John Hawkins

20) The Death Of Air America: For years, the Left has been insisting that liberal radio is popular, but is being held off the air by politically biased corporations. So, Air America was born in an orgy of spending and publicity that was every bit as glorious as the network's slow, agonizing death in 2010 was ignominious.

19) Scott Brown Takes Ted Kennedy's Seat: When the "Liberal Lion" of the Senate shuffled off this mortal coil, it seemed almost unconceivable that a Republican would take his place. Yet, not only did Scott Brown win -- in MASSACHUSETTS -- his campaign largely revolved around opposing Kennedy's signature issue: health care reform.

18) The Citizens United Case: What started as a fight over the airing of a negative film about Hillary Clinton, turned into Citizens United v Federal Election Commission, and it finished with a hole being blown in the unconstitutional McCain–Feingold Act. From there, the Democrats complained incessantly, more money poured in to the GOP, and life got a little better for people who care about the Constitution.

17) The Obama/Republican Tax Deal: Most people have talked about the Bush Tax cuts being extended for two years, but that's not the big story. The estate tax just went up from 0 to 35%, Social Security taxes were cut the very year the program first went in the red, and Moody's says the deal could cost the U.S. its AAA credit rating.

16) Republicans commit to defunding Obamacare if they take the House: The GOP's leadership publicly pledged to cut off funding for Obamacare if they took control of the House. Guess what? They took control of the House. Ready? Set? Cut funding!

John Hawkins

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