot of TV since the shutdown began. Specifically I've been doing one or both of Anderson Cooper's programs at 8 PM Eastern and/or 10 PM Eastern.

Michael Brown | October 10, 2013

At a time when so many of our Christian leaders are guilty of compromising the gospel before the media, dishonoring the Lord as they try to make God’s Word palatable to the world, it was an older British woman, nearly 70 and the owner of a bed and breakfast, who displayed a backbone of steel, a deep and consistent faith, and a theological clarity while being grilled on national TV.

Morgan Brittany | October 10, 2013

Every time I hear the insane rhetoric being spouted by the President, the Democrats and of course the lamestream media, with respect to the catastrophe that we all face over the debt ceiling and government shutdown, I want to scream.

John Hawkins | October 10, 2013

The Death Panel will now decide if your treatment is too expensive.

Victor Davis Hanson | October 10, 2013

So far Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's peace ruse is still bearing some fruit. President Obama was eager to talk with him at the United Nations -- only to be reportedly rebuffed, until Obama managed to phone him for the first conservation between heads of state of the two countries since the Iranian storming of the U.S. embassy in 1979.

Larry Elder | October 10, 2013

A national network reporter, during an interview about about the government shutdown, actually told me: "Democrats believe government should do some things. Republicans don't believe government should be doing anything."

Cal Thomas | October 10, 2013

It's the 40th anniversary of Erica Jong's "Fear of Flying," which some have described as a breakthrough book for women and for modern feminism. Reduced to its common (and I do mean common) denominator, the book, which was written in the appropriately named "Me" Decade of the '70s, encourages women to behave like promiscuous men, having meaningless sex without fear of consequences.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | October 10, 2013

The current budget impasse might have made you a bit blue. Ups and downs are normal in life, but when the potential of a debt default is the news, it's easy to forget the ups.

Debra J. Saunders | October 10, 2013

The founts of wisdom on the Affordable Care Act spent the past year anguishing over whether "young invincibles" -- young adults with low medical costs and no health coverage -- would buy policies under the act. If young adults instead chose to pay the $95 fine, experts predicted, Obamacare would falter.

Matt Towery | October 10, 2013

What has happened to our country? We have a president who seems unwilling to declare that we are the greatest nation on earth.

John Ransom | October 10, 2013

Not all conservatives are uber-rich, mansion-living, jet-setters like Al Gore and John Kerry.Most of us work for a living. And guess what? We’re more generous than liberals are.

Paul Greenberg | October 10, 2013

A man "may smile, and smile, and be a villain," to quote a play of some renown called "The Tragedy of Hamlet" (Act I, Scene V). This suave new "moderate" president of Iran smiles and smiles, too. Experienced and worldly diplomat that he is, His Excellency Hassan Rouhani dispenses ever more rhetorical softsoap, the kind guaranteed to ease and smooth, all the while winning time.

Emmett Tyrrell | October 10, 2013

I am just wondering if Miriam Carey, the mentally ill mother who drove her black Infiniti down Pennsylvania Avenue after she rammed a White House barricade, was read her Miranda rights before she was shot dead in a fusillade of gunfire by a gang of well-armed police who surrounded her car at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Jerry Newcombe | October 10, 2013

One of the many tragedies of abortion is the way it has cheapened human life. I am not saying that those who are pro-abortion are Nazis or Communists. But I am saying that abortion has blinded some people to dehumanize the unborn.

Tad DeHaven | October 10, 2013

The case is a perfect example of what is quickly becoming known as the “disability-industrial complex”: specialty law firms overwhelming the system with dubious disability claims, doctors vouching for applicants with dubious claims, and federal administrative law judges awarding disability benefits to individuals with dubious claims.

Bill Tatro | October 10, 2013

Fundamental to the Bernanke-Yellen-Keynes philosophy is that credit (debt) is the main pathway to growth, and that the manipulation of interest rates and ease of access to money will somehow be the linchpin for a flowing and growing economy.

Jack Kerwick | October 10, 2013

The Republicans are winning the fight over the government shut down. This, at any rate, is the conclusion that must be drawn from both the latest Associated Press poll as well as the terms in which it is described.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 10, 2013

Look if you thought Washington squabbling was bad, just wait until they agree on something. It's pretty much unanimous that Janet Yellen is the world's next savior. That worked out so well for Barack Obama.

Night Watch | October 10, 2013

If the North is looking for an excuse to decline to participate in talks, this would be it. NightWatch judges that is the North's intent and expects a steady "deterioration" in security conditions on the Peninsula.

Wed, Oct 09, 2013

Ann Coulter | October 09, 2013

In the current fight over the government shutdown, Republicans are simply representing the views of the American people.

Nick Nichols | October 09, 2013

I usually write about tax and environmental issues. Not this time.

Stuart Epperson | October 09, 2013

For three-year-old Deonta Howard of Chicago basketball has made an early impression on his young life. But unlike LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, he was shot in the head at a basketball game by drive-by gangbangers Sept. 19.

Bob Barr | October 09, 2013

As of writing this article, Americans have endured more than a week of government “shutdown,” with no end in sight.

Katie Pavlich | October 09, 2013

Over the weekend, I was back at Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona for the annual Gunsite Alumni Shoot (better known as GAS match). In case you missed my series back in April, you can check it out here.

Michelle Malkin | October 09, 2013

Could this be the end of Monument Syndrome? Across the country, ordinary Americans are rising up in revolt against the old Washington tactic of closing public parks and memorials during selective government "shutdowns" to score political points.

John Stossel | October 09, 2013

Government wants you to play a role in the "shutdown" of the federal government. Your role is to panic.

Walter E. Williams | October 09, 2013

Trade-offs apply to our economic lives, as well as our political lives. That means getting more of one thing requires giving up something else. Let's look at some examples.

Brent Bozell | October 09, 2013

I can think of one reason to end the federal shutdown: There are a lot of stupid people now roaming the streets.

Jonah Goldberg | October 09, 2013

For all the acrimony in Washington over Obamacare, there's an intriguing consensus around one issue: the ratchet effect. Neither side uses the term, but both the right and left treat it as an article of faith.

Cal Thomas | October 09, 2013

With frustration building over Washington's refusal to behave in the public interest, perhaps it's worth noting a drastic solution tried by the Irish.

Terry Jeffrey | October 09, 2013

The Obama administration has prohibited the Kennedy family from practicing its Catholicism, and the Kennedys now intend to ask the Supreme Court to restore their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion.

Ben Shapiro | October 09, 2013

Back in 1987, a young demagogue named Al Sharpton leapt onto the national scene, accusing a New York assistant district attorney, Steven Pagones, of raping a 15-year-old girl, Tawana Brawley.

John Ransom | October 09, 2013

Expect the government to do something really stupid, like include a bailout of the Obamaphone device, to be operated by the FCC, in conjunction with Fannie Mae, under a joint venture with the NSA and IRS and the National Institute of Health, in some sort of budget compromise that raises the deficit by $3.6 trillion while 'cutting spending' over a mythical 50 year period.

Humberto Fontova | October 09, 2013

October 9, 2013 marks the 5th anniversary of the YAF sponsored “No More Che Day.” It also marks the 46th anniversary of Che Guevara’s death.

Austin Bay | October 09, 2013

In an October 7 speech given at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that a full and healthy global economic recovery from this century's great recession would be a "long and tortuous process."

Rachel Marsden | October 09, 2013

Over a year ago, I sent my fingerprints for a standard foreign background check to the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C., along with a money order. Both promptly disappeared, never to be seen again. A personal survey of those around me suggested that this was standard operating procedure -- which is why I suspected that America wouldn't exactly implode if this kind of federal "service" level was formally kneecapped. Still, in shock there also lies opportunity.

Jacob Sullum | October 09, 2013

If Congress tried to limit spending by newspapers, the courts would reject such meddling as a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

Susan Stamper Brown | October 09, 2013

Reasonable people compromise. Unreasonable people do not. Instead, they trample over those around them to selfishly get their way. And the government is shut down this chilly October day in 2013 because unreasonable Democrats behaving like spoiled children would rather refuse treatment to terminally ill children, ravage the economy, disparage veterans and make the rest of our lives miserable -- than compromise.

Rebecca Hagelin | October 09, 2013

The images made my blood boil.

Ralph Benko | October 09, 2013

Open warfare has broken out inside the GOP between Tea Party Insurgents and the Republican Party Regulars. It revolves around tactics, more than policy. It’s an old-fashioned power struggle.

Michael Schaus | October 09, 2013

The woefully statist MSNBC anchor made the assertion that our government is incapable of functioning, due to the flawed design of the Constitution, and the “radical” nature of the GOP . . . Right. Because, an Executive Branch that openly admits it will “not negotiate” is clearly not a causal player in today’s legislative gridlock

Ransom Notes Radio | October 09, 2013

The real problem in Washington is that many don’t understand the concept of economic growth. . . Just as importantly: Many don’t understand that it is imperative to economic prosperity Carl Schramm, economist and columnist, pointed out that some people in Washington actually believe growth is bad for the economy.

Phil Kerpen | October 09, 2013

It was Cory Booker's constant sneering attack in the first New Jersey U.S. Senate debate - Steve Lonegan is a "tea party leader." What does that mean?

Night Watch | October 09, 2013

Over the weekend a surge in attacks resulted in more than 240 people killed in Iraq. On Monday, news services reported at least 71 people killed and 164 injured. Bomb attacks in Baghdad accounted for 30 of the dead and 106 wounded.

Bob Beauprez | October 09, 2013

It's gone well beyond silly, stupid, or crazy. Obama's administration of the shutdown is flat mean and vindictive.

Ken Connor | October 09, 2013

The concept of Christian education strikes many as a laughable notion, an oxymoron embraced only by morons. This is a mistaken view.

Tue, Oct 08, 2013

Edward Lindsey | October 08, 2013

Lawmaking is one of those sink-or-swim conventions, a unique exercise that separates good campaigners, those champions of conciliation, from good lawmakers willing to do what's right with no regard for political fortune.

Armstrong Williams | October 08, 2013

There are three basic arguments against Obamacare. Obamacare shows us that adding a right to health care has already taken away the most basic First Amendment right of Catholics to exercise their religion.

Hugh Hewitt | October 08, 2013

On Monday night's Sean Hannity Show I made two points. The first is that the president would have us believe the only red line he won't erase is the one he drew for the Republicans.

Thomas Sowell | October 08, 2013

If the continued existence of mathematics depended on the ability of the Republicans to defend the proposition that two plus two equals four, that would probably mean the end of mathematics and of all the things that require mathematics.

Chuck Norris | October 08, 2013

A decade ago, there were roughly only 10 incidents of church violence across the U.S. In 2007, there were 41 incidents. In 2009, there were 108. In 2012, there were more than 135. And by mid-July 2013, there were already 58.

Michael Barone | October 08, 2013

"This book is far from all good news." So writes Tyler Cowen at the beginning of his latest book, "Average is Over: Powering America Beyond the Age of The Great Stagnation."

David Limbaugh | October 08, 2013

President Obama must be shocked that his usual demagogic tricks aren't working this time, that instead of the Republicans caving in deference to his dictatorial demands, they are united and holding firm.

Mona Charen | October 08, 2013

Denouncing the dysfunction in Washington has become a cliche. For a change of pace, let's decry the putrefaction in American popular culture. (There are bright spots, but those will have to await another column.)

Dennis Prager | October 08, 2013

The latest left-wing tactic to discredit conservative views is to dismiss the age and race of conservatives. "Old white males" and "old white people" are the left's latest favored negative epithets for those holding conservative views.

Pat Buchanan | October 08, 2013

One way or another, the battle of the budget and the debt ceiling will be over by All Hallows' Eve.

John Ransom | October 08, 2013

There have been several occasions when members of the president’s party, if not his government, have talked about the country as if we are engaged in a civil war.

Phyllis Schlafly | October 08, 2013

The Democrats are chanting that Republicans must fully fund Obamacare because it is the law of the land, passed by Congress, signed by the president and upheld by the Supreme Court.

Bill Murchison | October 08, 2013

The governorship of Texas is getting like the governorship of New York and California: a venue for spotting political trends and up-and-coming national leaders.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 08, 2013

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, joined the program to discuss the theatrics of the “government shutdown.” It seems like some in Washington would even like to blame the weather on the government's partial shutdown.

George Jarkesy | October 08, 2013

In a remarkable article in the Wall Street Journal recently, Dr. Jonathan David - a board-certified gastroenterologist and a professor of medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine - exposed one of the most unremarked episodes of socialism ongoing in the American economy today.

Bill Tatro | October 08, 2013

So, it would appear that a business owner’s decision as to what they will pay their employees is about to be taken out of the business owner’s hands.

Michael Schaus | October 08, 2013

As Barry Goldwater (who was at odds with the Rockefeller Republicans) once said, “When asked if I belonged to an organized political party, I had to say No. . . After all: I belong to the Republican party.”?

Carrie Lukas | October 08, 2013

American exceptionalism—recently misrepresented and dismissed by Russian President Putin—stems from our founding on a set of principles.

Jerry Bowyer | October 08, 2013

That’s why I’m here and I think that’s why some of you are here, too: Because you’re lonely for people who can talk to you and who you can talk to, and who will actually understand what you’re saying.

Caleb Dalton | October 08, 2013

On July 23, a bipartisan majority of the House approved amendment 35 to the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, effectively defunding square circles . . . er “atheist chaplains.” The amendment codified current Department of Defense Policy under which chaplains must be certified by a religious organization whose primary function is to perform religious ministries, whose beliefs are sincerely held, and whose practices and rituals are not illegal or contrary to public policy. In other words, a chaplain is to be religious.

Robert Knight | October 08, 2013

Earlier this year, the Obama Administration announced that it was deporting a home-schooling family from Germany, where home-schooling is illegal.

Mon, Oct 07, 2013

Michael Gerson | October 07, 2013

The CDC's polio eradication effort has been largely exempted from the shutdown. It is part of one of the most ambitious medical enterprises in history.

Byron York | October 07, 2013

Recently the pharmaceutical giant Merck announced it will cut 8,500 jobs in an effort to remain competitive in a rapidly changing drug industry.

Ed Feulner | October 07, 2013

Nothing has been more contentious in the field of education than the idea of school choice.

Michael Brown | October 07, 2013

Christian ministry pages on Facebook are being targeted for profane harassment, and Facebook is turning a blind eye. Would you help me send them a message?

Dan Holler | October 07, 2013

Be prepared for an onslaught of new polling as we head into the second week of the Obama-Reid government shutdown.

Star Parker | October 07, 2013

Let's get clear about the political realities behind the budget impasse in Washington and the government shutdown.

Terry Paulson | October 07, 2013

As Ben Rhodes, Obama's deputy national security advisor, has said, "We're always open to diplomacy if we believe it will advance our objectives." The president talks of "trust but verify," but he's open to meeting our enemies halfway.

Jeff Jacoby | October 07, 2013

It has been more than two weeks since Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz issued a "respectful request" for customers to stop bringing guns into his company's coffee shops, and the response by and large has been one of courteous compliance.

Rich Galen | October 07, 2013

Hey, here’s a scoop! I was wrong about when the shutdown would end. I thought it would be last Thursday.

Matt Barber | October 07, 2013

File this under, "Oh, for crying out loud."

Rachel Alexander | October 07, 2013

The media is dramatically reporting that the federal government shut down on October 1 - yet hardly anyone has noticed.

Kurt Schlichter | October 07, 2013

What if they gave a shutdown and no one cared?

Scottie Hughes | October 07, 2013

Baltimore teacher Jeff Slattery struggles with fear every day.

John Ransom | October 07, 2013

Take courage from our soldiers, storm the barrycades, return to your homes, and sail on the ocean.There is only one answer to this weak, childish tyranny: Disobedience.

Michael Tanner | October 07, 2013

The bigger question — and one most important to the future of this country in the long run — is how we got to the point where a temporary suspension of some government services is seen as the end of civilization as we know it.

Michael F. Cannon | October 07, 2013

Remember this the next time someone says that people on Medicaid have no other options

Tad DeHaven | October 07, 2013

With each passing hour a resolution necessarily becomes closer at hand because a so-called “government shutdown” effectively means that a budgetary impasse in our two-party dominated system has reached the end stage.

Sun, Oct 06, 2013

Michael Youssef | October 06, 2013

While the temporary, partial government shutdown has riveted our nation, Christians are being martyred all over the world.

Austin Hill | October 06, 2013

The jobs report wasn’t as bad as anticipated.

Doug Giles | October 06, 2013

The Christians of the first century were rebels with a cause.

Bruce Bialosky | October 06, 2013

It seems like a lifetime ago when the U.S. Senate passed a bill to revise our immigration laws.

Paul Driessen | October 06, 2013

How can members of Congress still support rising renewable fuel mandates?

Derek Hunter | October 06, 2013

It was not a good week for progressives.

Mitch McConnell | October 06, 2013

As we head into the second week of a government shutdown, many in Washington are busy assigning blame. Far more constructive, in my view, would be for all sides to be working together toward a solution.

Debra J. Saunders | October 06, 2013

The feud between Sens. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and David Vitter, R-La., doesn't have the import of the federal government shutdown, but it does shine a light on the Beltway's partisan rancor. If there is a lesson for Washington politicos from this mud fight, then it is this: Don't try to be clever. There will be blowback.

John Ransom | October 06, 2013

I have often wanted to ask people who don’t like me to have some sort of medical test done. Because I was sure it was those darned liberals' problem not mine. Now I have the MRI to prove it.

Brandon Howell | October 06, 2013

The Left’s latest political celebrity has made it official, with Texas state Senator Wendy Davis kicking off a bid for governor owing its genesis to a filibuster of legislation banning restricting abortion after 20 weeks.

Kevin McCullough | October 06, 2013

For much of this last week, according to the spokespeople for the National Park Service, the NPS has asserted that the White House specifically ordered that they barricade the open air memorial commemorating the sacrifice and service of the veterans of World War II.

Chris Edwards | October 06, 2013

Unlike a product in the marketplace that improves over time — like the century-old automobile — the government’s income tax has become ever more inefficient and damaging.

Marita Noon | October 06, 2013

Thanks to the shale boom made possible through a technology known as hydraulic fracturing USA moves to number one in energy production. Don't worry. Obama will blow this one too.

Michael Schaus | October 06, 2013

The President’s temper-tantrum-governing trudges on as he closes the oceans, bullies veterans, and violates the 1st amendment of military personnel. The most audacious part of his childish tantrum, however, is his insistence that only absolute compliance with his vision will rescue us from the pain imposed by his decisions.

Mark Baisley | October 06, 2013

Of course, nothing has been a louder statement than the Obamas living it up in our White House while locking out veterans from experiencing the World War II memorial, just one mile away.

Paul Jacob | October 06, 2013

The government, out to prove our worst fears about . . . our government.