Sat, May 07, 2011

Doug Giles | May 07, 2011

Christians should rejoice because bin Laden was decidedly evil.

John Ransom | May 07, 2011

Hopefully everyone will have some fun with their moms this weekend, rest, relax and hold family just a little closer. But first, read and then re-read Email, Hate Mail and comments from Readers. Then call your mom and read it to her too. My mom would appreciate it.

Kathryn Lopez | May 07, 2011

In New York City, 41 percent of babies are aborted. It's even worse than that, actually.

Paul Driessen | May 07, 2011

When my daughter learned she would have to endure still more intensive chemotherapy for her leukemia, a tear welled up in her eye. She would now be homebound at least two more months, and attending high school for any of her senior year looked more remote than ever.

Rich Tucker | May 07, 2011

My grandparents had a sign on the wall: “Thank God we don’t get all the government we’re paying for.” How quaint, how very 1980s, that seems now.

Douglas MacKinnon | May 07, 2011

I watched President Obama’s remarks regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden by a heroic and courageous team of American operatives with a Democrat and an Independent. After the president’s nine minute re-cap, instead of being euphoric with the news, all three of us were troubled by the president’s delivery of the long-awaited confirmation.

Larry Kudlow | May 07, 2011

If today’s Republican party vacates the pro-growth position of flat-tax reform and clear spending reductions, it will lose the high political ground. And I don’t see much talk anymore about tax reform as part of the new package.

Jim Gilmore | May 07, 2011

A 17th-century French minister of finance, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, was once famously quoted as saying that “the art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest amount of feathers with the smallest amount of hissing.”

Carl Horowitz | May 07, 2011

The National Labor Relations Board – these days known by many of its critics as the National Organized Labor Relations Board – must have a pretty broad definition of the words "coercion" and "retaliation."

David Stokes | May 07, 2011

When U.S. Presidents leave office, the sudden shift to retirement is often difficult. Some find ways to make the most of it, reinventing their persona—as in the case of Jimmy Carter (though he does seem determined to undermine himself by meddling too much in foreign affairs).

Fri, May 06, 2011

Rich Galen | May 06, 2011

Before I get ugly, which I am afraid I may be, let me ask you to do me a favor. Sunday, as you know, is Mother's Day (or is it Mothers' Day?). In any event, in addition to what you're going to do for your mom, your wife, or someone else's mom on Sunday I am asking you to do me personal favor.

John Ransom | May 06, 2011

Under Eric Holder’s view of the law, bin Laden had the right to remain silent, he had the right to an attorney. If he could not afford an attorney he had the right to have one appointed for him.

Michelle Malkin | May 06, 2011

The official White House account of Osama bin Laden's demise has seen more slapdash cosmetic surgery over the past week than your average "Real Housewives" reality-show star.

Brent Bozell | May 06, 2011

It's inevitable that the joy and national unity over the killing of that monster bin Laden would cool.Already we're debating the journalistic and political ramifications.

Jonah Goldberg | May 06, 2011

Killing Osama bin Laden is a strange way to start a presidential campaign season, but that's where we are.

Oliver North | May 06, 2011

It took nine years, seven months and 21 days to pinpoint the man who plotted, paid for and perpetrated the terror attacks of 9-11-01.

Pat Buchanan | May 06, 2011

With his order to effect the execution of Osama bin Laden by Navy SEALs, 40 miles from Islamabad, without asking permission of the government, Barack Obama made a bold and courageous decision.

Michael Gerson | May 06, 2011

The sudden end of Osama bin Laden's career of homicide does not assure President Obama's re-election. But it does remove an obstacle.

Diana West | May 06, 2011

Stirrings of life on Capitol Hill: Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, has introduced a bill to stop distribution of $3 billion in aid that Congress appropriated for Pakistan this year until the State Department certifies that Pakistan was not harboring Osama bin Laden.

Donald Lambro | May 06, 2011

There are two fundamental things that need to be done to restore America's economy to its former health: reduce government spending and thus shrink its debt, and increase federal tax revenues by boosting economic growth, new-business formation and job creation.

Michelle Singletary | May 06, 2011

The GAO said the data it reviewed indicated that health insurance coverage denials, if appealed, are frequently reversed in the consumer's favor.

David Limbaugh | May 06, 2011

Do you remember the terrible things the left was saying about President George W. Bush when gas prices soared under his watch? Yet President Obama, whose policies and actions are actually contributing to rocketing gas prices today, gets the usual mainstream media pass.

Mona Charen | May 06, 2011

Images of Osama bin Laden's mangled face will not be beamed around the world. But it's worth considering, as we think about the death of bin Laden, how his face looked in life.

Suzanne Fields | May 06, 2011

What a weekend. A wedding and a funeral. Love and war. A duchess anointed, a terrorist assassinated. It's the stuff of epics: Of arms and the lady, we sing. Of Navy SEALs and British nuptials, firefights and flower girls, warriors brave and kisses sealed.

Linda Chavez | May 06, 2011

While the Obama administration deservedly revels in the success of the U.S. operation to kill Osama bin Laden this week, one question remains: Why is the Justice Department threatening criminal prosecution of the men who made the mission possible?

Thu, May 05, 2011

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | May 05, 2011

While Barack Obama spends his time running victory laps around the country over the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the American economy is careening toward a dangerous cliff.

Meredith Turney | May 05, 2011

Writer Linton Weeks of National Public Radio recently authored a column entitled “Media Black Hole: So Much News That We'll Implode?” in which Weeks examined whether the wealth of information was actually causing consumers to become less informed.

Cliff May | May 05, 2011

It requires a keen sense of irony to write the headline Newsweek featured last week: “The Wrath of Abbas: Fed up with stalled peace talks, the Palestinian leader defies Israel and vents about Obama.”

Lisa A. Rickard | May 05, 2011

Imagine if a foreign government defined employees of General Motors and AIG as "foreign officials" of the United States government because the government owns portions of the company.

Kyle Olson | May 05, 2011

Useful idiots. That’s what Vladmir Lenin called western sympathizers of the Soviet cause. He must have been smiling from his cave in Hell Sunday when he saw the Soviet flag – and Communist Party signs – being carried in honor of May Day.

Michael Prell | May 05, 2011

According to a series of national news stories, President Barack Obama is looking to play the “underdog card” in the 2012 campaign. But why would the most powerful man in the world cast himself as an underdog? Because playing the underdog card works. Here is why.

Guy Benson | May 05, 2011

Although he won’t be physically present to help mark the demise of Osama bin Laden, Americans owe President Bush a debt of gratitude for instituting a slate of controversial policies that ultimately helped execute that very goal.

Rebecca Hagelin | May 05, 2011

“But Mom, I don’t wanna eat breakfast at school! Why can’t I stay home and eat?” wailed Kirsten, nine-years-old. She looked plaintively at her mom and waited for her to answer.

Hugh Hewitt | May 05, 2011

The GOP race for the 2012 presidential nomination arguably gets underway Thursday night in South Carolina.

Victor Davis Hanson | May 05, 2011

The welcome end of Osama bin Laden at the hands of helicopter-borne American military commandos raises a number of issues.

Michael Barone | May 05, 2011

For years, we heard supposedly enlightened people excoriate our leaders for torture, lawlessness, unilateralism -- the list goes on and on. Now the president they have wanted has used the tactics and methods they excoriated to get bin Laden. Good for him.

Larry Elder | May 05, 2011

Bush never quit. He was briefed on bin Laden at least once a week. Two weeks before he left office, Bush confidently predicted that bin Laden would "of course, absolutely" be found by a future president. "We have a lot of people looking for him, a lot of assets out there. He can't run forever."

Ken Blackwell | May 05, 2011

Secretary Clinton urged us to send Fatah another $160 million on top of the $600 million. Here’s a fine candidate for cuts. Let’s cut off all U.S. support to these organizations.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | May 05, 2011

I am blessed to have a mom who is special.

Debra J. Saunders | May 05, 2011

San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey explained in The San Francisco Chronicle's Sunday Insight his opposition to Secure Communities, the federal program that automatically passes new arrestees' fingerprints to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Matt Towery | May 05, 2011

This week we're all Americans. And two presidents deserve their due.

John Ransom | May 05, 2011

For a year the backstory on the president has been that he doesn’t like making decisions, the he doesn’t attract personal loyalty and that he can’t see past his own manufactured image. That’s obscured a bigger, scarier picture.

Emmett Tyrrell | May 05, 2011

Not once but twice the Times' editorialists departed from heaving confetti to remind us all of George W. Bush, the war criminal.

Steve Chapman | May 05, 2011

Here's what the world learned in the decade between the 9/11 attacks and the killing of their mastermind: Americans are good at war and not very good at remaking other countries in our image.

Kevin Theriot | May 05, 2011

The timing of the National Day of Prayer with the events of this week couldn’t be more appropriate if one would have planned it that way.

Larry Kudlow | May 05, 2011

The original post-9/11 goal was to kill bin Laden and wipe out al-Qaida. Now that we've killed bin Laden and dismantled so much of al-Qaida, do we really need to trudge through an even longer war in Afghanistan?

Michelle Singletary | May 05, 2011

It is unreasonable, in the midst of a housing crisis that has financially devastated hundreds of thousands of households, that we are taking away access to free or low-cost counseling that helps these families.

Pete Sepp | May 05, 2011

While the nation struggles with gas prices hovering at $4 per gallon, our representatives in Washington are so busy pointing fingers at each other they have failed to take the necessary, prudent steps that would address the problem: chief among them, carefully allowing more domestic production to stabilize oil markets.

Wed, May 04, 2011

Ann Coulter | May 04, 2011

The CIA stepped up the search for Osama bin Laden last week after becoming as sick of royal wedding coverage as the rest of us.

Jeff Jacoby | May 04, 2011

For months, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has warned that failing to lift the debt ceiling would have "unthinkable" consequences. But many lawmakers are insisting that they will block the federal government from borrowing more money unless budget cuts and spending reforms are part of the deal.

Marybeth Hicks | May 04, 2011

Like every other American, I remember with crystal clarity where I was and what I was doing the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Kyle Olson | May 04, 2011

Congratulations to President Obama for the gutsy call regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden. I didn’t know he had it in him. His campaign pledge of going into Pakistan unannounced – once met with derision by John McCain and the Republicans – was fulfilled and is precisely what it took to get the bastard.

Michelle Malkin | May 04, 2011

In the spirit of post-bin Laden peace, love and harmony, President Obama has asked all Americans to "harness" national good will and stand together. The commander in chief could practice what he preaches -- by inviting President Bush to stand with him at Ground Zero in New York City on Thursday.

Walter E. Williams | May 04, 2011

Here's a non-rocket science question: If you expect a reduced harvest of wheat, corn, rice or any other commodity some time in the future, what would be the wise thing to do about your consumption today?

Brent Bozell | May 04, 2011

When word emerged Sunday night that President Obama would be making remarks from the White House at 10:30 p.m., viewers knew it must be important. When it began to leak that America had finally found and killed Osama bin Laden, there was joy from sea to shining sea.

Elisabeth Meinecke | May 04, 2011

Rep. Pete King of New York continued to express concern during a Homeland Security hearing committee Tuesday that a large, 12 to 18 foot walled compound could have housed Osama bin Laden for six years without detection right under the nose of Pakistani officials.

Tony Blankley | May 04, 2011

If you threw a dart at the map of the Middle East and North Africa, you almost couldn't miss hitting a spot where an historic event was unfolding.

Michael Medved | May 04, 2011

In Barack Obama’s ongoing battle to raise taxes on “the rich” (a struggle he pursues with comparable focus and ferocity to his recently celebrated efforts against Al Qaeda), the president employs a nasty rhetorical tactic that deliberately blurs an essential distinction.

Ben Shapiro | May 04, 2011

On May 1, 2011, President Obama announced to the world that he had personally shot Osama bin Laden in the head.

Terry Jeffrey | May 04, 2011

In a White House briefing held by conference call shortly after midnight on Monday morning, a group of unnamed "senior administration officials" described the raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan, that resulted in the death Osama bin Laden.

Mattie Duppler | May 04, 2011

After compelling the President to axe almost $80 billion from his desired spending levels for the fiscal year, House Republicans are once again faced with the prospect of negotiating with a recalcitrant President on the next spending battle: the approaching debt ceiling.

Humberto Fontova | May 04, 2011

"I'm proud of the path of Osama bin Laden,” gushed Ilich Ramírez Sánchez from a French prison in 2002. Ramirez was also known during the 1970’s as "Carlos the Jackal," and “The World's Most Wanted Terrorist." In 1967 Ramirez-Sanchez was an eager recruit into Cuba's "guerrilla" (terror) training camps started by Che Guevara in 1959.

Rich Galen | May 04, 2011

The big news in North Africa is not that we haven't heard anything else about whether or not an attack on Muammar Gaddafi's family compound killed any of his family; it is that Gaddafi's last, if tacit, ally has called for him to step aside.

Donald Lambro | May 04, 2011

The Obama administration's daring, nighttime attack by commandos who killed Osama bin Laden and four of his aides has dealt al-Qaida terrorists a severe but far from fatal blow.

Jacob Sullum | May 04, 2011

According to the official story, Osama bin Laden was killed because he resisted the Navy SEALs who were attempting to capture him at his hideaway in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Joel Mowbray | May 04, 2011

As "Arab streets" rise up and many of their governments are teetering or have fallen, the two rival Palestinian factions — the terrorist organization Hamas and the “moderate” Fatah party — are attempting a unity government that would ensure continued power for the society’s favored few.

Robert Knight | May 04, 2011

When Barack Obama is in flyover country, if you close your eyes, you can almost hear a moderate Republican on the stump.

John Stossel | May 04, 2011

"The skyrocketing price of gas and oil has nothing to do with the fundamentals of supply and demand, and has everything to do with Wall Street firms that are artificially jacking up the price of oil in the energy futures markets. ... (T)he same Wall Street speculators that caused the worst financial crisis since the 1930s through their greed, recklessness and illegal behavior are ripping off the American people again by gambling that the price of oil and gas will continue to go up."

Walter E. Williams | May 04, 2011

Here's a non-rocket science question: If you expect a reduced harvest of wheat, corn, rice or any other commodity some time in the future, what would be the wise thing to do about your consumption today? I bet that the average person would answer: Consume less now so that more will be available in the future.

Tue, May 03, 2011

Paul Greenberg | May 03, 2011

What impressed most when the news arrived late Sunday night was the cheering, yelling, flag-waving crowd that materialized almost immediately outside the White House.

Katie Pavlich | May 03, 2011

Attorney General Eric Holder just said in a hearing on Capitol Hill he has only known about Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious for a couple of weeks. Holder also said he does not know who authorized the operation and claimed the Justice Department has been cooperating in with the Oversight Committee in their investigation of the DOJ.

Jeff Jacoby | May 03, 2011

Good people rejoice when evil monsters are cut down, and by the tens of thousands good Americans from one end of the country to the other came pouring into the streets last night to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden.

Kevin McCullough | May 03, 2011

President Barack Obama, who went after captured and killed Osama bin Ladin did his nation favorable service, accomplished an important threshold in the war on terror, and will secure for himself in history the signature act to date in that war.

Armstrong Williams | May 03, 2011

The media is gearing up to full throttle to tease and manipulate the public again with the early favorites leading up to the 2012 presidential elections.

Caroline Glick | May 03, 2011

In the end, the Holocaust raged until the Allied powers won the war. It didn’t have to be that way. If the Jews had been permitted to leave Europe, the Holocaust could have been averted.

John Hawkins | May 03, 2011

The biggest terrorist on Planet Earth has, at long last, been delivered to justice courtesy of a SEAL's bullet. Some people may say we haven't won anything because killing Bin Laden won't end terrorism forever. I'd say that we have at least ended all terrorism committed by Bin Laden forever.

Thomas Sowell | May 03, 2011

When people in Washington start creating fancy new phrases, instead of using plain English, you know they are doing something they don't want us to understand.

Byron York | May 03, 2011

The shape of the Republican presidential race depends on Mike Huckabee. The primary season will be one kind of contest with the former Arkansas governor in the race, and another without him.

Chuck Norris | May 03, 2011

Five years ago, Donald Van Duyn, then the deputy assistant director of the FBI's counterterrorism division, warned us: "Islamic radicalization ... (exists) nationwide. Key to the success of stopping the spread of radicalization is identifying patterns and trends in the early stages." Van Duyn was exactly right.

Michael Reagan | May 03, 2011

They got him. Put a couple of slugs in his face. Then they dumped his body in the sea -- something for the fish, which don't much care what they eat, to feed on.

Cal Thomas | May 03, 2011

As crowds gathered outside the White House, at the site of Ground Zero, and in other public places to cheer news of the death of Osama bin Laden, President Obama said in a late Sunday night address from the White House, "Justice has been done."

Debra J. Saunders | May 03, 2011

Nothing succeeds like success. In the years since 9/11, Americans have had to live with the fact that President George W. Bush failed to take Osama bin Laden "dead or alive" -- to use the phrase that the former president came to regret.

Carrie Lukas | May 03, 2011

Mother's Day is supposed to give moms a break from their regular routine of feeding kids, cleaning up spills, helping with homework, chauffeuring to activities, and—for a majority of mothers—working outside the home. It's a day for the rest of the family to appreciate service often taken for granted.

Marvin Olasky | May 03, 2011

This year's Pulitzer Prize announcement on April 18 was largely the same old same old: four prizes for The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, as the good old boys- and-girls network protected its own established enterprises.

David Limbaugh | May 03, 2011

We are living in strange times indeed when it's not laughable to suggest that President Obama will be difficult to beat in 2012. Well, I'm not buying it, even considering any positive (but inevitably temporary) surge Obama may receive with Osama bin Laden's death.

Mona Charen | May 03, 2011

In those harrowing first days and weeks after the 9/11 atrocity, Americans were traumatized -- but also bewildered. What vicious hatred was this? Who was this new and terrifying enemy? What could possibly motivate people to sacrifice their lives for the honor of killing innocent American civilians -- and cause thousands of others to cheer mass murder?

Dennis Prager | May 03, 2011

The following comments were made in a public speech last week by a man considering running for president of the United States.

Austin Bay | May 03, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's death is the result of American persistence and American military professionalism.

Phyllis Schlafly | May 03, 2011

Public opinion polls show that all the Republican presidential hopefuls are clustered in single- or teen-digit approval ratings. It should be no mystery why no one is breaking out of the pack: No one has answered the No. 1 political question.

Bill Murchison | May 03, 2011

The main thing is, we got him. Emphasis on all three words. They count equally, each one.

Mon, May 02, 2011

Frank Gaffney | May 02, 2011

The liquidation of Osama bin Laden is a cause for full-throated national celebration. It must also be the occasion for a redirection of our efforts to wage and win what has been misnamed “the War on Terrorism.” At last, we must recognize the struggle we are in for what it is – the War for the Free World – and begin taking all the steps necessary to win it, not just some of them.

Paul Kengor | May 02, 2011

"In Bin Laden Announcement, Echoes of 2007 Obama Speech,” declared the headline in The New York Times. It’s difficult to find a newspaper that has demonstrated a worst pro-Obama and anti-Bush bias than The New York Times, especially when dealing with the War on Terror.

Michael Gerson | May 02, 2011

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, with President Bush visiting Florida, I was working from home in Alexandria, Va., on some forgotten domestic speech the president never gave. As events unfolded in Manhattan, I left for the White House. Nearing the Pentagon, I saw a plane flying low over the highway -- so low I could clearly see the windows. It was only later that I considered the fear behind them.

Elisabeth Meinecke | May 02, 2011

What happened in the takedown of Osama bin Laden was the pinnacle of years of intelligence work which included the CIA, the NGA, and the NSA, according to White House senior administration officials' reports which chronicle the details below:

Rich Galen | May 02, 2011

At 12:09 this morning, as I was watching the coverage of the events surrounding President Obama's announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, I tweeted: "Wonder if we'll ever find out which member of the assault team took the shot that killed bin Laden?"

John Ransom | May 02, 2011

The presidency is not a place where one finds one’s self. Instead it’s a place where one find’s out what he is made of. Obama, it seems, would rather not know.

John Ransom | May 02, 2011

I have complied some notes from a few open source intelligence providers to put Bin Laden's death in context of the larger war on terror:

Michael Barone | May 02, 2011

Sometimes a sympathetic and perceptive journalist paints a more devastating portrait of a public figure than even his most vitriolic detractors could.

Star Parker | May 02, 2011

It might help getting our minds around what is so wrong in America today by thinking about the local police force. It’s not hard to understand that the job of the police is to protect lives and property.

Mike Adams | May 02, 2011

Liberals are compassionate people. That’s why they support abortion and oppose the death penalty. They figure it’s best to kill a majority of black children before they are born.

Katie Kieffer | May 02, 2011

A young man wearing a dark gray hoodie knelt down beside me in church. I couldn’t help overhearing his prayer.

Lurita Doan | May 02, 2011

One of the worrisome aspects of President Obama’s peculiar brand of leadership is to watch how radically he and most Democrats in Congress have broken with the wisdom of liberal, Democrat leaders of the past.

Bruce Bialosky | May 02, 2011

Many Americans are concerned that whenever Congress launches a crusade for “consumer protection,” somehow that’s not what we end up with. When the Dodd-Frank bill contained a Trojan Horse – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) – a lot of people became alarmed.

Mike Needham | May 02, 2011

“Republicans Get Grilled at Town Hall Meetings Over Budget Plan,” read the headline on a page National Journal, an inside-the-beltway news source that put up with video clips of Republican lawmakers at townhall meetings during the April recess.

Sun, May 01, 2011

Salena Zito | May 01, 2011

Last October, West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, a popular Mountaineer State Democrat, was fast becoming an unpopular candidate for the late Robert Byrd's open U.S. Senate seat.

Austin Hill | May 01, 2011

The U.S. Federal Government is on a collision course of debt and deficits. And California may be the best example yet of “the feds on steroids.”

Debra J. Saunders | May 01, 2011

On April 25, gay-rights advocates -- led by the Human Rights Campaign -- scored a victory after the HRC applied pressure on a law firm hired to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a union between a man and woman and denies federal benefits to same-sex partners.

John Ransom | May 01, 2011

Our debt chicken came home to roost, twice; our economy is stalling; Superman’s going international and electric cars will, sooner or later, be deemed a threat to a type of ground squirrel that you and I have never heard of.

Michelle Singletary | May 01, 2011

In the big picture, Trump still lives lavishly, whether he's a multimillionaire or multibillionaire. But his filings may reveal he's like many Americans who live large because of their access to debt.

Paul Jacob | May 01, 2011

How to avoid becoming the kind of bad guy you seek to put down.

Steve Chapman | May 01, 2011

On Oct. 22, 1844, thousands of followers of American evangelist William Miller woke up expecting Jesus Christ to make his triumphant return that day, as they had been told.