Sat, Dec 17, 2011

John C. Goodman | December 17, 2011

When people make statements that are completely at variance with reality and they continue to repeat them and you know they are not crazy, it’s only natural to wonder, what’s going on?

Caroline Glick | December 17, 2011

On Monday night, hooligans identified with the national religious camp staged three unlawful, and in at least one case violent, protests against the IDF.

John Ransom | December 17, 2011

If Abraham Lincoln had merely been against the spread of slavery rather than also believing in the God-given equality of man, 45 million people could be in slavery today.

Ed Feulner | December 17, 2011

When Americans think about the threat from foreign missiles, it’s nearly always the catastrophic effect of a conventional nuclear blast that comes to mind. We think of the doomsday scenarios that have played out in so many movies and TV shows: a nuke explodes over a large city -- leveling buildings, crushing houses and creating a swath of destruction.

Peter Ferrara | December 17, 2011

His mother was an unabashed hippie from 1960s central casting. His father was an openly avowed Communist from Kenya.

Jeff Carter | December 17, 2011

At the end of the year, you look back and with 20/20 hindsight think woulda, coulda, shoulda. As you turn to face 2012, it’s with a tinge of optimism and hope. People always like to think about stocks going up. “What can I buy to beat the market and make money?”, is the question they ask themselves.

Larry Kudlow | December 17, 2011

Why didn’t Romney or Gingrich have a pro-growth response to Obama?

Bill Tatro | December 17, 2011

Europe marches toward the inevitable, China shows signs of implosion, and countries like Canada, Brazil, and England exhibit hints of contraction. The question is asked: Who will lead the global economy out of what Christine Lagarde (IMF Managing Director) calls “quite gloomy?

Steve Deace | December 17, 2011

As voters continue to look for useful ways to help them vet the Republican presidential candidates, a campaign pledge unlike any other was unveiled on Wednesday to help voters learn who truly believes that all life is sacred and a gift from God.

George Friedman | December 17, 2011

The crises come as Washington struggles over its many commitments in the world and over whether to focus on present events in Afghanistan or future events in Central Europe. Russia has exploited the U.S. dilemma, using its leverage in both arenas.

Ralph Benko | December 17, 2011

Political professionals sometimes speak of … “the mood of the electorate.” This subtle force goes beyond ideology, policy and even character. The ability to read and respond to the public’s mood often represents the difference between winning and losing.

Michael Tanner | December 17, 2011

President Obama noted that the U.S. federal government sends out 70 million checks every month. The actual number of monthly federal checks might be closer to 200 million.

Fri, Dec 16, 2011

Paul Greenberg | December 16, 2011

There they stood, all three of them, being sworn in before the Senate Agriculture Committee. They were being questioned about the whereabouts of some $175 million that had gone missing as MF Global was going belly-up on their watch.

Rebecca Hagelin | December 16, 2011

Culture Challenge of the Week: Schools as Parents

Paul Greenberg | December 16, 2011

Tonight we light the first candle of Chanukah, for it is the first night of this minor eight-day Jewish holiday that's become a major one over the years.

John Howell | December 16, 2011

Times are tough, and money’s short. There’s an extraordinary amount of remodeling that must be done. This old republic is in tough shape. The roof’s leaking, and the plumbing is shot. If that’s not bad enough, we’re out of cash.

Rachel Alexander | December 16, 2011

The Democrats are accusing Republicans in Congress of opposing the extension of payroll tax cuts. On the face of it, something seems wrong.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | December 16, 2011

It’s time to stop selectively using religion as a cudgel to attack the faithful and divide the nation. Recent examples are plentiful. Consider Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Tim Tebow. Each bears witness to the ongoing struggle to keep the faith in public life against a creeping secular tide that seeks to confine faith to the closet.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | December 16, 2011

Americans are familiar with unmanned spy drones providing surveillance of Iranian nuclear complexes and Taliban armed militants combating American troops along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now the Obama administration has quietly authorized Predator Drone use by law enforcement officials in the United States to spy on American Citizens.

Brian McNicoll | December 16, 2011

In Washington, we’re always looking for the political person with actual courage, for someone whose principles more or less match ours and commitment to those principles is such that they would rather lose an election that sell out. Buddy Roemer is that person.

Michelle Malkin | December 16, 2011

2011 is "not a year on which" Queen Nancy Pelosi "shall look back with undiluted pleasure." The former House Speaker relinquished her crown -- er, gavel -- in January. It's been an epic downhill ski crash ever since.

Brent Bozell | December 16, 2011

In this special season of giving, Hollywood is willing to give people what entertainment executives think the country needs: a vicious, bloody takedown of Christmas.

Jonah Goldberg | December 16, 2011

Wedge issues are back. What are wedge issues? Well, a lot depends on whom you ask.

David Limbaugh | December 16, 2011

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident..." What truths? What has happened to our passion for liberty? I am concerned that we conservatives, instead of making our case as fearless champions of liberty, are too often on the defensive, preoccupied with trying to prove we aren't the demons the left says we are.

Mona Charen | December 16, 2011

A few months ago, tooling along in my brand new Honda (aka "cute car"), I came to a stop at a red light. On my right, a police cruiser with lights flashing was investigating a fender bender.

Oliver North | December 16, 2011

They are coming home. For the first time since March 19, 2003, there are no U.S. combat or combat support troops in Iraq.

Pat Buchanan | December 16, 2011

For the Army and Marines who lost 4,500 dead and more than 30,000 wounded, many of them amputees, the second-longest war in U.S. history is over. America is coming home from Iraq.

Michael Gerson | December 16, 2011

The God particle -- really the Higgs boson -- still resists confirmation, though scientists at the Large Hadron Collider recently reported "tantalizing hints" of its existence.

Suzanne Fields | December 16, 2011

Newt makes the others in the race jump up, down and sometimes leap sideways, like it or not. He shakes things up. He forces voters to look differently at things they thought they already understood.

Linda Chavez | December 16, 2011

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been a controversial sports figure ever since he agreed to do an ad for the conservative organization Focus on the Family; the spot aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. Feminists and other groups, who feared the ad would be overtly pro-life and anti-abortion, tried to keep it from running.

John Ransom | December 16, 2011

It was unsurprising that after dodging that whole hurricane bullet yesterday scientists revealed- or at least writers who have a website with the word “science” in the name revealed- that there could be an epidemic of polar bear cannibals on account of global warming, which by now, we all know was caused by the global meltdown of the real estate market caused by greedy Republican bankers who are both greedy and Republican.

Diana West | December 16, 2011

I wish I could find the perfect label for the depths of denial and the heights of delusion manifested in Frederick and Kimberly Kagan's latest declarations on Iraq, published this week in The Washington Post as opinion.

Jeff Carter | December 16, 2011

But, MF Global’s case, when they got into a trading hole, they needed to come up with money for their trades to guarantee them to their own counter parties. Instead of going to another bank and borrowing, they took their own customers excess money. They stole the inventory of their own traders. It would be no different than a criminal stealing from a warehouse and then fencing products on the street.

Paul Moreno | December 16, 2011

President Obama is calling for an extension of the “payroll tax holiday” to stimulate economic recovery. But cutting the payroll tax only aggravates the problem of runaway entitlement spending that is wreaking havoc throughout the western world. What we need is a holiday from lies about Social Security.

Christopher Prandoni | December 16, 2011

This week the Department of Interior (DOI) sold its first oil lease in the Gulf of Mexico in over a year. Withholding drilling permits and cancelling leases, the Obama Administration has made what was once routine nearly impossible.

Brett McMahon | December 16, 2011

Quick question: What is the most obvious thing keeping us from an economic recovery led by job creation? If you answered the increasingly burdensome mountain regulatory red tape from the government, you’d be in the heavy majority of the country who thinks that way as well.

Mark Calabria | December 16, 2011

Keeping in mind that correlation isn’t causality, it does appear that as the federal government increased as a percentage of the economy, the growth rate of the economy slowed.

Larry Kudlow | December 16, 2011

Obama’s decisions on the pipeline and other new energy breakthroughs are inimical to U.S. interests. They also are hostile to Democratic-party hard hats who may desert the president in droves come next November.

Mark Baisley | December 16, 2011

The Tenth Amendment was the topic of the most useful candidate forums that I have ever seen, hosted by Mike Huckabee on December 3. One at a time, each Republican presidential hopeful took the stage alone to field questions from the attorneys general of Oklahoma, Florida and Virginia.

Paul Tracy | December 16, 2011

But underneath a placid exterior, one of America's fastest-growing asset classes just reached a key milestone: Total assets invested in U.S. exchange-traded funds (ETFs) surpassed $1 trillion for the first time.

Thu, Dec 15, 2011

Ashley Herzog | December 15, 2011

I will give gay rights activists one thing: they certainly know how to use naked emotional appeals to score political points. Last week, the 8-year-old son of a lesbian mom approached Michele Bachmann at a book signing and said, “my mommy is gay and she doesn’t need fixing.” (The “fixing” part is presumably a reference to Bachmann’s husband’s involvement in questionable “ex-gay therapy.”) It’s unclear whether the boy did this on his own, or if his mother coached him.

Michael Brown | December 15, 2011

On December 6th, in a speech in Geneva marking international human rights day, Secretary of State Clinton called for all nations to embrace the goals of LGBT activism, declaring that “gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights,” and that, “It is a violation of human rights when governments declare it illegal to be gay, or allow those who harm gay people to go unpunished.”

Cliff May | December 15, 2011

Is there anything Islamic about Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps? On what basis does Ayman al-Zawahiri, now al-Qaeda’s leader, formerly the head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, claim to be a jihadi – an Islamic warrior? Do groups that justify terrorism on the basis of Islam have a doctrinal leg to stand on?

Hugh Hewitt | December 15, 2011

Will the Manhattan-Beltway media elite cover for President Obama throughout 2012? Of course they will.

Michael Barone | December 15, 2011

"We're not going to lose in New Hampshire." So says Mitt Romney's state coordinator, Jason McBride.

Victor Davis Hanson | December 15, 2011

The rise of a German Europe began in 1914, failed twice, and has now ended in the victory of German power almost a century later. The Europe that Kaiser Wilhelm lost in 1918, and that Adolf Hitler destroyed in 1945, has at last been won by German Chancellor Angela Merkel without firing a shot.

Larry Elder | December 15, 2011

The next best thing to calling a Republican "racist," "sexist," "homophobic," or "Uncle Tom" (where appropriate) is to call him "out of touch."

Judge Andrew Napolitano | December 15, 2011

Can Congress make legal something that is inherently wrong, and can Congress take a freedom that is a part of our humanity and make its exercise criminal? Staff | December 15, 2011

In case you missed the news (and you probably did), former U.S. Senate candidate and tea party activist Christine O’Donnell endorsed Mitt Romney for president on Tuesday night.

Tony Katz | December 15, 2011

A story at The Jewish Week by Rabbi Joshua Hammerman provides a disgusting attack against Christianity and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. As reported by All American Blogger, Rabbi Hammerman's article, "My Tim Tebow Problem," takes decided, pointed swings at Tebow's faith, and those who believe like he does.

Cal Thomas | December 15, 2011

President Obama doesn't suffer from amnesia, but apparently he hopes the public does. In his latest in a series of interviews on "60 Minutes" last Sunday night, the president took positions that are the polar opposite of what he was saying as recently as last spring.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | December 15, 2011

My first paying job was cleaning the bathrooms of the First Baptist Church of Carrollton, Ga. This was also my sister's first job. The money we made was our money. We could decide how to spend it: clothes, records, books, eight-track tapes, whatever we decided.

Debra J. Saunders | December 15, 2011

President Barack Obama injected a poison pill into his jobs/temporary tax cut bill -- a 10-year, 5 percent surtax on people who earn more than $1 million annually that was sure to be rejected as a job killer by House Republicans. The GOP House, in turn, injected veto bait into its version of the bill -- which passed Tuesday -- most notably a sped-up decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, which the Obama administration had delayed until after the 2012 election.

Matt Towery | December 15, 2011

Iowa Republican front-runner Newt Gingrich is really disliked by the so-called "GOP Establishment." These are the folks who backed George H.W. Bush against Ronald Reagan in 1980; sat back and watched Bob Dole take one for the team in 1996; and generally want a candidate who feels comfortable in his own Ivy League skin and alligator shoes.

John Ransom | December 15, 2011

So, as Al Gore was saying, so glad they "settled" the climate science for us. But the bigger question still remains: What do you do with a theory of weather that has no discernable effect on the, um…weather?

Donald Lambro | December 15, 2011

Newt Gingrich's sharp counter attack against Mitt Romney for "laying off employes" during his years as a venture capital investor was taken right out of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's liberal campaign playbook.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 15, 2011

WASHINGTON -- Do you recall in reading President Harry S. Truman's very good memoir, "Years of Trial and Hope: 1946-1952," his scholarly dissection of the Federal Reserve system and his discussion of low inflation's influence on relatively unstable growth? Actually, I don't either, and I read the book from cover to cover.

Sandy Rios | December 15, 2011

As the issue of allowing gays to openly serve in the military raged last year, Mitt Romney let it be known he roundly opposed the idea. He was outraged, incensed. Many conservatives were certain this was the real Mitt revealing himself after years of having to pretend to embrace gay rights as governor of Massachusetts.

Steve Chapman | December 15, 2011

Moscow is not a city of ghosts, but on Saturday, tens of thousands of figures were seen marching in the Russian capital chanting, "We exist! We exist!" That might seem like an exercise in the obvious. But the crowd thought a reminder was in order for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who has generally regarded his critics as though they were invisible.

Armstrong Williams | December 15, 2011

It is a time of reflection; a time to recall those sage words of St. Augustine: “What does it profit a man to gain the world, if he loses his soul?”

David Sterman | December 15, 2011

But the psychological result of a slowing China could be even greater. That country needs to keep generating robust economic growth to keep its restive population placated. Many citizens are frustrated by a stifling and corrupt bureaucracy, but have tolerated this as long as job opportunities and wages keep rising.

Bob Beauprez | December 15, 2011

Today the Washington Times has additional information involving not only the Iranian Ambassador to Mexico, but also the Cuban Embassy, and the Venezuela consul in Miami. The cyberplot was labeled "disturbing" by the State Department, and drew quick response on Capitol Hill, as well.

Jeff Carter | December 15, 2011

Does anyone in their right mind think that no one else on the street might know something about what happened at MF Global? Of course people know things.

Bill Tatro | December 15, 2011

Emerging from Black Friday, the enthusiasm and jubilation that the “consumer was back” was rampant. Analysts, T.V. pundits, industry experts, and government officials declared a corner had been turned.

Wed, Dec 14, 2011

Ann Coulter | December 14, 2011

Fellow right-wingers: Is our objective to taunt Obama by accusing him of "Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior," of being "authentically dishonest" and a "wonderful con" -- and then lose the election -- or is it to defeat Obama, repeal Obamacare, secure the borders, enforce e-verify, reform entitlement programs, reduce the size of government and save the country?

Michael Reagan | December 14, 2011

They say they are all Reaganites and that they want my father to return -- my father, who lived by his so-called 11th Commandment that no Republican should speak ill of another Republican.

Susan Stamper Brown | December 14, 2011

Last week, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama administration took what appeared to be an extraordinarily conservative position to block a FDA recommendation that would have allowed young girls, age 11 and older, to buy a morning-after pill over the counter without parental consent.

Paul Driessen | December 14, 2011

Tapping abundant US energy deposits would create jobs and restore prosperity.

AWR Hawkins | December 14, 2011

As everyone probably knows by now, on December 12th talk show host Michael Savage offered Newt Gingrich $1 million to get drop out of the presidential race within 72 hours. Why? Staff | December 14, 2011

“No matter your thoughts about the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protesters were right in at least one respect: The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.”

Rich Galen | December 14, 2011

We are at the point in the presidential election cycle when the campaigns – and their allies – begin to run negative ads. Everyone hates negative ads.

Reince Priebus | December 14, 2011

President Obama wants to keep his job at any cost—even if the cost is a tax increase for the American middle class and tens of thousands of jobs that could have been created.

Michelle Malkin | December 14, 2011

Scruffy progressive protesters locked themselves together across railroad tracks, blocked traffic and shouted profanities at police on Tuesday in a coordinated "West Coast Port Shutdown." Truckers lost wages. Shippers lost business.

John Stossel | December 14, 2011

Some politicians claim that politicians create jobs. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says, "My job is to create jobs." What hubris!

Walter E. Williams | December 14, 2011

The most prevalent theme in President Barack Obama's Dec. 6 Osawatomie, Kan., speech was the need for greater "fairness." In fact, though the president never defined the term fair(ness), he used it 15 times.

Kevin Glass | December 14, 2011

Buried within the Congressional Budget Office's most recent report on the progress of President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was a surprising admission: the CBO now estimates the stimulus might have been only half as effective as previously thought.

Brent Bozell | December 14, 2011

The media elite and the Republican ruling class are remarkably similar in their political projection for the coming year. Journalists spent the entire year savaging every fast-rising challenger to Mitt Romney. The GOPs power pundits became equally agitated at the sniff of a conservative anywhere near the top of the GOP pack. It's the odor of extremism that both the elites in the media and the GOP have detested -- always.

Jonah Goldberg | December 14, 2011

"How do we stop Newt?" I've now been asked that question by a lot of conservatives.

Tony Blankley | December 14, 2011

Almost all political commentators agree on one thing. The Republican presidential campaign is unlike any we have experienced. It is not a campaign of steady trends and continuities, but rather of emotional reversals and discontinuities.

Michael Medved | December 14, 2011

What sort of fool or fantasist would ever suggest that “Republicans need a centrist candidate in 2012?"

Ben Shapiro | December 14, 2011

This week, the Los Angeles Times reported a wave of theft plaguing area high schools. The objects at stake? Tubas. According to South Gate High School music teacher Ruben Gonzalez Jr., thieves broke into the band room and stole nothing but tubas.

Terry Jeffrey | December 14, 2011

Considering the debate around President Barack Obama's health care plan and the lawsuits filed against it, then-Solicitor General Elena Kagan's written answers to some of the 13 written questions relating to Obamacare that Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans submitted to her during her Supreme Court confirmation process were remarkably simple and straightforward.

Austin Bay | December 14, 2011

Iran's tyrannical regime has sent the world what passes for a holiday greeting in contemporary Tehran -- a grim and cynical threat.

Jacob Sullum | December 14, 2011

The first time Newt Gingrich disgusted me was in 1995, when the freshly installed speaker of the House proposed the death penalty for drug smugglers. Fifteen years later, I had a similar response when Gingrich demanded government action to stop Muslims from building a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center.

Bill Murchison | December 14, 2011

A respectable school of political thought holds that most of the political nastiness on constant view today can be traced back to the liberal and Democratic vilification of Robert H. Bork's nomination to the U. S. Supreme Court, a quarter of a century ago.

Jeff Carter | December 14, 2011

If someone had the lack of ethics to capriciously steal customer funds and fill a hole in their firm’s books-what makes you think they wouldn’t lie at a Congressional hearing to protect their own butt

Marybeth Hicks | December 14, 2011

Cable’s Home and Garden Television (HGTV) appears to have a new reality show about what happens when the government buys itself the right to tell you what to do.

Ken Connor | December 14, 2011

The GOP primary process has been chaotic, resulting in ups and downs for candidates and voters alike. Dreams were dashed when Mitch Daniels, then Sarah Palin, then Chris Christie announced their intentions to sit this one out.

Colin Hanna | December 14, 2011

As part of the deal that gave President Barack Obama the increase in the federal debt ceiling he so desperately wanted, both houses of Congress are required to hold a vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The House of Representatives has already acted but failed to achieve the two-thirds support necessary for it to pass. Now it's the Senate's turn.

Larry Kudlow | December 14, 2011

While Europe still struggles with its debt crisis, things are moving in the right direction in the United States and China, Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist at BlackRock, told Larry Kudlow Monday. And he thinks cyclical stocks will reap the benefits.

Marvin Olasky | December 14, 2011

Democrats want higher taxes on the rich and say GOP stalwarts are "selfish." Republicans oppose tax hikes and say the Dems are big-government empire-builders. Impasse? Not necessarily.

Tue, Dec 13, 2011

Frank Gaffney | December 13, 2011

We have been hearing a lot about the Muslim Brotherhood lately - and none of it is good news. Get used to it.

Rachel Marsden | December 13, 2011

I've had it with this useless, ongoing charade to "save Europe." It's time to get serious and consider jailing and impeaching some of these European Union member leaders for requisite incentive.

Frank Gaffney | December 13, 2011

On the front page, Monday’s New York Times provides a slanted and insidious “news” item on Newt Gingrich’s warnings about the danger of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons. The author of the piece, William Broad, clearly sought to convey the impression that the former House Speaker is scaremongering about a nonexistent, or at least much exaggerated, threat. This piece is seriously ill-informed, misleading, and dangerous insofar as it serves to perpetuate what is already a serious vulnerability to EMP attacks.

Caroline Glick | December 13, 2011

Last Friday, the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, did something revolutionary. He told the truth about the Palestinians. In an interview with The Jewish Channel, Gingrich said that the Palestinians are an "invented" people, "who are in fact Arabs."

Karen Lugo | December 13, 2011

Liberty-loving Americans occupy the entire field when it comes to hashing out a very broad range of issues. Even those on the fringe are covered since we realize that the line between "fringe" and "reasonable" is not for us to draw.

Benjamin Bull | December 13, 2011

On Dec. 6, the White House released a memorandum instructing the heads of U.S. executive departments and agencies abroad to join in the “struggle to end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons” around the world.

John Hawkins | December 13, 2011

As we learned last week at The Huffington Post, Barack Obama has a new campaign slogan for 2012, "Change Is."

Thomas Sowell | December 13, 2011

Washington gridlock may turn out to be the salvation of the Obama administration.

Marco Rubio | December 13, 2011

Washington politicians do not live by the same rules that virtually all families and small businesses play by. It is your responsibility to balance your budget, spend no more than what’s in your bank account, and have a plan to manage common expenses like student, home and car loans.

Chuck Norris | December 13, 2011

Casey Stengel, a baseball legend who played on five teams and managed four, said: "It's easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that's the hard part."

Mike Adams | December 13, 2011

Dear African American Center: Season’s greetings! I wanted to write to you today to share a heartwarming story that will help kick off your annual celebration of Kwanza.

David Limbaugh | December 13, 2011

The most disturbing aspect of President Obama's "60 Minutes" interview is how sincere he sounded when misrepresenting his record.

Mona Charen | December 13, 2011

The headline reads like a piece from the Onion: "U.S. Navy Paying $15/Gallon for Green Fuel." But it's real enough.

Cal Thomas | December 13, 2011

For weeks the media has complained that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been shielded from probing interviews. The criticism is valid.

Dennis Prager | December 13, 2011

As any reader of my columns or books knows, I am a religious conservative, and my primary concern is morality. By morality, I mean issues of good and evil.

Pat Buchanan | December 13, 2011

Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to veto Germany's demand for a new European fiscal union will define his premiership.

Michael Gerson | December 13, 2011

The epochs of Newt Gingrich's public life are defined by the books that have revolutionized him -- generally of the type that sell well at airports.

Debra J. Saunders | December 13, 2011

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes he has invented a bold new way of running a political campaign.

John Ransom | December 13, 2011

From time to time another person makes a case that Obama is a bad president, and I would like to afford him the opportunity right here in this space to be heard. That person is Barack Obama. Between now and the election I intend to let Obama speak for himself on these pages as often as possible and thereby show how unfit he is for the presidency.

Donald Lambro | December 13, 2011

When Congress announced a ban on budget earmarks earlier this year, many believed that the wasteful spending practice had been killed once and for all.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 13, 2011

Americans don't need a fortuneteller to predict our future. We can see the future right before our eyes: Europe. And we don't like it.

Jon Sanders | December 13, 2011

This past Sunday, the president did something he hasn't done since Easter: take his family to church.

Carrie Lukas | December 13, 2011

Yet rather than complain about the commercialization of Christmas or any lost religiosity, it's worth celebrating that this core aspect of the Christmas message—the importance of loving the people around us, in spite of their flaws, and committing to sacrifice for them—still seeps through.

Jeff Carter | December 13, 2011

Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has said that being next to Illinois is like living next door to the Simpson's.

Robert Knight | December 13, 2011

Three incidents in recent days tell us all we need to know about the Obama Administration’s "values."

Michael Tanner | December 13, 2011

If you listen to President Obama, the protesters at Occupy Wall Street, and much of the media, it's obvious. They're either "trust-fund babies" who inherited their money, or greedy bankers and hedge-fund managers.

Gil Morales and Chris Kacher | December 13, 2011

While we are trend followers at heart, pyramiding allows us smaller losses on false (unprofitable) buys. We also use tools and experience distilled into systematic rules that allow us, at times, earlier entry and exit than other trend followers.

Bill Tatro | December 13, 2011

Over the past week, because of scheduling, I had opportunity to spend time in three of the best destination spots in America: California, Arizona, and Utah. Let me say this, my travels have certainly brought home the cold reality of deleveraging.

Bob Beauprez | December 13, 2011

A bombshell documentary aired last Thursday by Univision, the largest Spanish language television network in the U.S., exposed efforts for an attack “worse that the World Trade Center” by using a “digital bomb.”

Mon, Dec 12, 2011

Paul Greenberg | December 12, 2011

It's not his character flaws that make it hard to take Newt Gingrich seriously as a presidential candidate.

Brian Birdnow | December 12, 2011

The latest news cycles have brought tidings of foreboding for Newt Gingrich, the erstwhile Speaker of the House and now the great non-Mitt Romney hope in the Republican Presidential sweepstakes. Staff | December 12, 2011

Many of these groups have names that ring of high principle and social responsibility, regardless of the merit of their actual goals. And this month one more entered the scene: the National Climate Ethics Campaign.

Nate Kellum | December 12, 2011

Texas is its own place. Known for oil, cowboys, cattle, and distinguished swagger, it is the kind of place to which newcomers adapt rather than one which bends for newcomers.

Mary Grabar | December 12, 2011

It was right around the same time that Marc Lamont Hill (“Professor, Author, Speaker, Public Intellectual,” according to his website) claimed to Bill O’Reilly that conservatives and Republicans are incapable of “performing intellectuality” that I noticed the dissection of Newt Gingrich’s 1971 dissertation, first in the riposte by another public intellectual, Maureen Dowd.

Matt Patterson | December 12, 2011

Legendary labor leader Andy Stern has seen the future. There’s no freedom there, but he’s OK with that. Mr. Stern, a former president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), recently returned from a trip to China, where he had the opportunity to meet with “high-ranking” government officials, who outlined for the former labor leader the authoritarian regime’s long-term economic plan.

John Howell | December 12, 2011

Tim Tebow is either a very good, or a very lucky football player. If, and how, he wins doesn’t much matter to me.

Byron York | December 12, 2011

"I think there's a general belief that this thing could move fast and late," says Bob Vander Plaats, a leading Iowa social conservative and political insider, discussing the Republican presidential caucus race.

Michael Barone | December 12, 2011

It was a week of risk-taking in the 2012 presidential race.

Mike Adams | December 12, 2011

Those who advocate the murder of innocent children trapped inside the womb are simply among our most cowardly citizens. Among that minority, none is more cowardly than radio talk show host Neal Boortz. He serves as an advocate for the “choice” to dismember those who cannot defend themselves. He also attacks the defenders of life and refuses them the opportunity to call into his show or debate in a format where he does not control the exchange of ideas.

Star Parker | December 12, 2011

We are a land, as our president explains it, where the success of one American comes at the expense of another. Where the poor are poor because the rich are rich. And where the role of government is not to ensure “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” but to tax away wealth from those it deems to have too much and determine how to invest our nation’s resources.

Katie Kieffer | December 12, 2011

I want a coal plant for Christmas, and not because I’m a naughty girl. I want lots of coal so I can power up the high-tech toys Santa is bringing me, including an electronic robot maid that cooks and cleans, a 32-meter-wide TV and a modern, coal-fired steam locomotive that allows me to bypass the TSA Grope Squad when I travel cross-country.

Bruce Bialosky | December 12, 2011

As we sprint toward the first official vote of the Republican primary season – to decide who will (hopefully) replace President Obama on January 20, 2013 – it is essential that we focus on the real goal. Rather than go after each other, the candidates must continue to confront the policies of the most inept President in modern times.

John Ransom | December 12, 2011

And you know, now that Osama bin Laden is dead by the hand of Barack Obama, my life just keeps getting better and better.

Rich Galen | December 12, 2011

The thing about telling you that I watched the GOP debate that took place in Des Moines, Iowa Saturday night is I have to admit I had nothing else to do Saturday night.

Dan Holler | December 12, 2011

For many Americans, the inner workings of Congress remain a complete mystery. So, in a few hundred words I’ll try to break down some of the most egregious gimmicks, many of which will come into play as Congress rushes to finish their end-of-year business.

Crista Huff | December 12, 2011

If you haven't been following this government-union-management interaction, or Gibson Guitar, or Solyndra, or myriad other cases which show beyond a shadow of a doubt that our government is run by thugs and thieves, start with the referenced WSJ article.

Chris Poindexter | December 12, 2011

As we near the year-end it’s not unusual to see volume in gold trading decline, so sudden price swings on low volume are always a possibility as investors square up their books.

Jeff Carter | December 12, 2011

December 7 was Pearl Harbor Day. I learned that the US really blew it by not listening. I hadn’t realized US intelligence had cracked Japanese code and knew they were massing for an attack.

Bob Beauprez | December 12, 2011

While the public and most politicians are repulsed by bailouts and disparate executive compensation, little outrage is directed at the two biggest offenders, Fannie and Freddie.

Sun, Dec 11, 2011

Paul Jacob | December 11, 2011

Is now the time for bigger infusions of the same old medicine?

Jeff Jacoby | December 11, 2011

It's Groundhog Day at the US Postal Service: time once again for the familiar laments about how the agency's financial losses are surging, how demand for its services is plummeting, and how officials have no choice but to close local facilities, raise the price of stamps, and reduce delivery standards.

Doug Giles | December 11, 2011

I wonder if the Tebow critics would be as mouthy about his faith if Tim’s name was Achmed and the god he praised after a TD was Allah. I doubt it. Why do I hesitate? Well, it’s principally because Christophobic toads are afraid to turn the verbal guns they use to berate Christians on Muslims, that’s why. Plus, they’d probably go to jail or get fired for “hate speech,” but good Lord, you can certainly rag on Christians, now can’t ‘cha?

Derek Hunter | December 11, 2011

President Obama went to Osawatomie, Kan., this week to give a campaign speech -- er, policy speech; it couldn’t have been a campaign speech since we, the taxpayers, picked up the tab for it – about what is “fair.” Why Osawatomie? Because it’s where Teddy Roosevelt gave his famous “New Nationalism” speech in 1910, and President Obama wants to be the new TR. At least this week.

Salena Zito | December 11, 2011

As America’s first treasury secretary, Hamilton established a monetary system that still exists today, said Dr. Ronald Surmacz, a Duquesne University expert on American economic history. And he was “one of the primary authors of the Federalist Papers, the literary defense of the Constitution, and helped create parts of the Constitution.”

Austin Hill | December 11, 2011

Terrorist threats are on the rise, government debt threatens the world, and the value of our currency is being questioned almost daily. Is this the “fundamental change” that Democrats wanted from President Barack Obama?

Debra J. Saunders | December 11, 2011

Imagine a democracy in which key players are committed to making sure that duly enacted laws don't work. These players slow things down. They hire confederates who also want to sabotage the system. Then they shrug and claim that though they want to enforce the law, success is impossible and, besides, prohibitively expensive.

John Ransom | December 11, 2011

You are wrong and confused like most liberals. There is no such thing as corporate human beings. If there were, ACORN and Obama would set up billions of them to vote for Obama. And liberals like you would be happy, while you drive around in your Chevy Volts getting 33 miles between 12 hour charges- that is when the Volts aren’t spontaneously catching fire.

Alan Sears | December 11, 2011

Since 1973, generations have come and gone, 50 million abortions have been performed, and still the mantra is chanted—“not the church, not the state, only I’ll decide my fate.” It’s a line in the sand and a warning to any political officeholder who would dare seek restrictions for abortion-on-demand. “It’s my choice,’ the radical screams, “don’t limit it!”

Steve Chapman | December 11, 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a new TV spot accusing President Obama of waging "war on religion." It's a reckless, overstated spot that exploits prejudice against gays while deliberately distorting major issues. But here's the surprise: Perry has a point.

Kevin McCullough | December 11, 2011

The GOP race has me befuddled worse than I ever imagined it would.

Bill Tatro | December 11, 2011

As we get older, the mind has a way of losing things. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to engage the insightful mind of Sherlock Holmes in order to solve this worldwide mystery.

Chris Edwards | December 11, 2011

Federal infrastructure spending has a long and painful history of pork-barrel politics and bureaucratic bungling, with money often going to wasteful and environmentally damaging projects.

Mark W. Hendrickson | December 11, 2011

In a recent piece for the Wall Street Journal, Andy Stern, an Obama insider and one of organized labor’s more aggressive personalities, praised what he called “China’s superior economic model.”

Paul Tracy | December 11, 2011

For years now, the United States Mint has been striking these coins as fast as they can. The U.S. Mint facility in West Point, New York, has been solely responsible for minting these coins since 2001. But even the mint facility can't handle the soaring demand.

Marita Noon | December 11, 2011

After years of appearing more concerned about being exempted from the rules than about global warming itself, why would China suddenly change its tune? Have they had a true change of heart, or just a change of strategy?

Bob Beauprez | December 11, 2011

Considering the source, that is far from a casual threat, as Sensenbrenner has served as House Manager of more impeachment trials than any Member in history. On four occasions in his 33 years in Congress, he has served as the House Manager of Impeachment trials including three federal judges and President Clinton.

Tad DeHaven | December 11, 2011

The Constitution already places strict limits on what the federal government can and cannot do. The problem is that those limits have become stretched over the years to the point that the federal government can do pretty much what it pleases