Susan Stamper Brown

Despite the fact that in America, 60 to 70 percent of people identify themselves as “Christian” to one degree or another, Christian-bashing seems to be just about as popular a pastime as watching football these days. And when a national football player commits the unpardonable sins of being both pro-life and vociferously, pro-Jesus, you end up with Monday morning pundits who cast ridiculous judgments from on top of their lofty thrones, much like the old Muppet Show characters Statler and Waldorf.

The persecution of Christians has been going on since the days of the Roman Empire; it continues today in many third world countries, brutally, and here in America, more subtly. Tolerant of most other religions, pre-fall Rome viewed Christianity as a fanatical Jewish sect which was so easy to hate they made a sport out of it. Sure, it’s a stretch to make an absolute correlation between 21st Century America and first Century Rome. Nonetheless, replace sticks with diatribes and stones with denigrations for similar results. One kills the body; the other slays the spirit. Enter Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow.

Tebow is first college-level sophomore to receive the Heisman trophy and carried more awards into his professional career than most college players could only dream of. His leadership and running game converted the Broncos’ losing streak into a winning one, effectively moving them into a first-place tie for the AFC West position. Tebow has a better first-eight starting record than John Elway. An ESPN commentator recently wrote that Tebow is not only winning but also accomplishing “historic quarterback feats” like having the most rushing attempts by a quarterback in any game since 1970 and owning the “longest game-winning touchdown run by a quarterback in the final minute of the fourth quarter in NFL history.” Dare I mention he’s a virgin?

Under normal circumstances, Tebow would be praised for his accomplishments, talent and leadership from around the Monday morning water cooler, but in these days of pseudo political correctness (PC), the words “normal” and “Christian” cannot run together in the same sentence. Those who praise their maker for their talent are not considered talented; they are just creepy.

You’d think with all the PC legalese injected into our lives at every turn, there would be a bit more tolerance. Think again.

Susan Stamper Brown

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