Sat, Apr 07, 2012

John C. Goodman | April 07, 2012

Just about every Republican candidate for office in the country is an unabashed opponent of ObamaCare. But if they get rid of the Democrat's health reform law, what would they replace it with?

Caroline Glick | April 07, 2012

Hamas terror boss Fathi Hamad is a notable figure. Hamad is both the director of Hamas's al-Aksa television station and the terror group's "minister" of the interior and national security. His double portfolio is a clear expression of the much ignored fact that for terrorists, propaganda is inseparable from violence.

John Ransom | April 07, 2012

Governments aren’t invested with moral qualities; only people are. This basic understanding of the world is one of the distinctions between the loony left and conservatives.

Jeff Carter | April 07, 2012

Just like the later 1930's, we are running out of other people’s money. The momentum has petered out, and all the chart lines are retracing.

Bob Beauprez | April 07, 2012

The national average price of gas has increased 18% (59 cents per gallon) in just the last 90 days. That kind of shock to the family budget and to the cost of producing and transporting goods is like putting a noose around the neck of an already chocking economy.

Michael Tanner | April 07, 2012

As one listens to the Obama administration and others defend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare), their attitude seems to be that, of course Obamacare is constitutional because, well, because it’s important.

George Friedman | April 07, 2012

Israel's fundamental strategic problem is that its national security interests outstrip its national resources, whether industrial, geographic, demographic or economic.

David Sterman | April 07, 2012

It's been slim pickings for these investors, but this week's sharp selloff brings a silver lining: The number of stocks hitting new 52-week lows is now rising quickly.

Tad DeHaven | April 07, 2012

The only sure way to stop government employees from wasting money is to stop giving them money in the first place

Chris Poindexter | April 07, 2012

The physical possession that underlies metals is unique in the investment world. While options traders may be able to roil the surface, their influence is limited.

Steve Deace | April 07, 2012

Sure, in past eras far less enlightened and tolerant as this current gilded age, Foley might be considered a menace to society—a creep even. But we know better now. We know people just can’t control their urges, and to demand otherwise is a Neanderthal concept right out of the stone (tablet) age.

Fri, Apr 06, 2012

Rich Galen | April 06, 2012

On Wednesday I was invited by the former national political reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Dick Polman, who is now the "Writer-in-Residence" at the University of Pennsylvania which is the best title in the history of titles.

Michael Brown | April 06, 2012

If we follow the logic of the Supreme Court, a Muslim could lead the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship club on your local campus. As absurd as this sounds, it is the very real, potential outcome of some recent Court rulings, and it is in keeping with the decisions made independently by a number of colleges and universities.

John Hawkins | April 06, 2012

If America's economy were a minority, Barack Obama would be guilty of a hate crime for the things he's done to it. If the economy were a kidnap victim, Barack Obama would be telling it to "put the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

Michelle Malkin | April 06, 2012

Marion Barry's mouth set him up. The disgraced former mayor of Washington, D.C., who was caught on tape in a 1987 crack cocaine sting, made an even bigger disgrace of himself and his city on Tuesday. Celebrating a Democratic primary victory, the city councilman attacked small businesses owned by "Asians" in his district. Then the race-baiting clown doubled down.

Brent Bozell | April 06, 2012

MTV is now trying to lure young viewers with a saucy sex show in the "advice" category. They didn't reach for Dr. Drew or God forbid Dr. Ruth or an actual doctor of anything. They turned to filthy sex columnist and gay activist Dan Savage.

Jonah Goldberg | April 06, 2012

In his speech before the Newspapers Association of America/American Society of News Editors Wednesday, likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney accused the president of changing positions to get re-elected.

David Limbaugh | April 06, 2012

Is President Obama such a die-hard leftist ideologue that he can't get it right on judicial review, despite having time to reflect and regroup after his impertinent comments designed to intimidate the court?

Mona Charen | April 06, 2012

When the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Barack Obama, many, myself included, felt that the Norwegian committee had so embarrassed itself as to devalue the prize permanently. A Dallas service station sign, at the time, captured the sentiment precisely: "Free Nobel Peace Prize with Oil Change."

Scott Rasmussen | April 06, 2012

As Mitt Romney assumes the role of presumptive Republican nominee, polls suggest a competitive general election matchup between the former Massachusetts governor and President Obama. Typically, both candidates poll in the mid-40s, while 10 to 12 percent remain uncommitted to either side.

Ken Blackwell | April 06, 2012

President Obama took the oath of office on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. In that Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial year, Mr. Obama sought to stress his admiration for the only other president from Illinois.

Oliver North | April 06, 2012

Passover and Easter -- intrinsically linked in the Jewish and Christian traditions -- are being celebrated this weekend. For observant Jews, Passover commemorates the Hebrews' liberation from slavery under Egypt's Pharaoh.

Pat Buchanan | April 06, 2012

The night of his victories in Maryland, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia, Mitt Romney laid out the ground upon which he will stand to fight his fall battle with Barack Obama. Obama, said Mitt, seeks "a government-centered society." But Mitt would restore an "opportunity society" built on the foundations of freedom and private enterprise.

Suzanne Fields | April 06, 2012

No one ever would call Mitt Romney a rock star, even onstage with a Gibson SG Standard finished in vintage sunburst with a mahogany body, baked maple fingerboard and two humbucking pickups. Even on a roll, Mitt doesn't rock. But his wife, Ann, does. Suddenly, she's hot.

Linda Chavez | April 06, 2012

A new report from the Pew Hispanic Center says a lot about the assimilation of the nation's largest minority group -- both good and bad. Hispanics -- those 50 million people who trace their ancestry to a Spanish-speaking country -- have become both more numerous and more diverse in the past 40 years.

John Ransom | April 06, 2012

Obama's personally taken out the world’s largest student loan to cover the four year period of his instruction. The $5 trillion in student loan debt disguised as the federal deficit may not seem economical, but when were student loans ever supposed to have anything to do with economics? They are just resources meant to hasten- and finance- the personal journey.

Donald Lambro | April 06, 2012

President Obama's all out class warfare attack against Republicans Tuesday was a shameful litany of excuses that included blaming all of his fiscal failures on George W. Bush.

Ed Feulner | April 06, 2012

We’ve come a long way from President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous saying “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” President Barack Obama’s policy apparently is to whisper slyly and compromise our security.

Michael Whatley | April 06, 2012

With gas prices at record highs for this time of the year, it’s no wonder there’s been rhetoric from politicians on both sides of the aisle on how to reduce fuel prices. It seems the right and the left have been scrambling to find a silver bullet solution, simultaneously pointing fingers and deflecting blame.

Tad DeHaven | April 06, 2012

Not surprisingly, the USPS has fared relatively poorly in comparison to its foreign counterparts.

Chris Poindexter | April 06, 2012

During times of volatility try to remember that the big price swings are induced by sales of futures contracts and exchange traded instruments loosely based on bullion and not physical sales.

Stewart Scott | April 06, 2012

When the Merah case is reviewed in hindsight and in isolation it will become obvious that there were clues -- pieces of a puzzle -- that could have been fitted together to indicate Merah posed a threat and warranted focused intelligence and investigative efforts.

Michael F. Cannon | April 06, 2012

Feldman’s limiting principle would even allow Congress to force Americans to purchase types of insurance that currently don’t exist.

Jeff Carter | April 06, 2012

Yesterday, the hopes and dreams of the QE players started to seep out of the market. From current polls, it looks like the Republicans will control the House and Senate and the Presidential race is going to be very close.

Bob Beauprez | April 06, 2012

New information about the approval process for the $535 million Department of Energy loan to the failed California solar energy company Solyndra contrasts sharply with the sworn testimony of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu last November to Congress.

George Jarkesy | April 06, 2012

While the administration may be hostile to coal, there's one company that's poised to profit from a world-wide boom in coal.

Fritz Pfister | April 06, 2012

Scouring trusted sources for the truth to make sense out of current events to plan my day, and business. That’s followed by posting to and reading posts on Facebook.

Nathan Slaughter | April 06, 2012

Global stockpiles of this crop are projected to fall by as much as 20% later this season from the same point in 2010 -- the steepest decline in 16 years.

Thu, Apr 05, 2012

Michael Gerson | April 05, 2012

Salena Zito | April 05, 2012

Republican front-runner Mitt Romney considers Pennsylvania a key swing state for the fall presidential election and is certain he will win here, he told the Tribune-Review in an exclusive interview today.

Casey Mattox | April 05, 2012

Planned Parenthood’s denials to the contrary, many women suffer extreme guilt and mental anguish as a result of having an abortion. Killing one’s child is simply not as easy the abortionists would have you believe.

Marybeth Hicks | April 05, 2012

If there’s one way to determine whether an event has devolved into a circus maximus, surely it must be the entry into the public debate by Roseanne Barr.

Cliff May | April 05, 2012

To those who proclaim themselves jihadis, Mohamed Merah is a hero and a martyr.

Paul Kengor | April 05, 2012

America anxiously awaits the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare. At the core of the decision is a simple question: Is the “individual mandate” in Obamacare constitutional? And thus, is Obamacare constitutional?

Derek Hunter | April 05, 2012

Jamie Oliver, TV’s “Naked Chef,” (yeah, not sanitary) is a food snob. He has turned his notoriety into a nice side career in advertising.

Maggie Gallagher | April 05, 2012

In the whole swirling political/media uproar over Trayvon Martin's shooting, only two things are indisputably clear: A 17-year-old boy is dead, and George Zimmerman shot him.

Debra J. Saunders | April 05, 2012

It's not until the final book of "The Hunger Games" trilogy that Katniss Everdeen learns that Panem, the name of her country in the dystopian world, comes from the Latin phrase "Panem et Circenses." The phrase "bread and circuses," her mentor tells her, comes from a Roman writer who lamented that "in return for full bellies and entertainment, his people had given up their political responsibilities and therefore their power."

Larry Elder | April 05, 2012

Why did the Trayvon Martin case become such a huge national story? Is it because an innocent black teenager lost his life at the hands of a man, George Zimmerman, who "racially profiled" him? Is it that the victim is black and the shooter was not?

Matt Towery | April 05, 2012

When I was a kid, we dreamt about someday owning a "flying car" like the ones we saw in cartoons. Back in those days, I also heard my dad warn that "someday we will have another depression, where the financial world just collapses overnight."

Hugh Hewitt | April 05, 2012

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough recently got a lot of tongues wagging by saying that he didn’t know any establishment Republicans who thought Mitt Romney could win in the fall. “Nobody thinks he’s going to win,” Joe said, referencing the vast, unnumbered GOP establishment that Joe hangs with in the Green Room.

Victor Davis Hanson | April 05, 2012

2012 should prove to be an ideological election about the economy. Not all campaigns are so clear cut. Sometimes moderate Republicans raise taxes (like George H.W. Bush did); at other times, pragmatic Democrats cut spending (like Bill Clinton did).

Michael Barone | April 05, 2012

How many times have you heard Barack Obama talk about "investing" in education? Quite a few, if you've been listening to the president at all.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | April 05, 2012

When America was in its infancy and struggling to find a culture and frustrated at governance from Great Britain, the word most frequently uttered in speeches and pamphlets and letters was not safety or taxes or peace; it was freedom.

Cal Thomas | April 05, 2012

Next week the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans ( will celebrate its 65th anniversary. I confess I did not know of its existence until I read their ad in an airline magazine. I am familiar with Horatio Alger, the man, who inspired generations of boys, and later girls, with stories of people overcoming difficult circumstances to succeed, but I was ignorant of the association that carries on his vision.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | April 05, 2012

Growing up in rural Georgia, Easter meant not only the resurrection of Jesus, but also a new Sunday dress, a hat, gloves and more chocolate than I could eat, at least at one time.

Reince Priebus | April 05, 2012

Today Americans will witness an extraordinarily rare event. The president will sign a bill that originated in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, the Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act.

John Ransom | April 05, 2012

Obama critics contend that solar is just another part of his failed energy policy. But they would be overlooking the benefits to America’s energy security that Obama believes photo-ops bring us.

Ryan James Girdusky | April 05, 2012

While the nation is engulfed in the Supreme Court hearings on Obamacare, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has been touring the country – most recently in Greenville, SC – to continue campaigning for her favorite pet issue: abolishing elections for state judges.

Rebecca Hagelin | April 05, 2012

What does it take to put your life on the line for others?

Emmett Tyrrell | April 05, 2012

There are some campaign advisers who would counsel former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to jog on the campaign trail tirelessly, probably in short pants and with a catchy T-shirt emblazoned with some memorable phrase, say, "Fred Fna Ate Here," a la Al Gore and Bill Clinton.

Steve Chapman | April 05, 2012

One day, in a sardonic jibe at some conservative who was piously claiming the mantle of heaven, I told my wife, "Don't forget, God's a Republican." Without missing a beat, she replied, "But his son's a Democrat."

Chris Poindexter | April 05, 2012

In fairness it’s not just the precious metals market in the dumps after the Fed comments; everything was down. It looks like Chairman Bernanke is just making all kinds of friends.

Jerry Bowyer | April 05, 2012

I’m all for people being rich and living in big two million dollar houses, but I’m not all for people who live in a house which is almost ten times the national average value saying they are too poor to give away a significant portion of their income.

Bob Beauprez | April 05, 2012

In addition to the amount of the debt – which now exceeds our nation's GDP – many analysts are increasingly concerned about who holds all that credit.

Michael F. Cannon | April 05, 2012

Without question, the case, Florida v. Dept. of Health & Human Services, is the most important that the Court has taken in decades. Please join us for an analysis of this Act, the legal theories that were be before the Court, and the implications of its possible rulings.

Paul Tracy | April 05, 2012

The catch? It's not really a catch, it's just that these bonds don't come courtesy of the U.S. government. Let me show you a few examples.

Mark Calabria | April 05, 2012

Thinking that the same failed regulators who missed, and contributed to, the last crisis are going to fix the next one strikes me as naive, as well as having “very little basis in sound economic science”.

Jeff Carter | April 05, 2012

Whether you agree with the business model of Groupon or not, you have to respect how quickly it grew. Venture Capitalists aren’t stupid, and they tossed a lot of money in succeeding rounds of Groupon. Some think the business model is about to collapse.

Wed, Apr 04, 2012

Ann Coulter | April 04, 2012

Former law professor Barack Obama is alleging that a "good example" of judicial activism would be the Supreme Court (in his words, "a group of people") overturning "a duly constituted and passed law."

Crystal Wright | April 04, 2012

I’ve avoided writing about the Trayvon Martin situation because liberals assume I should have an opinion because I’m black and so was Trayvon. When something happens to a black person and it garners national news attention, the mainstream media trots out “the voices of black America.”

Tony Katz | April 04, 2012

Obama is no longer fit for the job. I don’t say this lightly. I don’t say it with glee or joy. And I don’t say it with malice. But rather with recognition that the Office of the President must be protected.

Jeff Jacoby | April 04, 2012

Each year in the United States, an estimated 6.1 billion hours are spent complying with the federal tax code. I'm pretty sure at least half of those hours are spent by me.

Ken Blackwell | April 04, 2012

President Obama this week took advantage of the fine spring weather and a meeting with Canada’s and Mexico’s leaders to make an extraordinary statement in the White House Rose Garden. He responded to questions about his health care takeover. ObamaCare is currently being reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Thomas Sowell | April 04, 2012

One of the highly developed talents of President Barack Obama is the ability to say things that are demonstrably false, and make them sound not only plausible but inspiring. That talent was displayed just this week when he was asked whether he thought the Supreme Court would uphold ObamaCare as constitutional or strike it down as unconstitutional.

Michelle Malkin | April 04, 2012

A few weeks ago, Obama senior adviser and seasoned Chicago operative David Axelrod joked on MSNBC about election corruption. Asked whether "vote early and often" scams had come to an end in his shady hometown, Axelrod snarked: "Well, certainly on the air." Yuk, yuk, yuk.

John Stossel | April 04, 2012

Why? Why must our government make currency competition illegal? If I did print my own money, no one would have to use it. But people could if they wanted to. Competition is generally good. Why not competition in currencies?

Walter E. Williams | April 04, 2012

Public misunderstanding, ignorance and possibly contempt for liberty play into the hands of people who want to control our lives. Responses to my recent column "Compliant Americans" brought this home to me.

Brent Bozell | April 04, 2012

Anyone who clicks around on the National Public Radio website is often bombarded with ads for MSNBC. Naturally, if you love one hard-left network, you'll love the other. But the promotion isn't just in advertisements.

Jonah Goldberg | April 04, 2012

It looks as if it's going to be Mitt Romney after all. With Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush endorsing the former Massachusetts governor last week, there aren't any white knights left to play the role of GOP savior. But that news hasn't reached his competitors yet.

Daniel Doherty | April 04, 2012

In the wake of Kim Jong Il’s unexpected death in late 2011, it seems increasingly clear to me that the United Nations – and, of course, the United States – has a renewed interest in the policies and intentions of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Michael Medved | April 04, 2012

In the last 100 years, every U.S. president who lost his bid for a second term did so because he abandoned his principal promise to the American people. If Republicans can persuade the public that Barack Obama similarly shattered the pledge at the very core of his presidency, they will succeed in denying him the new lease on the White House he insists he deserves.

Ben Shapiro | April 04, 2012

America's constitutional structure is built on checks and balances. The idea behind these checks and balances is simple: We want interest counteracting interest, ego counteracting ego. We don't want any one person to gain too much power -- or any one faction or any one way of thought.

Terry Jeffrey | April 04, 2012

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he saw a problem he believed government should solve. Ninety-three percent of the people in the state had health insurance -- including private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid -- but 7 percent did not.

David Harsanyi | April 04, 2012

Anyone who's had a casual conversation with his neighbors or is cognizant of reality TV should already be petrified of democracy.

Austin Bay | April 04, 2012

Somali pirates launched fewer successful attacks on commercial shipping in 2011. European Union nations want that trend to continue through 2012 and beyond. Last week, EU nations agreed to let their military forces patrolling the Somali coast conduct strikes on pirate facilities up to two kilometers inland.

Paul Greenberg | April 04, 2012

Something happens to ethics when it becomes a specialty. It becomes professionalized, certified, rarefied. It becomes something besides ethics. It becomes expertise, not thought or depth so much as focus. Specialization sharpens the mind by narrowing it. As in medical ethics or legal ethics or business ethics. Or, to use a phrase cynics consider an oxymoron, the ethics of journalism.

Rich Galen | April 04, 2012

This week, the President demonstrated his continuing distain for that pesky Article III branch, the Federal Judiciary, by issuing a thinly veiled warning to the Supreme Court not to tinker with Obamacare by declaring all, or parts of it, Unconstitutional.

Donald Lambro | April 04, 2012

President Obama's complaints about the Supreme Court's critical review of his health care law suggests that he has a real problem with the Constitution's separation of powers doctrine.

Susan Stamper Brown | April 04, 2012

It is obvious President Obama has not figured out that speaking with a forked tongue is unbecoming of the one who promised to be a different kind of politician, let alone the leader of the free world.

Jacob Sullum | April 04, 2012

People who are convinced that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin for no good reason frequently say it's absurd to suggest that an unarmed 17-year-old could have posed a deadly threat to a 28-year-old man who outweighed him by 100 pounds. According to a story in Monday's New York Times, however, Zimmerman is only 20 pounds heavier than Martin, who was 4 inches taller.

Rachel Alexander | April 04, 2012

You and I may not use profanity in our Facebook posts, but what about that crazy relative who puts up the funniest posts that sometimes cross the line? Almost no one approves of swearing, but with the exception of broadcasting during daytime TV and radio, it is not illegal. Now new legislation in Arizona would effectively make swearing on the internet a crime.

Bill Tatro | April 04, 2012

The truth is that Obama’s sudden surge is due to the voting preference of women. My greatest fear is that, once again, women will be seduced by charm, graciousness, and a pleasant smile.

Ken Connor | April 04, 2012

As an attorney who has argued a number of appellate cases, I can testify that judges' questions during oral arguments are not necessarily a good predictor of the outcome of a case. Judges often use oral argument as a sounding board for competing jurisprudential theories and as a vehicle for playing devil's advocate. The questions asked don't necessarily telegraph how the judges are feeling about the case, or the way they will ultimately rule.

David Sterman | April 04, 2012

During the past decade, a series of programs have been launched to help find ways to sharply cut the DoD's fuel bill. A handful of companies stand to benefit, and there is a clear opportunity for investors to profit.

Mike Shields | April 04, 2012

Democrat Cheri Bustos could write a book on how to distract voters from her disturbing job-destroying record. Anointed by the Chicago political machine as the Democrat candidate in Illinois’ 17th District, Bustos started her campaign by following their playbook by attacking pizzeria owner and union member Bobby Schilling right out of the gate.

Shannon Goessling | April 04, 2012

In the multi-party, multi-state legal challenges against the greenhouse gas/climate change regulations rushed into force by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA lawyers have taken a stunning, unprecedented line of attack.

Lincoln Brown | April 04, 2012

The latest debate involves the use of HEK 293 to test the efficacy and side effects of additives to various sodas, candies and in some cases, vaccines.

George Friedman | April 04, 2012

Israel's fundamental strategic problem is that its national security interests outstrip its national resources, whether industrial, geographic, demographic or economic.

Ralph Benko | April 04, 2012

Washington is awash with brains. Here are Think Tanks galore. Here are entire departments of federal agencies given over to nothing but research and analysis of how to solve our national (and local, and world) problems. PhD’s from every college in the land, perhaps world, are more than happy to drop everything to advise Washington “how to.” Brains galore.

Jeff Carter | April 04, 2012

Long time friends can generally understand humor and conjecture in email because they know each other so well. But it’s not the same with acquaintances.

Chris Poindexter | April 04, 2012

If it seems like we’ve been trading in a narrow range for a long time, it’s because we have.

Tue, Apr 03, 2012

Rachel Marsden | April 03, 2012

Last week, Mitt Romney described Russia as America's "No. 1 geopolitical foe," prompting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to respond: "I think it's somewhat dated to be looking backwards instead of being realistic about where we agree, where we don't agree."

Byron Babione | April 03, 2012

Imagine a T-shirt print shop run by owners who openly practice homosexual behavior. Let’s call it “Tolerance 101.” They make T-shirts for community events, annual “gay pride” rallies, and sports teams around their city. Now, imagine that a major Christian ministry contacts the company to have them make T-shirts that will be worn at an event supporting marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Byron York | April 03, 2012

During the long, painful debate that led to the passage of Obamacare, Republican lawmakers made a single request of their colleagues, the press and the public: Please read the 2,700-page bill.

Demetrius Minor | April 03, 2012

In wake of the recent tragedy involving the death of Trayvon Martin in FL, America has once again been thrust into the race debate. Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who was labeled a “white Hispanic” by some mainstream media outlets, and thus began a flurry of relentless racial attacks.

Armstrong Williams | April 03, 2012

This presidential campaign cycle can be measured by gaffes. They are becoming a way of marking time. Something could be said to have happened “between the Holocaust survivor phone calls in Florida and ‘I’m not worried about the very poor.’”

Stephen Smoot | April 03, 2012

The Obama Administration has not had much support from the judicial branch recently.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | April 03, 2012

President Obama’s re-election effort is in full swing, but you wouldn’t know it by the Administration’s recent pronouncements. On issue after issue, even when the Administration is on the losing end, it insists that it is winning, like Charlie Sheen during his infamous meltdown.

Frank Gaffney | April 03, 2012

One of the most important challenges we face as a free people is understanding the true nature of - and threat posed by - a totalitarian, supremacist Islamic doctrine its adherents call shariah. So, it would seem to be good news that a $3 million public education campaign is being launched nationwide to "clarify" what shariah is.

John Hawkins | April 03, 2012

Don't get me wrong. Not every conservative has a winning personality and not every liberal is a toothache in search of a mouth to inhabit. In fact, one of the single nicest people I know is a liberal (Hi, Julie Joyce!) Yet and still, it's not a reach to say that most liberals, especially the ones that are politically active, are just generally difficult to get along with.

Thomas Sowell | April 03, 2012

A long-standing legal charade was played out again recently, when Federal Express paid $3 million to settle an employment discrimination case brought by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Chuck Norris | April 03, 2012

Though I have concern that every American citizen has affordable health care, too, I have grave concerns about the opinion that the federal government holds the true solution.

Mike Adams | April 03, 2012

There are more Marxists teaching in Sociology Departments in America than living in the former Soviet Union. These sociologists hold themselves out as scientists despite the fact that they fail consistently in their efforts to predict the future. In fact, most of them lack the competence to accurately predict the past.

David Limbaugh | April 03, 2012

In his excellent daily Web news summary, "The Transom," Ben Domenech says that President Obama's speech at the Portland Museum of Art on Saturday "is likely to be Obama's campaign speech from here on out." He's probably correct, so let's take a look, with an eye to whether it's likely to work.

Mona Charen | April 03, 2012

When he was first sworn in as Attorney General, Eric Holder made one of the more obtuse comments in political history. When it comes to issues of race, Holder declared, we are "a nation of cowards ... we, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race." Really? It seems to me that we talk endlessly, and usually unproductively, about race.

Cal Thomas | April 03, 2012

The debate isn't new, but as the country awaits the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, suppose the conversation switched from a health care system devoted primarily to caring for the sick to one that gives top priority to finding cures for disease?

Dennis Prager | April 03, 2012

Apparently, many liberals were disappointed in the administration’s performance before the Supreme Court. They felt that the government’s lawyer, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, did not respond effectively to the challenges of some of the conservative justices.

Pat Buchanan | April 03, 2012

With the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer who was legally carrying a 9-millimeter handgun, the familiar wail has arisen from our cultural and media elite: America has too many guns!

Debra J. Saunders | April 03, 2012

"Who killed the debt deal?" read The New York Times Magazine as it hyped its Sunday cover story as a "Washington whodunit."

John Ransom | April 03, 2012

Just in the case of BTUs (British Thermal Units) created by the comparative fires, the Volt fire would tend to produce a lot less global warming than a fully engulfed Chevy Cruze would.

Phyllis Schlafly | April 03, 2012

Political correctness has a double standard when it comes to teaching about religion in public schools. Drop Christianity down the memory hole but give extensive and mostly favorable coverage to Islam.

Bill Murchison | April 03, 2012

What remains to be said concerning Royal Mail Ship Titanic and her icy end, just 100 years ago? What hasn't been thought, said or filmed already? Why, then, the ongoing fascination with Titanic -- as alive at our own end of the catastrophe's century mark as at the start of it, which was April 14-15, 1912? You could say memories of Titanic haunt us -- as maybe they should.

Brian Birdnow | April 03, 2012

Many commentators and editorialists have examined President Barack Obama’s now-famous remark that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon (Martin)”. The pundits have scrambled to find meaning in the president’s comment, and have advanced many possible theses as explanations.

Sandy Rios | April 03, 2012

A growing avalanche of Republican support has been orchestrated to push the grassroots to embrace Governor Mitt Romney. Only halfway through the primary, Republican leaders are telling voters the decision is made. Mitt Romney will be the Republican Candidate for President of the United States. Will Wisconsin voters fall into line on Tuesday’s primary or will they speak with a mind of their own?

Benjamin Bull | April 03, 2012

A gut-wrenching example of the lengths to which men will go to silence the voices of conscience recently played out in an Ontario Court of Justice. There, Judge S. Ford Clements sentenced pro-life advocate Mary Wagner to 92 more days in jail, on top of the 88 days she’d already spent behind bars, all because she has been walking into the waiting rooms in Canadian abortion clinics and sharing hope with the women who are waiting to have their babies killed.

Nathan Slaughter | April 03, 2012

Unfortunately, the gaming sector was obliterated by the recession of 2008 and 2009. After years of stellar earnings and scorching stock gains, investors fled when consumer spending went cold and business conventions stayed closer to home.

Charlotte Hays | April 03, 2012

Conservatives should not be lulled into a false sense of security by the questions asked during the Supreme Court’s oral arguments over the Affordable Care Act. But we can savor the shock and horror spreading through the ranks of the bill’s supporters, can’t we?

Edward White | April 03, 2012

Heading into the oral arguments in the ObamaCare case last week, it seemed that Liberals thought the case was in the bag. Their attitude was, as Nancy Pelosi once stated, when brushing off a question about whether the individual mandate is constitutional, “Are you serious? Are you serious?"

Chris Poindexter | April 03, 2012

Softness in the dollar kept gold and crude oil prices from falling even farther, which is too bad because that would have made a nice entry point for a purchase.

Crystal Wright | April 03, 2012

Over the past week, I’ve been receiving lots of hate mail from fellow Newt supporters about my comments on CNN that if Newt doesn’t win more than two contests, he needs to consider dropping out. Staff are jumping ship like fleas running from repellent applied to a dog.

Stephen DeMaura | April 03, 2012

The Export-Import Bank is a government agency which is responsible for aiding in the export of American goods and services. They accomplish this by employing a number of programs including loans, guarantees and insurance. The Ex-Im Bank is supposed to engage in these activities in a way that doesn’t harm American corporations or produce job losses, yet that is exactly what they are doing.

Bob Beauprez | April 03, 2012

According to the USDA, Economic Research Service, of the 2,264,000,000 acres that comprise the United States of America, the federal government owns 635,000,000 of them, or more than 28%.

Robert Knight | April 03, 2012

If Oscars were awarded for liberal hysteria, California’s Barbara Lee would be a perennial contender for Best Blamer.

Russell Pearce | April 03, 2012

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security released their statistics on the illegal immigration for 2010. According to DHS, the total illegal population went down less than 1%, from 11.6 million at the beginning of the year to 11.5 million by the end. However, in the state of Arizona, the illegal population declined from 470,000 to 360,000; a decline of 23%.

George Jarkesy | April 03, 2012

Ben Bernanke is showing his hand that things are not well and more QE 3, 4 or 23 may be coming.

John Andrews | April 03, 2012

Just because we consent for you to govern us, we say in effect to the legislative and executive and judicial branches through our founding charter, does not mean you own us.

Jeff Carter | April 03, 2012

Porter’s five forces are still the bedrock of competitive analysis. However, since the dawn of social networks, interacting with the five forces is changing rapidly. Businesses that don’t interact correctly risk becoming dinosaurs.

Mon, Apr 02, 2012

Rich Tucker | April 02, 2012

It almost feels like summer in Washington, D.C. At least as far as the sport scene is concerned.

Lisa De Pasquale | April 02, 2012

The Left and their cohorts in the media love a personal story to illustrate the need for a government-centered society. Here’s one they wish they could manipulate.

Lurita Doan | April 02, 2012

Barack Obama’s handlers continually seem to look for opportunities to create analogous comparisons between Obama and other iconic American figures, in the hopes that some patina of their greatness will burnish Obama’s flawed image.

Michael Barone | April 02, 2012

"I don't worry about the Constitution," said Rep. Phil Hare, Democrat of Illinois, at a town hall meeting where voters questioned his support of the legislation that became Obamacare. You can find the clip on Youtube, where it has 462,084 hits.

Star Parker | April 02, 2012

What are the ramifications if the Supreme Court finds the individual mandate provision of Obamacare unconstitutional? This is the provision that requires individuals to purchase government defined health insurance or pay a fine.

Katie Kieffer | April 02, 2012

Coal is my lifestyle. Coal allows me to turn darkness into light at the flip of a switch. Coal allows me to brew a cup of coffee, toast a bagel and pour a class of refrigerated orange juice in minutes. Coal lets me text friends and find directions from my fully-charged iPhone. Coal grants me the ability to use machines to wash and dry my week’s laundry pile while I run on my treadmill.

Bruce Bialosky | April 02, 2012

Many Americans believe that whenever a politician opens his mouth, something pops out other than the truth. But on the issue of energy, this President has really stepped into an issue and now seems able to maintain his political credibility solely with more lies and obfuscation.

John Ransom | April 02, 2012

“So, if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can,” said candidate Obama “it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

Dan Holler | April 02, 2012

President Obama’s hot mic moment defined his trip to South Korea and may very well define his reelection bid.

Mark Calabria | April 02, 2012

The correct solution, in my view, would be to have the Senate decide upon the appropriate length of time before a presidential election that it will no longer consider nominations that run beyond the president’s term and incorporate that decision into the Senate rules.

Chris Poindexter | April 02, 2012

For the second week in a row I’m conveying the actual news that gold ended the week roughly where it started. In a nod to my gag headline, it does seem like gold is treading water lately.

Michael F. Cannon | April 02, 2012

Want the low-down on the Supreme Court's deliberations over Obamacare? Michael Cannon has the inside story.

Jeff Carter | April 02, 2012

Competition has a great effect on business. It drives existing businesses to perform better and provide more service at better value for its customers.

Bob Beauprez | April 02, 2012

As of April 1, the U.S. will have sole possession of the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world.

Paul Tracy | April 02, 2012

If you don't want to invest in this stock, I can certainly understand. But if you have an open mind toward this black sheep, then you're likely to appreciate what it can do for you.

Tad DeHaven | April 02, 2012

I give the RSC credit for wanting to rein in the size of the federal government. However, when it comes to budget proposals, I’m more interested in the potential impact on the federal government’s scope.

Sun, Apr 01, 2012

Doug Giles | April 01, 2012

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, director Spike Lee thought it would be cute to tweet to his 250,000 Twitter followers what he thought was shooter George Zimmerman’s home address.

Derek Hunter | April 01, 2012

Ever heard of Dahlia Lithwick? No? Don’t feel bad. I hadn’t either until I read her piece of … something or other … on Slate about the Supreme Court hearing this week on Obamacare.

Salena Zito | April 01, 2012

The owner of Tommy Gilbert’s Hobby Shop expects summer’s tourist season to be impacted by what he calls an “alarming” rise in gasoline prices.

Ken Blackwell | April 01, 2012

Britain’s Conservative Party, the Tories, lost an empire when America rebelled against their tyranny and foolishness. Edmund Burke said then: “Great empires and little minds go ill together.” Now, the Tories are preparing to lose Britain itself.

Austin Hill | April 01, 2012

President Obama was speaking in the White House Rose Garden this past Thursday. Our nation’s energy problems –problems that, as he stated last month, have plagued our country for over thirty years – could now be addressed with one simple juxtaposition and one obvious choice for those who serve in the House and Senate.

Debra J. Saunders | April 01, 2012

Political activism has drawn the University of California into an academic death spiral. Too many professors believe their job is to "advance social justice" rather than teach the subject they were hired to teach. Groupthink has replaced lively debate.

John Ransom | April 01, 2012

Obama’s had a year since the United States Navy killed Osama bin Laden. Since then the security situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan has gotten worse, not better. The objective evidence says that George Bush was right: Osama bin Laden wasn’t that big a deal strategically. You don’t invade a country with troops from 42 nations to kill or capture a single man.

Ed Feulner | April 01, 2012

“I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared,” Thomas Jefferson once wrote. “To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.”

Kevin McCullough | April 01, 2012

The investigative process is still underway in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. (3) Sanford police, county sheriffs, state and federal law enforcement are all compiling evidence of what happened the night that Trayvon Martin was shot to death. (4)

Steve Chapman | April 01, 2012

Whenever you hear about a psychic being arrested, the natural question is: Why didn't she see that coming? Conservatives who raise dire alarms about what will happen in Barack Obama's second term face a similar problem.

Paul Kengor | April 01, 2012

President Obama has caused quite a stir with a private comment made to Russian President Dimitri Medvedev.

Jeff Crouere | April 01, 2012

The media narrative has been that a racist Zimmerman hunted down Martin and killed him. It is no wonder that a recent CNN poll showed that 73 percent of Americans wanted Zimmerman arrested.

Chris Edwards | April 01, 2012

Liberals rail against the idea of cutting the top income tax rate from the current 35 percent, but Ryan’s lower 25 percent rate was not picked out of thin air. IRS data show that taxpayers with the highest incomes currently pay an average of about 25 percent of their income in income taxes.

Michael Youssef | April 01, 2012

At 8:46 a.m. on September 11, 2001, the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center, and America woke up to the terror of jihad. I use the words “woke up” because jihad existed long before that terrible morning. And it continues to cause much of the world’s violence today.

Marita Noon | April 01, 2012

Believing he will be reelected, President Obama addressed dealing with “controversial issues”: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

Mark Baisley | April 01, 2012

The players to watch on the scissors team were Ruth Bader Ginsburg (played by Ruth Buzzi), Sonia Sotomayor (played by Zoila Chavez), and Elena Kagan (played by Rachel Maddow -- or played by Abby Elliot playing Rachel Maddow).

Jay W. Richards | April 01, 2012

All-American rocker Bruce Springsteen has taken to the pages of Rolling Stone magazine to lament the existence of income inequality in our country today: “You cannot have a social contract with the enormous income disparity — you’re going to slice the country down the middle. It’s not going to hold.”

Michael Tanner | April 01, 2012

Most observers now feel that there’s a real possibility that the high court may strike down at least the law’s individual mandate; if it does, there’s an excellent chance it will strike down the entire ObamaCare law, exchanges and all.

Bob Beauprez | April 01, 2012

The Israeli back that Barack Obama likes to talk about protecting must be getting pretty sore from all the times the President has stabbed it rather than protect it.

Jeff Carter | April 01, 2012

Over on Twitter, I got into a food fight with a person that thinks there is an evil food cabal out to undermine all of America. I couldn’t disagree more. Big corporations aren’t destroying the foods they want to eat, it’s big government.

Nathan Slaughter | April 01, 2012

All told, the company boosted drilling revenue 70% in 2011, rebounding from $1.0 billion to $1.7 billion. More important, net income zoomed 175% to reach $322 million, or $2.06 a share.

Paul Jacob | April 01, 2012

There's one celebratory day every year that our leaders can honor on their own level, by just being themselves. The first day in April is that day.