Tony Katz

Obamacare's run through the Supreme Court has been a disaster. It has been described as a "train wreck." Justice Antonin Scalia asked if it means that the Federal Government can order people to eat broccoli. Even super-sacred-cow-swing-vote Justice Anthony Kennedy admitted that this "fundamentally" transforms the relationship between the citizens and the government. However, the story not told is the Lie told by Leftist Leaders to unsuspecting Rank and File Leftists. It's Left on Left crime, and it is just awful.

When Obamacare was passed in a hail of gunfire, under serious time constraints and without any possibility of sufficient review.....wait, that's not how it happened. That's just how the Left made America feel about it. The Affordable Care Act (it's official title, like "BFD" Joe's official title is Mr. Vice-President) was the most important piece of legislation ever enacted by man. Over 2000 pages, Obamacare was the attempt of Progressives to move America more towards European Socialism, with the end hope being a full-on Statist regime....if not hope, then just the inevitable end result.

To move this unseemly proposition forward, Leftist Leaders represented by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and Sen. Harry Reid had to introduce an individual mandate - All Patriotic Americans Must Purchase Health Insurance Or Pay A Fine! Then, Leftists Leaders had to do something else - lie to Rank and File Leftists.

The job of the Leftist Leaders was to mislead and manipulate the Leftist Rank And File (LRAF); get them to take to social media and blogs and tv shows and radio shows not only to tout the pure, raw genius of President Obama and Obamacare, but to viciously attack (through race and class warfare) those who oppose Obamacare.

The calls of "racism" were heard around the land. Opposition to Obamacare meant you hated black people, poor people, women, puppies; it meant you didn't cry while watching Field of Dreams, you think Snooki makes some good points and that Simon Cowell should wear shirts that are "tighter and whiter."

Tony Katz

Tony Katz is a radio talk show host, writer, public speaker and cigar enthusiast. His show can be heard on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis, and at