Sun, Jan 02, 2011

Jeff Jacoby | January 02, 2011

Joe DeNucci, a onetime prizefighter turned Massachusetts politician, steps down this month after 34 years on Beacon Hill: 10 years as a state representative, followed by 24 years as state auditor.

Sat, Jan 01, 2011

Doug Giles | January 01, 2011

Well, the stakes are too high for conservatives to remain nice.

Paul Driessen | January 01, 2011

Why is the US Environmental Protection Agency sending federal agents to Texas – to arrest the state’s economy for the “crime” of emitting carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4)?

Kyle Olson | January 01, 2011

Well, it turns out that the slow snow removal process in New York City was the act of childish adults protesting budget cuts.

Janice Shaw Crouse | January 01, 2011

The average age of first exposure to Internet pornography is eleven years old; often because of stumbling onto sites while doing homework.

Katie Gage | January 01, 2011

With the White House doling out appointments, regulatory favors and other paybacks, Big Labor must be counting its blessings to have an administration in place willing to ignore the will of citizens and job creators.

Fri, Dec 31, 2010

Hugh Hewitt | December 31, 2010

Rolling back Obamacare will be at the top of many to-do lists for 2011, but a far more significant power grab is underway at the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Michelle Malkin | December 31, 2010

Come rain or shine, wind, sleet or blizzard, Big Labor leaders always demonstrate perfect power-grabby timing when it comes to shafting taxpayers.

Victor Davis Hanson | December 31, 2010

The current debt, recession, wars and political infighting have depressed Americans into thinking they soon will be supplanted by more vigorous rivals abroad. Yet this is an American fear as old as it is improbable.

Brent Bozell | December 31, 2010

2010 may have been an encouraging year for political conservatives, but it wasn't so rosy for America's culture.

Jonah Goldberg | December 31, 2010

One of the best things I read all year came in a magazine I don't read, about a subject I don't follow, by an author I don't agree with on nearly anything. But Matt Taibbi's "The Jock's Guide to Getting Arrested" in the August 2010 Men's Journal was simply a great piece of writing.

David Limbaugh | December 31, 2010

This administration is abusive enough when it acts outside its constitutional authority, but it is even more tyrannical when it affirmatively thwarts the express will of the Congress on matters within the legislative domain.

Oliver North | December 31, 2010

Our country faces enormous challenges -- both domestic and foreign -- many of them exacerbated by what the Obama administration and the 111th Congress did and failed to do.

Pat Buchanan | December 31, 2010

With Christmas shoppers out in force and the stock market surging to a two-year high, talk is spreading that the long-awaited recovery is at hand.

Michael Gerson | December 31, 2010

The European past was not nearly as pious as we imagine. Christian conversion on the fringes of the Roman Empire -- in places such as Gaul and Britannia -- was always a shallow and partial affair.

Suzanne Fields | December 31, 2010

"True Grit" is a tale whose time had come and gone. It's the good fortune of a new generation that its time has come again.

Linda Chavez | December 31, 2010

The incoming GOP House leadership has announced that it will adopt new rules requiring each piece of legislation to include a statement citing the specific constitutional provision authorizing Congress to enact the proposed law.

Matt Towery | December 31, 2010

The army of newly elected Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives will be arriving here this coming week.

Rachel Marsden | December 31, 2010

With less than a year and a half to go before the next French presidential election, and current President Nicolas Sarkozy at 35% popularity, could France end up shifting further to the right? The possibility is a good one.

Donald Lambro | December 31, 2010

The new Republican-leaning Congress will get down to business in a few days to deal with the concerns of voters who were unhappy with the gang who ran the last Congress.

Jeff Jacoby | December 31, 2010

I don't own an iPod or an iPad. I've never used TiVo or Wii. I haven't got GPS in my car, Blu-Ray in my living room, or a smartphone in my pocket. But I tweet.

Thu, Dec 30, 2010

Cliff May | December 30, 2010

National security hawks lost a battle last week when 71 members of the Senate -- not all of them Democrats -- voted to ratify New START.

Paul Kengor | December 30, 2010

Wilson has become a popular Glenn Beck target, and has suddenly emerged as a hot topic in our current politics.

Michael Barone | December 30, 2010

The fact is that there is an ongoing truce on the social issues, because for most Americans they have been overshadowed by concerns raised by the weak economy and the Barack Obama Democrats' vast increase in the size and scope of government.

Victor Davis Hanson | December 30, 2010

The current debt, recession, wars and political infighting have depressed Americans into thinking they soon will be supplanted by more vigorous rivals abroad. Yet this is an American fear as old as it is improbable.

Larry Elder | December 30, 2010

Obama, who currently squanders hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars by "investing" in alternative energy, possesses no more control over the law of supply-and-demand than did "evil" Oilman Bush.

Michael Reagan | December 30, 2010

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to get its grasping hands around the throat of the Internet, the international town hall where Americans have been free to express their opinions without Big Brother's permission or interference.

Cal Thomas | December 30, 2010

Sarah Palin deserves an apology. When she said that the new health-care law would lead to "death panels" deciding who gets life-saving treatment and who does not, she was roundly denounced and ridiculed.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | December 30, 2010

The winner of the Republican presidential nomination will be the candidate who can best respond to the American people, who can listen to them and their concerns and provide leadership -- resulting in a candidate the voters will find more compelling the longer the campaign continues.

Debra J. Saunders | December 30, 2010

Michigan prosecutor Jessica R. Cooper's bio boasts that she is a "pioneer in the world of women in the law." As it turns out, she is a pioneer in the world of busybodies in the law as well.

Kathryn Lopez | December 30, 2010

The ladies of "The View" were understandably on the defense, having been criticized by Donahue in a press release after a recent show. They had expressed outrage about the excommunication of a religious sister who served as an ethics adviser at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 30, 2010

Next week marks the 52nd anniversary of Fidel Castro's arrival to his Cuban throne. I cannot wait to see how it will be solemnized.

Brad O'Leary | December 30, 2010

Janet Napolitano’s victim over the Christmas break was Chris Liu, a commercial airline pilot based at San Francisco International Airport, who had been posting cell phone videos on YouTube that give first-hand accounts of what appear to be serious flaws in our nation’s airport security.

Ross Mackenzie | December 30, 2010

What was the worst legislative decision of the passing year? The gigantically unpopular ObamaCare. And what was the year's best judicial ruling? Federal District Judge Henry Hudson's determination that in enacting ObamaCare, Congress exceeded its constitutional authority.

Marvin Olasky | December 30, 2010

The Walter Cronkite of Bibles is dead.

Wed, Dec 29, 2010

Ann Coulter | December 29, 2010

Liberals never tire of discussing their own generosity, particularly when demanding that the government take your money by force to fund shiftless government employees overseeing counterproductive government programs.

Paul Greenberg | December 29, 2010

Some people have a funny idea of fun. Like the Rev. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas. This year he celebrated the holiday season by launching

Marybeth Hicks | December 29, 2010

Who says family life in America is in a state of decline?

Rich Galen | December 29, 2010

One of my favorite projects - maybe ever - has been working for Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens on the Pickens Plan for the past couple of years.

Thomas Sowell | December 29, 2010

Economists are the real "party of No." They keep saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch-- and politicians keep on getting elected by promising free lunches.

Michelle Malkin | December 29, 2010

It was a nefarious year for nettlesome nosy-bodies employed by the Nanny State. Here are the top power-grabbers of 2010 who just can't leave us alone.

John Stossel | December 29, 2010

When will the political do-gooders realize that the most vulnerable people in society can't take any more of their kindness?

Walter E. Williams | December 29, 2010

How many of us would prefer that the Founders had written the First Amendment so as to focus on fairness rather than freedom?

Brent Bozell | December 29, 2010

It's not surprising that left-wing bloggers would rejoice when they can write the headline "New Study Proves That Fox News Makes You Stupid."

Jonah Goldberg | December 29, 2010

So now openly gay soldiers get to fight and die in neocon-imperialist wars too?

Ken Blackwell | December 29, 2010

Next spring, Republicans will be faced with a serious decision over whether to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Tony Blankley | December 29, 2010

Don't believe all the Washington talk that President Obama had a great lame duck session and goes into the new year and the new 112th congress with the whip hand. Utter nonsense.

Michael Medved | December 29, 2010

Liberals and conservatives display contrasting views toward other worlds, generally disagreeing about the possibilities of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

Terry Jeffrey | December 29, 2010

California's Legislative Analyst's Office assumed in its budget report that in the coming years California will continue to have a net outflow of "domestic" migrants. That was wise.

Ben Shapiro | December 29, 2010

If there is one element of American culture that seems to reflect our national psyche, it is box office receipts.

Rebecca Hagelin | December 29, 2010

Ask yourself, "Which relationship in my life needs the most improvement?" And then, ask the all-important follow-up question: "What can I do to make things better?"

Jacob Sullum | December 29, 2010

The Obama administration's refusal to acknowledge that coercion begets coercion when the government meddles in the health care market was one of the year's most memorable examples of blame shifting. Here are a few more.

Tue, Dec 28, 2010

Donald Lambro | December 28, 2010

It is often said of our representative system of government that the voters choose their senators while the House chooses its voters.

Kyle Olson | December 28, 2010

In Boston, a special fund established in 1968 pays for teachers’ funeral expenses, hearing aids and a softball league as well as legal services that have nothing to do with classroom instruction.

Diana West | December 28, 2010

I end the year with a question and one last outrage.

Andrew Tallman | December 28, 2010

If you’ve ever heard some Christian critic of Christmas, then you’ve certainly heard something like this argument...

Armstrong Williams | December 28, 2010

Considering how much I travel abroad and domestically constantly, I'm actually surprised how much I hate and resent the thought of flying. The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of airline carriers.

Thomas Sowell | December 28, 2010

The Constitution of the United States begins with the words "We the people."

Chuck Norris | December 28, 2010

On Feb. 11, 2006, in Iraq, I was honored to meet a model Marine by the name of Cpl. David Stidman.

Mike Adams | December 28, 2010

Georgia Tech student Justin Myers recently had a very bad evening. He was expecting guests in his dorm room when four armed intruders greeted him at the door.

David Limbaugh | December 28, 2010

If I had to single out one thing that played the greatest role in initially convincing me of the Bible's authenticity and the truth of Christianity, I'd choose the Old Testament prophecies, especially those concerning the Messiah.

Cal Thomas | December 28, 2010

You don't have to be a psychic who forecasts future events for supermarket tabloids to accurately predict what awaits the new congressional Republican class of 2011.

Dennis Prager | December 28, 2010

What a woman most wants is to be loved by a man she admires. I am well aware that to say this today is akin to announcing that the sun revolves around the Earth.

Pat Buchanan | December 28, 2010

Every three years, the Paris-based OECD holds its Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests of the reading, math and science skills of 15-year-olds in developing and developed countries.

Michael Gerson | December 28, 2010

The main achievements of the lame-duck session of Congress were reminders of what might have been. President Obama gave something to get something.

Debra J. Saunders | December 28, 2010

Both Libya and Qatar pressured the Brits and Scots to find "a way out" for the Pan Am bomber or lose lucrative contracts, including a $900 million oil exploration deal being negotiated between Libya and the oil company BP.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 28, 2010

Although China is called a major trading partner, it treats U.S. companies like suckers, cheating them coming and going. China even intimidates U.S. businessmen so they don't dare to criticize China's unfair trade tactics.

Bill Murchison | December 28, 2010

Our "transformational" president would be well-advised to bask in such acclaim as falls presently on his ears, because he is unlikely to get much of that commodity once the new Congress convenes.

Alan Sears | December 28, 2010

Someday, historians will record the Senate’s repeal last week of the imperfect “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding homosexual behavior in the military as the loss of a battle.

Carrie Lukas | December 28, 2010

The Associated Press's poll of editors and news directors declared the British Petroleum oil spill 2010's biggest story. They're way off the mark.

Mon, Dec 27, 2010

Byron York | December 27, 2010

How could a government that was broken just a few months earlier according to Joe Biden suddenly become so productive according to Obama?

J. T. Young | December 27, 2010

While the recently enacted tax bill certainly has elements with which conservatives can rightfully disagree, there are far more – and far bigger – parts for liberals to dislike.

Michael Barone | December 27, 2010

On the day after Boxing Day, it's worth noting that Barack Obama is down but not out.

Star Parker | December 27, 2010

Our 111th congress, in its lame duck session, has given America a Christmas present in the way of repeal of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” law.

Caroline Glick | December 27, 2010

Two weeks ago, Iran scored a massive victory. Jordan, the West's most stable and loyal ally in the Arab world began slouching towards the Iranian Gomorrah.

Bruce Bialosky | December 27, 2010

Complaining could be the bane of a columnist. Most of what we do is observe other people and tell them what they're doing wrong. Despite that I want to share with you a "horrible" day.

Frank Gaffney | December 27, 2010

Hold on to your hat. No sooner had the Senate finished approving the so-called New START Treaty by the closest margin of any bilateral arms control agreement with Moscow than the accord's principal architect served notice of her ambitious plans for further denuclearizing the United States.

Ken Klukowski | December 27, 2010

It's worth noting not only that the War on Christmas has continued, but now federal regulators have joined the wrong side.

Mario Diaz | December 27, 2010

The liberal cry for more judges has reached an all-time high. Their media cohorts have been banging the drums with the numbers game and the judicial emergency cry in perfect sync.

Sun, Dec 26, 2010

Salena Zito | December 26, 2010

When Pennsylvania lawmakers begin the complicated task of redrawing congressional district lines to reflect changes in population, the process may be just a little less dramatic than usual.

Austin Hill | December 26, 2010

It's an extraordinary thing when an American President says he wants to "bankrupt" an American industry.

Debra J. Saunders | December 26, 2010

2010 was a year consumed with silly stories. The more trivial the controversy, the more airtime it consumed.

Steve Chapman | December 26, 2010

In the midst of the fall election campaign, Steven Hayes went on trial in New Haven, Conn., in one of the most horrific murder cases in memory.

Robert Knight | December 26, 2010

"In the beginning, the devil created.…" Wait a minute. That’s not how the Bible begins.

Ken Connor | December 26, 2010

God has a plan and a purpose for each and every life he creates.

Duggan Flanakin | December 26, 2010

As conference delegates shivered in Cancun during its coldest weather in 100 years, power-hungry elitists labored behind the scenes to implement the real goal of this “global warming” summit, this sixteenth Conference of the Parties (COP-16), this clever political con job.

Robert Morrison | December 26, 2010

Benjamin Brown French strung a banner across the full length of the western portico of the Capitol. The illuminated sign was legible up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. It read: "This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” French was the capital’s commissioner of public buildings. He was not celebrating the Republicans’ election victories of 2010.

Jeff Jacoby | December 26, 2010

Larger families need larger houses. A larger nation does, too.

Paul Jacob | December 26, 2010

Whether with ballots or feet, Americans vote against the things politicians most love.