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Paul Jacob | July 11, 2010

Brent Bozell | July 09, 2010

Michael Reagan | July 09, 2010

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Wed, Jul 07, 2010

Ann Coulter | July 07, 2010

Rich Galen | July 07, 2010

Michelle Malkin | July 07, 2010

The Obama administration's lawsuit against Arizona, officially unveiled on Tuesday, is an affront to all law-abiding Americans.

Tue, Jul 06, 2010

Bill Murchison | July 06, 2010

When the Bush tax cuts expire on Jan. 1, 2011, and the government helps itself to larger rewards from private work and investment, we're assured all it means is, "the wealthy" will share with the rest of us more of their ill-gotten gains.

Donald Lambro | July 06, 2010

There are well-grounded economic reasons that President Obama's spending stimulus was doomed to fail from the beginning.

Paul Greenberg | July 06, 2010

It was expected. The outcome of the Supreme Court's hearing on Chicago's prohibitive handgun law had been predictable since a similar local ordinance was struck down in the nation's capital.

Frank Gaffney | July 06, 2010

Just when you thought Barack Obama's toadying to Islam could not get any worse, now comes this NASA kerfuffle.

Debra J. Saunders | July 06, 2010

While Washington incumbents are trembling at the prospect of losing their seats and Democrats fear losing their majority in Congress, Rep. Pete Stark, D-California, is a man apart.

Mario Diaz | July 06, 2010

How can we ever confirm a Supreme Court Justice that has a hard time understanding our most cherished foundational principles?

Rebecca Hagelin | July 06, 2010

Reagan had succeeded in turning America’s ailing economy into a healthy and thriving one, and the leaders wanted to know how he did it.

Thomas Sowell | July 06, 2010

Here's the game that is played: when the public becomes alarmed about the debts that are piling up, the Democrats get the Republicans to vote for higher taxes to deal with the debt crisis, in the name of "fiscal responsibility."

Chuck Norris | July 06, 2010

President Barack Obama is leading the White House pack in distancing his administration from the Boy Scouts of America.

Ken Blackwell | July 06, 2010

Pro-lifers have long understood the issue of media bias.

Dennis Prager | July 06, 2010

Here's a challenge: Can you name one difference between what the media refer to as "world opinion" and Left-wing opinion?

Jillian Bandes | July 06, 2010

Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge’s campaign was running along just fine until he roughed up a reporter on the streets of Washington, D.C. Now, his re-election looks dimmer as Republican Renee Ellmers capitalizes on the backlash.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 06, 2010

Tea Parties and other spontaneous groups of activists are bringing a new appreciation of the U.S. Constitution to grassroots America.

Rebecca Hagelin | July 06, 2010

It’s time to secure economic liberty by cutting taxes, reducing regulations and shrinking the size of government.

Mon, Jul 05, 2010

Bruce Bialosky | July 05, 2010

While writing a weekly column, I am sometimes confronted with whether I am going to conceptualize a piece around an upcoming holiday.

Michael Barone | July 05, 2010

The French sculptor Bartholdi was at work on the Statue of Liberty before Lazarus published her famous "give me your tired" poem in 1883.

Star Parker | July 05, 2010

A delegation of 20 black mayors representing the National Conference of Black Mayors arrived in Washington, DC to lobby congress to pass legislation to promote “clean energy.”

Caroline Glick | July 05, 2010

Just ahead of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's trip next week to Washington, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas went on a charm offensive towards the Israeli media.

Terry Paulson | July 05, 2010

Must America’s founding principles be changed to meet the challenges of our age? Are we defined by a place and a people or by the shared principles we embrace and preserve?

Lurita Doan | July 05, 2010

Congress and President Obama talk a good story when discussing the need for federal budget cuts, but Americans will know they are serious when they eliminate certain sacred cows from the federal budget.

Joseph C. Phillips | July 05, 2010

The right to private property was one of the central issues involved in the American Revolution.

Brian Walsh | July 05, 2010

This November, Republicans in California’s 11th Congressional District have a solid pickup opportunity in the Golden State.

Sun, Jul 04, 2010

Mary Grabar | July 04, 2010

The slave-turned-abolitionist Frederick Douglass answered this question.

Paul Jacob | July 04, 2010

July 4 marks not just the beginning of our past, but -- if we're lucky, and work hard enough -- the beginning of our future, too.

Doug Giles | July 04, 2010

Compromises are cool when they involve music and movie choices, but not when it comes to America-crippling political policies, duh.

Kevin McCullough | July 04, 2010

On June 24, Hugo Chavez initiated a hostile takeover of eleven oil rigs owned by the American company Helmerich and Payne.

David Stokes | July 04, 2010

Lost to many Americans today via the whitewash of history that has led to a bit of a cultural brainwash when it comes to the founding era, is the story of Whitefield and the Great Awakening he helped spark.

Salena Zito | July 04, 2010

Between this heavily wooded ravine along an alpine summit in the Allegheny Mountains and the “great meadow” down the road, a young George Washington offered his only surrender in battle.

Ken Blackwell | July 04, 2010

On the Fourth of July, we don’t only celebrate the birth of our nation. We celebrate American exceptionalism.

Austin Hill | July 04, 2010

“President Barack Obama has no intention of growing the U.S. economy; he simply wants to control it.” Do those seem like controversial words to you?

Debra J. Saunders | July 04, 2010

I can comment on how perfectly the term "vapid and hollow charade" fits the Harvard Law School policy of barring military recruiters from using the school's Office of Career Services.

Steve Chapman | July 04, 2010

In Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings, conservative senators have made two things clear: their disdain for "liberal activist" judges and their fear she will be one.

Peter Lillback | July 04, 2010

Myths have always surrounded George Washington. As we approach our nation’s birthday, it’s time to dispel the most dangerous – that he was not a Christian.

Ken Connor | July 04, 2010

As if President Obama's summer couldn't get any worse, the White House was blindsided a few weeks back with the McChrystal Rolling Stone article.

Brion McClanahan | July 04, 2010

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1825 that he intended the Declaration of Independence to be “an expression of the American mind, and to give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion.”