Sun, Dec 05, 2010

Jeff Jacoby | December 05, 2010

I'm not a regular reader of The New York Review of Books, but I wasn't going to miss newly-retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens's essay on capital punishment in the latest issue.

Sat, Dec 04, 2010

Doug Giles | December 04, 2010

Think about how many girls would be alive and pursuing their desires today … if only they had known how to fight.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | December 04, 2010

As a result of the massive Republican victories last month, Republicans in statehouses all over America have the happy duty of redrawing congressional district lines in time for the 2012 elections based on the 2010 census.

Debra J. Saunders | December 04, 2010

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates released a long-awaited Pentagon working-group report on the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy enacted under President Bill Clinton.

David Harsanyi | December 04, 2010

Few displays of phony generosity and bogus earnestness are more irritating than watching a stinking-rich tycoon advocating that others shell out more in taxes.

Jillian Bandes | December 04, 2010

Tax code reform has the potential to achieve what seems to be an impossible goal: increasing revenue while lowering tax rates.

Kathryn Lopez | December 04, 2010

It took a man to break the porcelain ceiling in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Steve Chapman | December 04, 2010

I used to be a homophobe. I didn't dislike gays a little; I disliked them a lot.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | December 04, 2010

To understand Washington DC, you have to first stop listening to the rhetoric, and start watching the behavior. As TV character Michael Weston aptly puts it, “Watch my actions, not my words.” Underneath all the bluster, we live in a single party country where the Republicans and Democrats are just different factions of a big-government loving elite feasting on the plunder of an enormous bureaucracy.

Janice Shaw Crouse | December 04, 2010

Christianity Today recently documented the fact that America’s churches are not only “failing to attract younger worshipers,” but they are also “not holding on to the ones” raised in the church.

Fri, Dec 03, 2010

Larry Kudlow | December 03, 2010

Pro-growth incentives will fix this dismal unemployment picture.

Paul Greenberg | December 03, 2010

It's the rational, fair, humane and, perhaps most of all, patriotic solution to just one aspect of the vast challenge represented by the millions of illegal immigrants in this country. It's called the DREAM Act, and it would allow young people brought into this country illegally but reared as Americans to get on a path to citizenship -- if they enroll in college or join the armed services.

Caroline Glick | December 03, 2010

Make no mistake about it, the ongoing WikiLeaks operation against the US is an act of war. It is not merely a criminal offense to publish hundreds of thousands of classified US government documents with malice aforethought. It is an act of sabotage.

Donald Lambro | December 03, 2010

In what will stand as the greatest irony of Barack Obama's soak-the-rich presidency, his deficit-cutting commission is proposing to sharply lower the top income tax rates on the wealthy.

Diana West | December 03, 2010

I am still working out why I watch the high dudgeon sparked by Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks dump of a quarter-million State Department cables that has given rise to the most heated, bloodthirsty chorus I have ever heard in Washington, notably from conservatives, and feel strangely numb.

Rich Galen | December 03, 2010

Joe Biden was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972 and served a U.S. Senator until his resignation on January 15, 2009 to become VP.

Hugh Hewitt | December 03, 2010

This failed Congress needs to close up shop and go home. They have become the unwelcome house guest, staying and staying and indifferent to every hint the host can give to clear out.

Guy Benson | December 03, 2010

A thoughtful conservative activist in Illinois -- with strong ties to both the state's Republican Party and grassroots movement -- issued the following memo to a State Senator-elect.

Michelle Malkin | December 03, 2010

Open-borders radicalism means never having to apologize for absurd self-contradiction.

Brent Bozell | December 03, 2010

The curator elites at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery were happily abusing the trust of the American taxpayer, with radical gay activists pushing a gay agenda, replete with the religiously bigoted, sadomasochistic and homoerotic fare, all under the auspices of "art."

Jonah Goldberg | December 03, 2010

Only the most black-hearted cynics among us would even contemplate the notion that Obama had his re-election prospects in, say, Florida in mind when he made his recent decision on offshore drilling.

David Limbaugh | December 03, 2010

If White House press secretaries are windows to the presidential mindset, Robert Gibbs continues to reflect President Obama in an unpresidential light.

Mona Charen | December 03, 2010

Three years ago, before any of my kids had reached the age to take the SATs, I noticed an interesting piece by Charles Murray on the tests.

Oliver North | December 03, 2010

Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hideki Tojo tried and failed. Mao Zedong, Nikita Khrushchev and Ho Chi Minh couldn't do it. But commander in chief Barack Obama may well succeed where others could not.

Pat Buchanan | December 03, 2010

Not since Leon Trotsky began publishing the secrets of the Romanov archives in 1918 has there been a more devastating leak of diplomatic documents than this week's WikiLeaks dump.

Suzanne Fields | December 03, 2010

"Homegrown" promises something fresh and tasty when applied to tomatoes, cabbage and beans straight from the farmer's field. But about terrorism, not so much.

Michael Gerson | December 03, 2010

It is a dirty secret -- in a world increasingly without secrets -- that most nations have been quietly content with the status quo on the Korean peninsula.

Linda Chavez | December 03, 2010

As if the collapse in the housing market had not done enough damage to the U.S. economy, the president's debt commission is now proposing changes that could take the industry off life support.

Thu, Dec 02, 2010

Paul Greenberg | December 02, 2010

It's not exactly news that businesses in this country have been cutting jobs and pay for a couple of years in hopes of staying solvent. Now the Obama administration may follow suit.

Howard Rich | December 02, 2010

“Cancun can.” That’s the catchphrase of this year’s United Nations’ “global warming” conference – a costly taxpayer-funded boondoggle being held at the tropical Yucatan vacation destination.

Marvin Olasky | December 02, 2010

With our work being a calling from God, it makes sense to be excited about it.

Cliff May | December 02, 2010

In security work, the most important thing is to remember the target.For the traveling public, that means directing our anger not at the TSA but at the Islamist terrorists, their enablers and their apologists. For the TSA that means acknowledging that the enemy is not a bottle of shampoo, toenail clippers or even a Swiss Army knife.

Katie Pavlich | December 02, 2010

For the first time in history, the RNC opened up the chairmanship selection process to a grassroots group.

Victor Davis Hanson | December 02, 2010

The most interesting current political question is not whether Barack Obama will triangulate after his party's midterm shellacking -- he probably won't -- but what in the world California's new/old governor, Jerry Brown, will do in January 2011.

Larry Elder | December 02, 2010

President Obama's fiscal commission supposedly offers an "aggressive prescription" to reduce the federal deficit. It's not just the debt and deficit, stupid. It's the size, scope and bloat of the federal government.

Ken Blackwell | December 02, 2010

Fans of Hollywood’s imaginative take on American politics may remember the movie, Guarding Tess. That 1994 comic hit featured Shirley MacLaine as a former First Lady who was being guarded by a Secret Service detachment headed by Nicolas Cage. Tess was something of a composite figure, part feisty Bess Truman, part liberal activist Eleanor Roosevelt, and part small town belle Rosalynn Carter. Of course, Hollywood being Hollywood, no part of Tess could be mistaken for a Barbara Bush or a Nancy Reagan. Even the fictional former First Ladies have got to be on the side of the Hollywood donor angels.

Cal Thomas | December 02, 2010

Which do you think is less expensive, not to mention preferable: a cure for cancer, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes, or caring for people with these diseases? Wouldn't it be better medical and public policy to direct more resources toward finding a cure for diseases that cost a lot to treat than to rely on a government insurance program, such as Obamacare, which seeks mainly to help pay the bills for people after they become ill?

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | December 02, 2010

Obama actually believes that the government puts people back to work. Government can transfer wealth from one group to another -- but people and businesses put people back to work.

Matt Towery | December 02, 2010

As the week unfolded, it appeared that the last days of the lame-duck session of Congress might well end in gridlock.

Jillian Bandes | December 02, 2010

Glenn Beck has come out against him. Rush has come out against him. Depending on your priorities, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) may or may not deserve it.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 02, 2010

My campaign for mayor of Chicago against Rahm Emanuel is getting under way.

Steve Chapman | December 02, 2010

War on Iran: Israel wants it. Various Arab rulers want it. The Obama administration has not ruled it out.

Frank Gaffney | December 02, 2010

Here we go again. President Obama is trying once again to ram a legislative initiative through Congress knowing full well that, by so doing, he is maximizing the chances that his project's defects will not become widely understood until it is too late to do much about them.

Robert Knight | December 02, 2010

Liberals are breathing a sigh of relief after the Associated Press released a poll last week showing that Tea Party members are out of step with the rest of America. Here’s their problem: The only poll that counts was taken Nov. 2

Willie Soon | December 02, 2010

The annual climate summit opened in Cancun, Mexico this week. A few days earlier, while releasing a new report, Indian Minister of Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh emphasized: “It is imperative” that India has “sound, evidence-based assessments on the impacts of climate change.”

Ross Mackenzie | December 02, 2010

The Democratic Congress is now embarked on a lame-duck session that ought to be history's last.

Matt Towery | December 02, 2010

As the week unfolded, it appeared that the last days of the lame-duck session of Congress might well end in gridlock.

Wed, Dec 01, 2010

Ann Coulter | December 01, 2010

The mole who allegedly gave WikiLeaks the mountains of secret documents is Pfc. Bradley Manning, Army intelligence analyst and angry gay.

Shawn Ambrosino | December 01, 2010

Is it just me, or does GM seem to be making a lot noise lately?

Michael Reagan | December 01, 2010

If we had a president in the White House who understood that we are at war with a crazed faction of Islam, and was willing to act on that belief, there would be no question about how we should deal with people like Julian Assange who give aid and comfort to the enemy

Katie Gage | December 01, 2010

In spite of having its forced unionization agenda rejected just a few, short weeks ago, the Obama Administration refuses to take no for an answer.

Rich Galen | December 01, 2010

The "Bush Era Tax Cuts" are no longer "Tax Cuts." The tax rates which are currently in place are the tax rates which are currently in place.

Thomas Sowell | December 01, 2010

Guess who said the following: "It is incredible that a system of taxation which permits a man with an income of $1,000,000 a year to pay not one cent to his Government should remain unaltered."

Michelle Malkin | December 01, 2010

It's time for America's youth to buckle up and take a rough ride on Reality Highway.

John Stossel | December 01, 2010

America is filled with parks that are filthy, dangerous and badly maintained.

Walter E. Williams | December 01, 2010

Overall unemployment is a little over 9 percent. Those who argue that the minimum wage has no effect on labor markets in the U.S. but has an effect in American Samoa are either liars, lunatics or idiots.

Brent Bozell | December 01, 2010

America was founded on the principle of representative democracy: The government would make policy based on the consent of the governed.

Mike Adams | December 01, 2010

The University of South Florida (USF) has reversed its denial of recognition to the USF Young Pakistani Student Cultural group.

Tony Blankley | December 01, 2010

I suppose it is to be expected that the Great Recession should be accompanied by a sweeping national pessimism in which our purported leaders and commentators express historic despair.

Michael Medved | December 01, 2010

Conventional wisdom describes the battle for the GOP nomination in 2012 as wide open and unpredictable, but Republican history suggests that there is an obvious front runner .

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | December 01, 2010

The Wikileaks documents show that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has, as Voltaire said about the Bourbon kings of France, learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Terry Jeffrey | December 01, 2010

The National Portrait Gallery, part of the federally funded Smithsonian Institution, is presenting an exhibition that does exactly the opposite of what true art does.

Ben Shapiro | December 01, 2010

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate rejected a ban on earmarks, the addenda to bills that allow congressmen and senators to steer federal cash toward pet projects in their states and districts.

David Harsanyi | December 01, 2010

I join with all Americans who dream of a day when Washington is broken enough to see a Congress rigged to prevent any more "progress."

Jillian Bandes | December 01, 2010

The saga of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit continues, as Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas finally called for an unconditional release of the 24-year-old hostage.

Austin Bay | December 01, 2010

The Portland bloodbath was "gonna be a fireworks show," and The "New York Times will give it two thumbs up."

Paul Greenberg | December 01, 2010

This evening we light the first candle on the Chanukah menorah, for it's the first night of this minor eight-day Jewish holiday that's become a major one over the years.

Ed Feulner | December 01, 2010

Years ago, the biggest question you’d get while flying was “Coffee or tea?” Now it’s “Naked body scan or aggressive pat-down?”

Jacob Sullum | December 01, 2010

According to the Transportation Security Administration, Americans have no problem with the new airport screening procedures.

Larry Kudlow | December 01, 2010

How ironic. Ben Bernanke launches QE2 and everyone worries about a dollar collapse.

Marybeth Hicks | December 01, 2010

Lifelong marriage - once a goal held in the hearts of every newlywed couple - no longer is an expectation even for those who enter the bonds of matrimony with the best of intentions.

Jonah Goldberg | December 01, 2010

Even if you're supportive of Obama's foreign policy efforts, the WikiLeaks dump is a bigger deal than the know-it-alls are suggesting.

Jeff Jacoby | December 01, 2010

Fail to forcefully confront a thug and you generally guarantee that his thuggish behavior will continue. That's true of schoolyard bullies and urban criminals; it's no less true of rogue states run by barbaric gangsters. Yet when it comes to the pathological regime in North Korea, the conventional wisdom throws up its hands and laments that there are no good options for confronting Kim Jong-il over his aggressive provocations.

Tue, Nov 30, 2010

Donald Lambro | November 30, 2010

In a move to regain his relevance and perhaps his former popularity, President Obama tackled his multitrillion-dollar budget deficit Monday with a feeble federal payroll freeze that has the potential to save a puny $5 billion.

Paul Greenberg | November 30, 2010

George Soros, sugar daddy of 1,001 leftish crusaders, personal hobbyhorses, and even some good causes, has just given NPR $1.8 million to hire a hundred new reporters.

Hadley Heath | November 30, 2010

The following are some recommendations for what women should be asking from their representatives in Washington this holiday season and in the new year.

Armstrong Williams | November 30, 2010

The fall of Charlie Rangel bring up several issues. Rangel did not do anything the Congressmen before him hadn’t, and many still do.

John Hawkins | November 30, 2010

Wikileaks’ deliberate disclosure of these diplomatic cables is nothing less than an attack on the national security of the United States, as well as that of dozens of other countries.

Thomas Sowell | November 30, 2010

The biggest battle in the lame duck session of Congress may well be over whether or not to extend the Bush administration's tax cuts, which are scheduled to expire in January.

Byron York | November 30, 2010

Barack Obama is only halfway through his term, but it's not too early to ask: What is the biggest whopper he has told as president?

Chuck Norris | November 30, 2010

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas before us, we are reminded once again of the integrated ways in which our Creator has had a role in our culture from the beginning. But will it stay that way?

David Limbaugh | November 30, 2010

With the advent of the tea party movement and President Obama's recent "shellacking," the left's long-established effort to marginalize mainstream conservative Americans as fringe extremists has reached a new stage of desperation.

Mona Charen | November 30, 2010

The truth is that while the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and law-abiding, there is a powerful strain within the religion that encourages murder and mayhem.

Cal Thomas | November 30, 2010

Are we getting the Congress we're paying for?

Dennis Prager | November 30, 2010

By now, most people (with the exception of many psychotherapists) recognize that the self-esteem movement officially launched by California in 1986 has been at best silly and at worst injurious to society, despite whatever small benefit it may have had to some individuals.

Pat Buchanan | November 30, 2010

When communism collapsed in Moscow, Prague and Belgrade at the end of the Cold War, ethnic nationalism surged to the surface in all three nations and tore them apart into 24 countries.

Michael Gerson | November 30, 2010

WASHINGTON -- In American revolutions, power generally flows to moderate revolutionaries. Sam Adams may get things started, but it is John who gets things done.

Debra J. Saunders | November 30, 2010

In Greece earlier this month, Al Gore made a startling admission: "First-generation ethanol, I think, was a mistake.

Phyllis Schlafly | November 30, 2010

Republicans are assuming that cap-and-trade (aka cap-and-tax) is dead because Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid lacks the votes to bring up the House-passed bill and because this issue proved a loser in the 2010 House races.

Rebecca Hagelin | November 30, 2010

Learn to trust your instincts, not the "experts."

Frank Gaffney | November 30, 2010

Here we go again. President Obama is trying once again to ram a legislative initiative through Congress knowing full well that, by so doing, he is maximizing the chances that his project's defects will not become widely understood until it is too late to do much about them.

Bill Murchison | November 30, 2010

As life in the 21st century gets loopier and loopier, the truly deranged come out of the woodwork, passing themselves off as benefactors of mankind, candidates for sainthood, etc.

Mon, Nov 29, 2010

Paul Kengor | November 29, 2010

North Korea is not an easy issue. I’ve dealt with it since the early 1990s, beginning at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. I had few answers then, and I still have few today.

Tom Tancredo | November 29, 2010

For most of us, the holidays are a time for reflection. You would think that the Democrats would take advantage of the opportunity after their latest “shellacking.” Instead, the Party of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama sees the season as just one more opportunity to sneak past legislation to rob the American people of a future.

Matt Barber | November 29, 2010

Prior to November's secular-socialism rollback, America's ever-shrill "progressive" machine contorted in a desperate effort to paint the Tea Party movement as a horde of hateful, inbred racists. Judging by the results, it was an epic failure.

Rich Galen | November 29, 2010

A selection of hundreds of thousands of documents - most of them classified - were released yesterday by the New York Times and several other newspapers around the world having been provided to them several weeks ago by

Michael Barone | November 29, 2010

Continued huge federal budget deficits will eventually mean huge increases in government borrowing costs, Erskine Bowles, co-chairman of Barack Obama's deficit reduction commission, predicted this month.

Star Parker | November 29, 2010

The common explanation of why we cannot implement Israeli-style airport security here, despite acknowledging that the Israeli approach is the world's best, is logistics.

Lurita Doan | November 29, 2010

Both Democrats and Republicans can learn from the story of a bold, courageous youth facing a powerful foe, for in Harry Potter’s tale there are some lessons that our leaders in Washington could use right now.

Bruce Bialosky | November 29, 2010

The rarified world of government was recently shaken to its roots by Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey.

Carol Platt Liebau | November 29, 2010

Outrage is the appropriate response by decent, free people to their leaders’ willful moral blindness.

Mike Adams | November 29, 2010

Last week, a black female graduate of our university called my office and left a message asking that I call her back regarding an “urgent matter.

Meredith Turney | November 29, 2010

All three of the major credit rating agencies have given California the lowest credit rating of any state.

Sun, Nov 28, 2010

Paul Jacob | November 28, 2010

Our nation's politicians can't help themselves: They overfeed on symbolism, underfeed on reality.

Kevin McCullough | November 28, 2010

President Obama, you're running out of time. Start profiling on the basis of actual data. Find the killers--not the weapons. Become as aggressive and ruthlessly pragmatic about the security of the American people as you were say about health care.

Salena Zito | November 28, 2010

On a crisp November afternoon, people line the sidewalks of Baltimore Street and Steinwehr Avenue, waiting for the annual Remembrance Day Parade to begin.

Austin Hill | November 28, 2010

The people behind the controversial "Park 51" Islamic mosque project in Lower Manhattan have apparently applied several times for federal grant money with the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

Ken Connor | November 28, 2010

Americans spend a lot of time and energy pursuing "the good life," and thanks to the "Mad Men" of the advertising world, we have a pretty good idea of what the good life looks like.