Brian Walsh

Despite Oregon’s First Congressional District’s reputation as a slightly left-leaning district, out-of-touch Democrat David Wu faces a tough battle against Republican candidate Rob Cornilles this fall. And according to a newly released poll, highlighted by the Washington Post , Wu “might be in a real face-off this fall.”

Consisting of the northwest corner of the state, Oregon’s First Congressional District includes Clatsop, Columbia, Washington and Yamhill counties. It also encompasses southwest Portland, part of Multnomah County, which redistricted from the Third to the First in 2002. Prior to 1975, Oregon’s First was a strictly Republican stronghold—with a tradition of Republican representation dating back to the 1800s. With a growing anti-incumbent constituency, David Wu faces voters who are fed up with his negligent liberal agenda. Instead, strong Republican choice for Congress Rob Cornilles offers voters a better choice.

David Wu is the epitome of an aloof incumbent. Since his 1998 election, Wu has served as a loyal rubberstamp to a radical Democrat agenda. His voting record serves as evidence: he votes with Nancy Pelosi 97.3 percent of the time. Over his ten years serving in Congress, Wu has supported a reckless Democrat agenda that has borrowed too much, spent too much and taxed too much. Consequentially, Oregon families have been hit hard by increased job loss, a sluggish economy and a tremendous unemployment rate of over 10 percent. With an increasingly anti-establishment constituency, voters in Oregon’s First District are tired of Wu’s irresponsible agenda that consists of bailouts and government takeovers.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.